The Weiner Lies


Anthony Weiner is Exactly the Sort of Modest, Meek, Mild-Mannered Guy Who Would Let His Teabagger Hack3rz Off The Hook To Spare Them The Glare of Media Exposure

He’s just that nice. Such a sweet soul, who just hates all this culture-clash sturm and drang. Confrontation-averse. Avoids it every time. Wants no part of it.

Also worth noting there: Weiner has now lied repeatedly about this tweet going out “while I was tweeting about hockey.” Not only has he lied serially about the timing, but the Make Believe Media, not citing him but asserting as fact based on its own investigation, has claimed this, repeatedly.

I think they just took Weiner’s flack’s word for it and said “Eh, that’s probably right.”

Um, it’s now six days since the story broke. Can you now check the actual time-stamps and determine if this claim is, what is the German word for it….?, true?

In fact, it is not true. Weiner was publicly silent for three and a half hours before the dic-pic tweet. He blogged about the tivo eating his hockey game four minutes after that event, thinking, I guess, that would be a nice cover for him.

Assuming the Make Believe Media wouldn’t even check.

And by God, he was right, wasn’t he?

Now this is important, Make Believe Media, for the same reason Weiner keeps pushing the lie — if he was tweeting about hockey, it makes it sound like sex wasn’t on his mind.

But he wasn’t tweeting about hockey. He wasn’t tweeting at all, not publicly. He started with the “Tivo ate the hockey game, #WhoDoISue?” jazz after he sent out a suspicious package for all the world to see.

Is it so hard, at this late date, to understand the concept of “reverse chronological order”? That is, entries nearer to the top of a page were actually published more recently than those below?

Let me try to give you an analogy that will help you make sense of this baffling situation: You know all of your own blogs, headline feeds, and so forth? Yeah, they’re in reverse chronological order too.

I know this is confusing because it’s a case of “first appearing, last posted,” and I know it feels for your little brains like I’m talking about exotic time-travel technology here, but I assure you, that in a Twitter feed, just like in the headline feeds of the newspapers at your jobs (or should I say: “jobs”), the entries at the top of the list actually came after the later entries.

You have to read, for the chronological order you’re used to, from the bottom up.

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On “The Early Show” Thursday, CBS News Legal Analyst Jack Ford said if Weiner’s not pursuing official assistance in this situation, it’s about not getting wrapped up official statements.

“If I’m a lawyer, and I’m representing a politician, in general,
it’s not against the law to lie to the media.
It’s not against the law to lie to your constituents.

It is against the law to lie to law enforcement authorities,” he said. ”


The most important story of the day: “Anthony Weiner’s Morality.” Doesn’t the ultra-right-wing blogosphere have anything more important to think about? No wonder our country can’t arrive at answers to important questions when almost half our population are interested this kind of soap opera.