The View PANICS Trump Leading ABC Poll, Claim Pollsters Were ‘High’


by Nicholas Fondacaro

With ABC News sounding the alarm over their own poll showing former President Trump leading President Biden by 10 points in a hypothetical head-to-head rematch, the cast of ABC’s The View were in a panic on Monday. The fact that the network they worked for was the one who conducted the poll meant little as they all took to attacking the results; with faux conservative Ana Navarro openly suggesting the pollsters were all “high” on “edibles or somethings” when they were asking the questions.

“A new ABC/Washington Post poll … [s]hows that Biden is trailing you-know-who by nearly ten points, but – but I know there are other polls that are also happening that are saying different things,” moderator Whoopi Goldberg scoffed as she led into the segment.

The other faux-conservative on the panel, Alyssa Farah Griffin called her network’s poll “an outlier” and opined about how she was “skeptical of polls” because “They were wrong in 2016, they were wrong in the midterms in 2020.”

She decried the ABC poll as “so far out of step with other polling” at there had to be “an anomaly when they were taking the poll.” Realizing she was dissing her own network, she quickly pivoted to praising her co-workers by saying, “I trust our pollsters at ABC, they’re phenomenal.” She also almost said they “misrep[resented]” Trump’s lead, but she caught herself mid-word and rephrased it to “may have overstated the lead.”

Racist co-host Sunny Hostin wrote off the ABC poll and declared that she didn’t want to hear any talk of polls until Trump’s trials started:

Trump’s scheduled trial dates and where they fall in the presidential primary calendar. March 4th, March 25th, March 20th. A judge has yet to set the date for Trump and his 18 co-defendants in the Georgia – Oh, I’m sorry. It’s now May 20th. So, I’m happy to talk about polls and where people fall when I see that first trial. I’m happy to talk about it then, but until then, nobody needs to be talking about how Biden is doing or anything like that.

This was followed up by Navarro and her unsupported suggestion that the ABC pollsters were high on drugs when administering the questions. “I don’t know what happened with this ABC poll,” she declared. “I don’t know if the people asking the questions were high or the people answering the questions were high, but somebody had to have been on edibles or something else because this poll is off the charts.”

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The View Biden is Blundering stumbling imbecile

These yentas are about to realize Americans want nothing to do with biden.

Report Reveals How the Biden Regime is Desperately Working to Keep Old Joe from Suffering More Embarrassing Falls Ahead of the 2024 Election

BREAKING: Biden Almost Falls Down Air Force One Stairs Shortly After Report Reveals Secret Mission to Prevent Old Joe From Falling! (VIDEO)

He’ll need to be kept even more hidden than in 2020. Greg’s accusations of Trump being too “cowardly” to debate will soon come back to haunt him, BIG TIME.

Trump is a coward. He knows he’d be destroyed on a republican debate stage. Instead, he’ll be destroyed in a courtroom.

A rational moderate republican might walk away with the election, but Trump won’t allow it.

Trump is a coward. He knows he’d be destroyed on a republican debate stage.

Really? But what about Pedo Pete, who’s campaign has stated in no uncertain terms, that he will not do any debates? Is Jake Sullivan afraid that RFK, Jr. will show the American viewer just how incompetent Joey Soft serve Brain really is? Do you not think Pedo Pete would be destroyed by RFK, Jr.?

A rational moderate republican 

What is a “moderate” Republican? And why do we never hear the term “moderate Democrat?”

Keep up your bullsh!t, Comrade Greggie. You only prove what an idiot you are.

A rational moderate republican might walk away with the election, but Trump won’t allow it.

Who, like maybe Liz Cheney? Adam Kinzinger? Any Republican YOU would consider acceptable (like anyone cares) would be the LAST person this nation needs.

Why hasn’t Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden visited New Palestine? Because he’s so courageous? Oh… just revealed: Hunter had $250,000 wired by China to a bank account that has Pop’s home address on it… SINCE Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden has been fraudulently installed as *President!


You gotta learn to walk before you can run… for office. Needs crutches made of election fraud.

Racist co-host Sunny Hostin wrote off the ABC poll and declared that she didn’t want to hear any talk of polls until Trump’s trials started:

Does she think no one has heard about the phony political indictments? Or is she merely hoping that something is going to make the lawfare suddenly work and destroy Trump?

It’s not that surprising. Trump proved himself to be a leader and to be dedicated to the United States, the Constitution and the citizens. I can’t help it that many took the Ministry of Propaganda at face value and never recognized the positive accomplishments of Trump and the negative attempts to tear down the nation by the Democrats. People are slowly wising up and those who sequester themselves on the coasts in gated communities have no idea what people actually think.

Then again, no one ever accused The View of being a “think tank” or an accumulation of great minds.

Latest betting odds for president, from 5 sources. Trump widens lead, again.

Last edited 2 months ago by TrumpWon

09/25/23 – 2024 Presidential Election Odds

Incumbent President Joe Biden is the favorite at most sportsbooks to win the Presidency in 2024. Biden has around +175 election odds for US President. Former US President Donald Trump is now around +225 at most sportsbooks and anti-vaxxer Robert Kennedy Jr is +1200. RFK Jr has now jumped Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on most Presidential odds boards. Trump’s odds to win again have actually improved following three separate indictments. Trump had been around +350 to win at most books prior to the Manhattan indictment in March. He had +275 election odds in July and was +225 on August 2 after being indicted for efforts to overturn the election three years ago…

That’s only because the Democrats are assured to use election fraud to win.

Your premise that any election Trump doesn’t win was rigged is absurd.

That’s only because the Democrats are assured to use election fraud to win.

No, my premise, based solidly on fact, is that Democrats are totally dependent on election fraud. Trump didn’t lose in Arizona, yet Democrat election fraud was clearly demonstrated. Democrats are failures, the vast majority hate their policies and agenda and the ONLY way they win outside of California or New York is through massive fraud.

I guess in leftist-speak, “liberal” means “Republican”? “Conservatives” means “Democrat”? THOSE liberals no longer exist. O’Donnell is a major liar working for a leftist propaganda organ.

Liberals got women the right to vote. NOPE

19th Amendment Enable all woman the right to vote, passed the house by a vote of 304 to 89. In all 200 Republican voted in FAVOR of the 19th Amendment, while only 102 Democrats voted in favor. The 19th Amendment passed the Senate by a vote of 56 to 25, 82% Republican voted in favor while only 41% of their democrats voted in Favor.
36 of States ratified the 19th Amendment, 26 were Republican controlled. Many democrat-controlled legislatures opposed the ratification.

Liberals got African- Americans the right to vote.  NOPE

15th Amendment – According to the Library of Congress, in the House of Representatives 144 Republicans voted to approve the 15th Amendment, with ZERO Democrats in favor. In the Senate 33 Republicans voted to approve, again ZERO Democrats in favor.

Liberals passed the Civil Rights Act – Nope
More Republicans Voted for the Civil Rights act as a Percentage than Democrats did.

You’re equating liberals with democrats and conservatives with republicans, which was NOT the situation in 1869 or 1920. The Democratic Party’s liberal/progressive agenda didn’t emerge until the FDR era.

It doesn’t matter. Democrats were racists then and remain racists now.

This is exactly why President Trump is smart to not give any time to the seven dwarfs.

A bunch of whiffenpoofs

Last edited 2 months ago by TrumpWon

President Trump to Deliver Remarks TONIGHT to United Auto Workers in Clinton Township, MI During Second Republican Primary Debate

Black Autoworkers Blast Joe Biden Over His Forced Transition to Electric Vehicles (VIDEO)

Meanwhile it appears between 20-30 people were forced to appear with biden. In all likelihood they are not even autoworkers, similar to obama parading out all the people in white doctors coats to promote the non affordable healthcare mess.

Last edited 2 months ago by TrumpWon

Maybe he’ll explain to them why auto industry CEOs are hauling in up to $30 million a year and new pickups cost fifty grand, but auto workers only average a bit over $20/hr.

From what I’ve heard auto workers say, he doesn’t have to explain that more electric vehicles means fewer jobs. EV’s also means fewer cars, which means even FEWER jobs. They get that fact 100%, loud and clear and they pretty much see through Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden lies and fake support. He just wants their votes and the union leadership just wants the money they get from the government to support the DNC.

Those who back republican Trump alternatives aren’t going to decide to vote Trump after he repeatedly pisses on their alternatives.

Most democrats who back Democratic Party alternatives to Biden aren’t going to switch to Trump if Biden is the nominee. They’ll vote against Trump.

If it comes down to Trump vs. Biden, you’ll see a decisive shift in the polls in Biden’s favor long before Election Day, but at that point it will be too late for the GOP.

What are those “Democrat alternatives”? The DNC won’t allow any to surface.

The ones that were listed on the bogus betting odds webpage that somebody posted.

What are those “Democrat alternatives”? 

No, which ones will the DNC allow to compete?

Nothing matters to you but trying to return Trump to office—which is NEVER going to happen.

Nothing would benefit the nation more than Trump as President. He proved this during his first term. Then, compared to Democrat incompetence, his leadership is imperative.

Judge declares Trump overvalued “$18,000,000” Mar a Lago.

comment image

A tax assessment value differs from a bank loan value.
The tax assessment is based on what the property is worth now compared with other neighbor’s homes of like size.
The bank loan value is based on what the property would BRING IN if sold now.
Trump’s property at Mar a Lago has a stipulation that HE cannot subdivide Mar a Lago into housing. That limits its tax value.
BUT, if sold for a loan, that stipulation ends. Mar A Lago sky rockets in value if it can be subdivided.
So it is worth a LOT to a bank, should Trump have defaulted on his loan and used it as collateral.

But, who has been harmed? Has Trump “overvalued” his property (which eliminates any argument he might have with tax accessors that THEY overvalued his property), gotten loans and then defaulted on them? Trump’s reputation for success has loan value, too, and loaning him money (or electing him) is a very good risk.

Even if HE can’t subdivide it, that doesn’t mean someone could buy it and subdivide it, greatly expanding its value. No matter how you look at it, it’s just another in a long, long series of false, politically motivated accusations.

Far Left Democrat Judge Says Businessman Trump Overvalued His Empire.

The left just makes accusations, then walks away, thinking everyone just accepts them at face value. Talk about something grossly overvalued.

New York Judge Rules Without Trial, Jury or Verdict, That President Trump Must Dissolve All Business Interests in State

The judge accuses Trump of inflating the value of the property for the purpose of the loan but not to the idea taxes were not paid as to the value of the property. For that situation the Judge/State has a case only. For the loan it does not have a case, because the state was not harmed (and they aren’t complaining about that as their argument). It will be appealed and tossed.

If Trump’s stated loan values weren’t fraudulent, he illegally evaded millions of dollars in property taxes. There’s your case.

Oh. What are the tax assessments on his property? You know these?

The judge who made the ruling knows.

Oh. What are the tax assessments on his property? You know these?

Well, I don’t see them. Plus, the tax district does the assessments; they don’t exactly as the property owners how much taxes they should be paying. That would be kind of stupid, wouldn’t it? So, give me an example of Trump cheating the tax man.

So the judge knows? But you don’t. You just want to proffer an opinion you pulled out of your Marxist ass. Like with everything else, your comment was pure b/s.

So let your ass back up your mouth; provide the City of New York’s appraisals which is how property taxes are determined.

You seem to be able to read. Did you look at the ruling? Refer to pages 21 through 31. Amounts and discrepancies are clearly spelled out. Your comprehension difficulties are not my problem. Fully documented tax fraud is Trump’s problem.

So the judge knows? But you don’t.

Well, since you seem to know what the judge knows because you have so little to do you read the entire document, why don’t you share that knowledge with all of us here? Or are you still playing your silly games of “gotcha” which never, ever work for you.

You’re such a POS, Comrade Greggie.

How about those Ukrainian soldiers surrendering rather than die in the Zelenskyy meat grinder?

09/27/23 – If Mar-a-Lago is worth over $1 billion Trump should be paying a lot more in taxes

Columnist David Frum pointed out a Palm Beach Daily News report about Donald Trump’s property taxes that showed him trying to claim the value of Mar-a-Lago in 2020 was less than $26.6 million.

As of Tuesday, the former president’s son Eric Trump said publicly that it was actually worth more than $1 billion – a post his father later shared on his personal social media accounts. And a civil court in New York overseeing a fraud trial heard that Trump claimed the estate was actually worth $1.5 billion as he tried to secure loans…

This is John Galt level government targeting. A New York State judge has arbitrarily ruled, no trial – no jury, that President Trump overvalued his real estate holdings in New York, which means he paid too much in taxes, in order to secure financing and loans. [Ruling PDF HERE]

All the banks and lenders did their own due diligence on the financing. All operational loans and business loans were paid back. There were no defaults or banking interests adversely impacted. There are no victims of what the State calls “fraud,” yet the judge is ruling the Trump organization must dissolve all business interests in the state and exit within 10 days.

New York Attorney General Latisha James campaigned for office with promises to target the Trump Organization and Donald Trump himself. This is malicious lawfare in the extreme.

NEW YORK – […] As part of his ruling, the judge canceled the business certificates of all of the defendants, which include the Trump Organization itself and numerous LLCs connected to the company, as well as the business certificates of any entity “controlled or beneficially owned by” Trump, his adult sons, the Trump Organization’s former chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg and company executive Jeffrey McConney.

Engoron ordered that within 10 days of the ruling, Trump and the other defendants must provide names of potential independent receivers “to manage the dissolution of the canceled LLCs.” (read more)

President Trump responded via his Truth Social account.


All of the required taxes were paid.

Can you say, “Sieg Heil!”?

The Trump propaganda outlets won’t be broadcasting the republican debate tonight.

CNN—which you claim is a leftist propaganda outlet—IS broadcasting the republican debate, live at 11 PM Eastern Standard Time.

The Trump propaganda outlets won’t be broadcasting the republican debate tonight.

Who would that be? CNN IS a leftist propaganda outlet. Let’s see how much inventive editing the do.

There was no fraud, full stop.

Not if Mar a Lago is worth the $1.5 Billion he said it was to get a loan. You’ve either got bank fraud or tax fraud. It’s the same deal with many of his properties. It was a repeating pattern.

All of the required taxes were paid.

Comrade Greggie, not withstanding the fact that the article you linked to was from November 2020, you are clearly showing just how little you know about property taxation. Either you don’t own property or you are just plain STUPID. The article states that one of the tax value protests by the Trump organization had been dropped and the tax office thought the other one would be also..

Do you even know how property tax values are determined in your state? I doubt it. Do you know that your state uses a different method that does Florida?

You must be a really insecure person to try to make people think you are well informed on so many subjects.

Get your eyes checked. The article is dated September 27, 2023. It refers the fact that Trump was trying to claim the value of Mar-a-Lago in 2020 was less than $26.6 million” for tax purposes. For loan purposes, he was claimed it to be worth over a billion.

This is not a minor discrepancy, given that a billion is one-thousand-million.

But Trump doesn’t assess the taxes, scooter. And anyone loaning money on assets should be evaluating the value of the assets. When I got a 2nd mortgage on my home 20 years ago, they assessed the value. When I sold my home last year, they did an assessment. Otherwise, they might loan more money than the asset or collateral is worth. So, if someone asks Trump his opinion of what his assets are worse, whose fault is it if he overstates (not saying he did) any values?

At least he’s not taking millions in bribes from foreign powers, like Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden.

Get your eyes checked. The article is dated September 27, 2023.

You linked to an article by Sarah K. Burris that appeared in Raw Story on Sept. 27, 2023. In that story, she quoted David Scum’s X (Twitter) statement who linked to an article that appeared in the Palm Beach Daily-News on November 11, 2020. She also went on to quote other sections of the Palm Beach Daily News story (lazy reporting). So you had three authors, two of which did not provide any original information.

Columnist David Frum pointed out a Palm Beach Daily News report about Donald Trump’s property taxes that showed him trying to claim the value of Mar-a-Lago in 2020 was less than $26.6 million.

This is blatantly false reporting on the part of the slug, David Frum. The original article does not say that. It does say that tax statements were sent out, property owners had 25 days to protest, and that many property owners would protest when the original statements came out only to drop the protest later. It also states that the Trump organization had filed TWO protests, one of which was dropped and the tax office suspected the other one would also be dropped.

You are a pathetic liar, just like David Frum. You have been sucked into false journalism but knowing your history, I suspect you are a willing fool.

You still have not given any proof that you have a single clue as to how property tax values are determined. And I find you are reluctant to provide any proof from the court documents showing anything that substantiates the judge’s decision. A judge who has a huge reputation as a far left radical.

Democrats have a serious lack of enthusiasm for 2024. Most democrats polled do not feel the democrat party is giving them a good reason to vote democrat.
The primary reason for the enthusiasm deficit is biden. Democrats view the incumbent as a weakness against President Trump.

I didn’t realize that Trump cultists were the designated spokesmen for most democrats.

You might take a look around at the world outside of MSNBC.

Truth is not a virtue at msnbc.
rachael mad cow promoted the Russia hoax for more than two years.

Last edited 2 months ago by TrumpWon

No, that’s something that when they sense it is in the building, they call an exterminator.

Are you?

“The Keys to My Family’s Only Asset” – House Ways and Means Committee Releases Explosive Documents Confirming Hunter Sold Access to Joe Biden in 23 Countries

Biden was never fit to be president. He was chosen because he was bought and compromised through blackmail. As a doddering fool, he also demoralizes the country and delegitimizes it on the world stage.

In a just society, he would be brought up on charges of treason.

Last edited 2 months ago by TrumpWon

BREAKING: House Republicans Release Docs Showing Delaware Assistant US Attorney DID NOT ALLOW Agents to Investigate Joe Biden as Part of FARA Probe

Joe Biden’s Brother James Admitted To FBI The Biden Family Tried To Help Chinese Firm Tied To Xi Jinping Buy Key US Energy Assets

Here is a list of the Biden family members who are FARA registered:


Maybe Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is registered as a FARA?