Trump lawyer Alina Habba accuses Letitia James of ‘extortion’ in New York fraud case during fiery interview slamming judge’s gag order because death threats are ‘normal’ in such a high-profile case


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Donald Trump attorney Alina Habba celebrated a judge lifting a gag order on her client as she accused New York Attorney General Letitia James of ‘extortion’ and ‘fighting for Deutsche Bank.’

The fiery Trump attorney said the former president will not be ‘sad’ if he can’t do business in New York when the trial is over, but insists the Trump Organization did ‘no harm.’

Meanwhile Habba tamped down speculation that the case could be nearing a plea deal.

‘It would be very difficult position for me to advise my client at this point to pay for what is effectively extortion,’ Habba told in an exclusive interview. ‘Letitia James is fighting for Deutsche Bank.’

The attorney general has claimed that the Trump Organization used Deutsche Bank, its single largest credit lender, by inflating the value of Trump’s companies to secure favorable loans for his hotels.

‘What harm did the Trump Organization do? They have created 1,000 jobs. They pay hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes … they have single handedly changed the skyline of the city,’ she went on.

The penalty for Trump could be to bar him from doing business in New York.

‘I don’t think he’ll be so sad to leave at this point,’ Habba said of her client. ‘I know he has good memories of it. I just don’t think the city is what it was.’

Judge Arthur Engoron rejected Trump’s demands for a mistrial last week after his lawyers argued that Engoron had showed political bias. The Trump team had cited Engoron’s close consultation with his law clerk Allison Greenfield, along with his posting articles about the case in a high school alumni newsletter.

But an appeals court did at least temporarily lift a gag order that Engoron imposed on Trump and his legal team, due to threats primarily against Greenfield.

‘The appellate division saw this for what this was – it was an unconstitutional exercise of a gag order without due process.’

Habba said she and her team face constant threats too.

‘Death threats are a normal part of my life at this point,’ she told ‘It just is what it is and that’s okay. Because that’s part of being in front of the camera, and I’m not going to go blame Jack Smith and Letitia James.’

A member of the Trump team shared a death threat against Habba from a man in prison for rape, harassment and stalking.

‘If you do not get authorities to investigate the information I provided you, then I when I get out of jail I will come and kill your f***ing a**,’ wrote the prisoner Brian Gann.

Habba brushed off the threats and said added security precautions just come with the job.

‘Think about the people that are doing that at two o’clock on a weekday, you know, they’re trolls.’

She also slammed Hunter Biden’s ‘ridiculous’ request to subpoena Trump in the case against the president’s son for tax and gun crimes.

‘I’m not sure why Hunter would want to draw more attention to this terrible case where he committed his actions were done solely by himself,’ Habba said.

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You have to be terminally stupid to believe that this “trial” is anything but a political lawfare hit job.

It’s about deliberately and routinely falsifying property values to gain financial advantage. Fraud is a criminal offense. What don’t you understand about that?

You are pathetically stupid, Comrade Greggie. And you clearly have never negotiated a loan for anything worth more than $100.00.

Lending agencies, especially those in real estate lending, have their own appraisers. You can claim that your house in Hooverville, Indiana is worth $500,000.00 but the agency you ask to lend you money using that house as collateral is not going to take your word for it.

So where is your proof that Trump committed fraud? Fraud against who? Who was the victim of his fraud.

Damn, you just need to shut the hell up instead of showing your stupidity for all to see.

And it is pathetic that Biden can sell out this entire nation using his son as the bag man and you are just fine with that. Oh, and if you are going to deny Biden is a grifter, he was called Senator Du Pont or Senator MBNA long before his crack head son could do his dirty work of raking in $$$$$ from adversarial nations.

Your cult leader is a criminal.

Your cult leader is a criminal.

I don’t belong to a cult, but again, you exhibit your inability to have a rational response.

You’re an idiot. Thanks for, once again, proving it.

Yes you do. MAGA is Trump personality cult. The irrational nature of it is obvious to those outside. Trump is dangerously unhinged. That’s equally obvious,

I don’t belong to a cult

Last edited 9 days ago by Greg

MAGA is a SUCCESS cult. It worships progress and opportunity. It grovels at the feet of peace, prosperity and security.

YOUR cult is one based totally on lies of some fascist, socialist utopia where no one works and gets everything they want handed to them and everyone is addressed by their preferred stupid-ass pronouns.

MAGA. What does that stand for, Comrade Moron? MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.\

Now, tell me, why would you not want to make America great again? Why do you want America to be a failing nation?

You see, the previous president that you worshipped, actually did create a cult. Kids shouting “Umm. umm, umm Obama” now that is a cult.

Got your Palestinian flag hanging over your bed yet?

I don’t belong to a cult

You absolutely do. I’m sure that there are people out there who simply prefer Trump to the other options, but you’re not one of those people. You and most of the other MAGAs here treat him with the same slavish devotion with which followers treated David Koresh or Jim Jones.

As an example of how you let your mouth overload your ass, Michael, I did not vote for Trump in the 2016 Republican primary. Funny, you claim to have been lurking FA “for a long time” but didn’t know that.

I’m sure you had no problem voting for the grifter, Biden, who everyone in D.C. knew he’s nothing but trash. He proved that during the Clarence Thomas hearings. He’s a disgusting, racist money grabber.

You’re as bat-shit crazy as your buddy, Comrade Greggie.

As an example of how you let your mouth overload your ass, Michael, I did not vote for Trump in the 2016 Republican primary.

I never said you did, but that’s a weirdly specific and carefully-phrased denial.

Yeah cause the TV told you so, right groomer? If it were not for CIA propaganda you repeat like mindless parrots you would have no opinion at all.

Yeah cause the TV told you so, right groomer?

No. I see it here with my own eyes.

Really you are in the courtroom? ya liar

I thought you were referring to the fact that you people act as if you’re in a cult. I definitely see that with my own eyes.

You might want to look up the definition in an older dictionary not the fascist leftwingnut change the meaning of words one.

I thought you were referring to the fact that you people act as if you’re in a cult. I definitely see that with my own eyes.

No, actually you don’t.

TV boob tube put this into your search engine parrot
MSM calls trump voters a cult.

Who says they are false? Why isn’t Trump’s appraisal the accurate one? Why, because some faggot judge that likes to post pictures of his junk online says so? Because some fat, racist pig says so? Trump did NOTHING wrong.

What don’t you understand about that?

some faggot judge

There it is.

Really I thought he was only a weirdo that gets naked on computer cam hes a faggot too?
Ugly wife?

Last edited 9 days ago by kitt

Trump’s functionaries knew the valuations were bogus. They were made-to-order amounts, created to deceive lenders. That’s what they did, leaving a trail of falsified record entries behind them.

Prove it, Comrade Greggie.

They’re doing so in court. That’s why Trump is attacking the court process and all involved parties.

Prove it, Comrade Greggie.

They’re doing so in court. 

In other words, you can’t prove it. You have never seen the loan applications, or the records of loan repayments. You don’t know who signed off on those loans; what the collateral property was worth at the time, and what it was listed as being worth on the loan application. You can’t tell us who the victim(s) are. You know nothing but your mentally unbalanced hatred of Donald J. Trump.

I remember how you wet yourself praising Obama, a true Socialist (although, not our first Socialist president). But in the end, the truth about Obama is coming out just like it came out that JFK liked hookers.

Who pays you to blather such bullshit? The Democrat Party or the Chinese? Basically one and the same.

Last edited 9 days ago by retire05

I don’t have to. That’s what happens in the courtroom. Reelection and shutting the process down is Trump’s one hope of beating his felony charges. He’ll try to do that, no matter what it takes. If successful, he’d be out of control. He’d have no one near who could rein him in. He’d make sure of that.

In other words, you can’t prove it.

Judge Naked Selfie decided the case himself, using his own “judgement”. THAT’S “what happened in the courtroom”… a summary judgement by a biased, prejudiced, leftist, degenerate political hack. The political purpose of the case is blatantly obvious and beyond denial.

All those signs swim at your own risk according to NY must mean nothing. They are so hard up for any win against Trump, they make up a fraud case where no one was defrauded.

Has it occurred to you that your posts are just one slanderous smear after another? You should take a closer look at your cult leader.

They’re doing so in court.

Well, no they aren’t. They are merely saying they THINK Trump misled. There is no evidence of it. The only thing they are demonstratively proving is that they are political hacks doing the bidding of the DNC, Obama and Soros by conducting fascist lawfare on Trump.

Of course there’s evidence. What do you think all of the falsified figures in the Trump Organization business records are? The deliberate falsification of records to commit and conceal financial fraud is what the entire trial is about.

He’s sure as hell not telling the truth to his followers. There’s not even a legal penalty for lying to them.

Last edited 8 days ago by Greg

Falsifying records is apparently standard operating procedure. They did the same thing to conceal Stormy Daniel’s hush money payments, to get favorable loan rates, and to dodge property taxes. Trump has described tax dodging as a sport.

Last edited 8 days ago by Greg

Trump claims Mar-a-Lago is worth $1.5 billion. The county currently assesses it at $27 million. (As opposed to $1.5 thousand million)

That’s what the trial is for, Professor.

That’s what the trial is for, Professor.

Comrade Greggie, and you, should not let your mouths write checks your asses can’t cash.

Or what, Internet Tough Guy?

Nice come back for a 10 year old. act your age 15.

Greggy… if, Black’s Law Dictionary defines fraud as “a knowing misrepresentation of the truth or concealment of a material fact to induce another to act to his or her detriment”, and the bankers all got their loans repaid, where’s the crime? Oh, Yeah… There is no crime. Thats why they are in civil court. You chumps are so desperate that if Trump actually walked around NYC, you’d have him tailed to nail him for littering or jay-walking.

A lot of phony record entries were necessary to justify the bogus totals used to defraud lenders.

The disclaimer said do your own eval they chose not to they made the loan they got repaid. No harm or losses.

How does this case compare to all the other cases brought against other property owners for the same charges?

Most white collar criminals aren’t in a position to intimidate witnesses and court officials, or to have millions in legal fees paid with political contributions.

How does this case compare to all the other cases brought against other property owners for the same charges?

Last edited 8 days ago by Greg

The question was:

How does this case compare to all the other cases brought against other property owners for the same charges?

Quite obfuscating, widdle wabbit.

I just pointed out the two main, glaringly obvious differences. I don’t hear you arguing that they’re not real or not relevant. I just hear you doing the same little tap dance that you always do.

Last edited 8 days ago by Greg

cases brought against other property owners for the same charges?

Is English your second language?

Why don’t you tell me? You seem to believe you know something. You imply that you do often, but never seem to share your secret knowledge.

How does this case compare to all the other cases brought against other property owners for the same charges?

Why don’t you tell me? 

The question wasn’t asked of me. It was asked of you. But, as always, you have no informed answer, just obfuscation trying to make yourself not look so stupid.

I just happen to know the answer. Don’t judge my intellect by your stupidity.

Last edited 8 days ago by retire05

Don’t judge my intellect by your stupidity.

I think everyone generally judges your intellect by your stupidity, which is as it should be.

The answer is, there HAVE BEEN NO OTHER SUCH CASES. Trump is the only one ever charged. Only Trump. No one else… EVER. Gee, I wonder why?

Trump committed no crimes, Trump committed no fraud. This is a political vendetta, lawfare designed to take Trump out of the Presidential campaign, made necessary because of Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s incompetence, failure, disasters and corruption. As I’ve said all along, Democrats have no hope of ever winning an honest, legal, secure election.

Also, prove each of the nine elements of fraud: (1) a representation; (2) falsity of the representation; (3) materiality of the representation; (4) speaker’s knowledge of the falsity of the representation; (5) the speaker’s intent it should be relied upon; (6) the hearer’s ignorance of the falsity of the representation; (7) the hearer’s reliance on the representation; (8) the hearer’s right to rely on the representation; and (9) the hearer’s consequent and proximate injury caused by reliance on the representation.

Thats why Letitia has Engoron threatening Trump over allegations that his banker may have overvalued the property… BTW, anyone deposed the bankers, or called them to the stand?

BTW, anyone deposed the bankers, or called them to the stand?

No, like all other leftists, they simply assumed Trump committed fraud because that justifies their personal hatred. Seeking the truth not only is not the goal, but it actually destroys their “case”.

The prime witness lied on the stand. There was no victim in any of the real estate transactions. The case should be dismissed and the judge removed from the bench.

Trump is a lifelong con artist. It’s all catching up with him.

There was no con. You can’t even see the massive mountain of evidence of Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s corruption and treason; who thinks YOU ever stand on fact?

Obama started going after conservative organizations and allowing them to accept a plea plus pay (to the Deep State) a huge payout.
Dems got flush off of this scheme thru gov’t employees donating to dem causes.

joe’s lawfare is a lot more ham-handed.
But it’s still the same thing.

There are clauses in EVERY bank loan that the bank, itself, is the final arbiter when it comes to valuation of collateral.
There is no victim in this.
It’s a leftist shakedown designed to make it unpalatable for Trump to keep running at such a high loss.

This Is How Trump Becomes a DictatorThe former president doesn’t want to destroy the security state. He wants to bend it to his will.

Up on a white horse rides Donald Trump, man of destiny, determined to recapture the White House and, from there, to purge the deep state. “The State Department, the defense bureaucracy, the intelligence services, and all the rest need to be completely overhauled and reconstituted to fire the Deep Staters and put America First,” the twice-indicted* GOP front-runner declares in a video on his campaign website. His terrible swift sword is necessary to avert the “nuclear Armageddon” he sees the Ukraine war slouching toward.

*The article dates from August. The indictment count is now up to four.

This is part of the animating premise of Trump’s 2024 campaign to consolidate dictatorial power within the White House. Through dubious assertions of presidential authority and the removal of civil service protections, Trump intends to “identify the pockets of independence” within the executive branch “and seize them,” his former budget director Russell T. Vought told The New York Times in mid-July.

But Trump’s rhetoric is not just the revenge fantasy of someone under multiple indictments, nor is it merely a cynical harnessing of right-wing bloodthirst. As president, Trump didn’t have a problem with the existence of a so-called deep state; his problem was a deep state he didn’t control.

Consider the case of Rudy Giuliani, his two goons, and Ukraine.

For a short but dramatic time in 2019, Giuliani captained an effort to leverage Ukrainian military dependence on the US to benefit Trump’s reelection campaign. The former New York City mayor dispatched two underlings, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, to dig up dirt on Joe Biden. They and their Ukrainian allies concocted a smear campaign against the US ambassador, Masha Yovanovitch, driving a perceived obstacle out of the US Embassy in Kyiv.

Giuliani’s proximity to Trump permitted the team to imply that they were acting in an official capacity. Parnas, through his lawyer, later said that he floated to a Ukrainian official that Vice President Mike Pence wouldn’t attend Volodymyr Zelensky’s inauguration unless the new president announced an investigation into Biden and his son Hunter, who was appointed to the board of a Ukrainian energy company. It culminated in the Trump administration freezing $400 million in weapons intended for Ukraine until Zelensky did Trump the “favor” of investigating Biden. All this is familiar enough, since it was the centerpiece of Trump’s first impeachment.

Less often remembered is that Trump didn’t stop the arms provisions. In 2018, Trump supplied Ukraine with its first Javelin anti-tank missiles, a weapon that came to symbolize US allyship early in Russia’s invasion. During his impeachment, Trump didn’t argue that cutting off weapons to Ukraine was necessary to stop a NATO grift that was pulling “the world into a conflict with a nuclear-armed Russia.” He instead boasted, as an exoneration tactic, about surpassing Barack Obama’s security aid to Ukraine. Trump isn’t interested in stopping a US security strategy that he currently decries as a glide path to world war. He wants to make that security strategy work for himself.

Giuliani’s Ukraine escapade should be seen in the same light. This is the future of US intelligence that MAGA wants: aiming its expansive, intrusive tools at domestic political opponents. We saw that unfold in the summer of 2020, when Trump sicced the Joint Terrorism Task Forces on antifascists and Black Lives Matter protesters, sent drones into the skies above 15 cities, and had Homeland Security stuff demonstrators into unmarked vans in Portland, Ore. Almost immediately after Trump lost the 2020 election, one of the two flunkies he installed as head of national intelligence, Richard Grenell, baselessly declared that Democrats were stealing the election in Nevada. The other flunky, John Ratcliffe, recently told Breitbart that China may have compromised Biden—yes, Biden, whose initiatives to block China’s access to microchips critical to its economy risk precisely the kind of disastrous great-power war that allegedly worries Trump.

Trump could hardly be clearer about his intentions. In the same video pledging to purge the deep state, he names the “greatest threat to Western Civilization,” and it isn’t a foreign threat. It’s a litany of right-wing domestic grievances about everything from insufficiently brutal border enforcement to falling fertility rates. Among them: “the Marxists who would have us become a Godless nation worshiping at the altar of race and gender and environment.” Even China, against whom Trump launched a cold war that Biden has run with, registers only as a subsidiary foe in the predatory machinations of the “globalist class.” Grouping Marxists and capitalists together is notable less for its incoherence than for displaying the right’s appetite for domestic retribution.

Making the president an elected king, capable of eliminating pockets of independence within the executive branch, is not Trump’s idea. His ambitions as a dictator represent the next turn of the ratchet for the “unitary executive” theory familiar from George W. Bush’s presidency, when it was used to justify torture and indefinite detention. They reflect long-standing right-wing aspirations and have conservative legacy infrastructure behind them. The Times reports that the Heritage Foundation leads Project 2025, which Heritage president Kevin Roberts calls a blueprint for “dismantling the rogue administrative state.” It is intended for use by any Republican who ends up in the White House.

The point of purging the security state is to make sure that the people who staff it won’t stand in Trump’s way as he targets his domestic enemies with the most intrusive means the government possesses. The crackdown on the George Floyd protests in the summer of 2020 was a prologue for what will happen should Trump return to power—and after 2016, there is no excuse for thinking Trump can’t win. That means that the surveillance and detention authorities, operations, and institutions that emerged out of the War on Terror must be understood as weapons in the hands of a president determined to wield them against Americans. These powers must be abolished before he, or another president, makes full use of their potential. That is how to uproot a deep state—and stop an elected dictatorship before it starts. 

The Nation, a radical left wing rag promoting conspiratorial garbage. Garbage that has infected your brain like a cancer.

Just an observation here. You claim all Trump does is lie. Then you post articles showing what Trump says he will do if elected again. Which of course you believe. But the articles can’t be true because you say Trump does nothing but lie. You can’t have it both ways.
The first time around we were told if Trump were elected he would start WWIII, crash the economy, crash the stock market, etc. Of course none of that happened. It was those who opposed Trump that lied.
This time those arguments won’t work so all you have left is fear. Playing the dictator card. You can’t rely on the pimping the success of Biden’s first term to drag him across the line. Reality gets in the way. So back to fear you go, it’s all you have.

Last edited 8 days ago by Mully

Ah… but if the ARTICLE is lying, that means that that is what Trump will do! See the leftist logic?

Trump never showed a single hint of authoritarianism. Only the Democrats show a desire for a fascist socialist totalitarian police state. Trump brought leadership, prosperity, strength, peace and security back to the nation. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, the corrupt, incompetent pedophile, is destroying all that, upon orders from Obama/Soros.

This case and trial is a joke. The case has zero merits.

Trump’s balance sheet was imaginary. Made up numbers are what the financial fraud trial is about.

Trump is blasting out press clippings on Truth Social about Deutsche Bank executive David Williams who testified yesterday in New York that Trump had “one of the strongest balance sheets we have seen and totally unlike any of our major redeveloper clients.”

Deutsch Bank is talking about the real business world, the actual transactions and history of the loans Trump has made. What they are saying is that Trump is honest and fulfills his commitments, the opposite of the politically driven charges leveled at him. You and your entire party are based on nothing but lies.

It appears President Trump was a model real estate borrower.

VITAL information just introduced in New York!

Deutsche Bank Senior Executives state Trump had one of “the strongest personal balance sheets we have seen and totally unlike any of our major RE developer clients,”

Trump represents “a great franchise opportunity,”

Trump is an expert “in successfully running world class assets.”


Probably inadmissible in kangaroo court.