There’s a shocking amount of energy being found


Here’s a linkfest for news about shale gas, oil from shale rock,tar sands and such. We keep finding more of it. It’d be nice if we were able to USE more of it in the US. They seem pretty excited about shale gas in the UK, Europe and Israel.

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We cajole the world to accept the dollar as the world currencyChina buys our soon-to-be worthless T-BillsMuslim radicals and Middle East Chaos ravages their oil supplies….OPEC is in ruinsUS rivals and allies collaspe.We push aside the eco freeks, open up our vast resources (Oil, gas, shale, nuclear, etc….whose prices will be skyrocketing) and sell them to China to pay off our national debt.Europe regrets the day they accepted the Russian oil pipeline.US becomes the world power again, but under a soft/hard tyranny.

Some time ago, I read about Israel’s patented way to use by-products to pull oil out of shale cheaply (at that time it was $14/barrel.Thing was, the process worked better on American shale because of the various forms of shale oils.But still Israel is pulling oil out of their own poor quality shale for cheap.Russia has already shown a great propensity to use oil deliveries to blackmail little dependent countries.Since it works, America can look forward to it being used against us by other suppliers UNLESS we become more independent.Looks like that’s at least two years away, After Obama.