This is why you hold on to the body for a few days


Here’s why I think the Obama-bots disposed of bin Laden’s body so quickly: because they were so paralyzed by multiculturalism, all they could think of was the Islamic imperative to bury the body within 24 hours. That’s it. I don’t think they thought beyond PC.

Here’s the problem: My husband got his hair cut today. The hairdresser is quite an ordinary lady, by which I mean she’s not very politically aware. Politics and current events are “out there” somewhere. Her life is children, work, bills, etc. She told him that bin Laden is not dead. Instead, the complete absence of either a body or death photos is because the SEALs kidnapped bin Laden and are keeping him prisoner somewhere. And so conspiracy theories are born.

Had the administration held onto the body so that major media outlets (including al Jazeera and the BBC, neither of which is a friend to America) could have sent representatives to confirm bin Laden’s death, conspiracies would have died a’ borning.

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What’s with this secret note passing?

I saw that yesterday-quite interesting!?