Top 10 Things Almost As White As Olbermann’s Staff


Top Ten Things Almost As White As Keith Olbermann’s Staff

10. The Oakridge Boys

9. The South African Army Officer Corps, circa 1932-1985

8. John Kerry’s annual Harvard/Princeton Crew Race Pre-Party


4. Hall and Oates, if Oates were actually named Hollis Brower Sturbridge III and was a frequent attendee of John Kerry’s annual Havard/Princeton Crew Race Pre-Party

3. Deerfield Academy’s 2011 Mathletes Team* (*Note: I’m counting AZN’s and Indians as “white” for these purposes, but — and I do want to stress this — butonly for these purposes)

2. Alas, we are saddened to know for a fact — Anthony Weiner’s shaven underscrote

…and the number one thing almost as white as Keith Olbermann’s pale-hued crew…

1. The staff at every other liberal media operation

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This picture must contain all the people that still watch KO.