There is likely nothing more useless than British Police



This is just a small example

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Not quite that bad here, but getting there. Law enforcement seems afraid to irritate the spoiled brat temper tantrum throwers, but at some point, if peace, law and order is to ever be restored, it must be done. It won’t be turned around quickly, easily or bloodlessly, but it WILL have to be done. Whenever discipline has been allowed to deteriorate to this point, the correction is always worse than if discipline had been simply maintained.

London Police to Recruit 40% of Officers From Minority BackgroundsNov 13, 2020Nov.
(This after the force reached a 17% minority status.)

Looks like London police are no longer “racist.”

Way too much Touchie/Feely liberal Poppycock/Balderdash

Just look at what Liberal Policies are doing making it harder to arrest Criminals since liberals have sawdust for Brains