Top Iran nuke envoy blames US for cyberattack


Iran’s top nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili blamed the United States for a cyberattack on what he insisted is a nuclear energy — not weapons — program, in an interview broadcast Monday.

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Meanwhile Russia: Iran N-plant immune to Stuxnet

What would you expect him to say when the NYT ‘s credited the Bush administration and the Israeli’s for the creation of the “Stuxnet Virus”. It’s hard to understand why the MSM continuely calls themselves American, while undermining everything we stand for. We know that they hate Israel with a purple passion and their hatred for Liberty and Freedom is beyond passion, but to aid and abet the enemy is treason, and they are not called on it. My advice to them is, if you don’t love your country get the hell out!

I guess the Russian spokesman and the Iranian press both forgot that it was PRESIDENT AHMADINEJAD who admitted the nuclear program had to shut down a number (over 900) of centrifuges after the virus took hold.

There’s nothing wrong with allowing nuclear material to spin at too high or too low a setting, is there?
Well, yes, there is.
Under-enriched uranium is no good for anything.
Over-enriched uranium is also no good for anything.
But for different reasons.