Throwing glitter rather than debating gay marriage


While I appreciate Michelle Bachmann’s charisma and her ability to articulate the unifying message of the Tea Party, I have some concerns about her past statements on state recognition of same-sex relationships. That said, if you’re going to take issue with her arguments, do so in the same manner she offers them.

Why do some gay lefties feel the need to throw stuff on their ideological adversaries:


Why are they so reluctant to engage them?

Via Instapundit.

RELATED: Note the words I wrote in a blog post two years ago that Michelle Malkin chose to feature in a post on civility and tolerance. Why does the woman in the video above prefer political theater to serious argument?

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Because reality really bites the big one.

What is puzzling is how the happy word “Gay” got to be tranposed to mean narrow, small minded, demogougic, opinionated, intolerant, miserable. There exists statistically that homosexual men are moree prone to carry a wide aray of infectious diseases all batched together as AIDS/HIV often associated because the lifestyles are often associated with unsterile drug usage and the results of what happens receiving back door barney franks from several doners without proper preventative hygiene. The social evolution is in place, all states provide provisions for same-sex coupling in forms of housing, pension benefits, health insurance, taxes, and estate planning so the entire “marriage” plaque is strictly left-wing hyperbole. Many churches freely declare same-sex couples in their congregations as married and their civil union stata traveling anywhere globally respected universally in modern, non sharia, societies.

@THE SOOTHSAYER: The ones I know of does not and would tolerate it what so ever in the congregation.