The unrepentant Terry Jones


Over a week ago, we discussed the relative lack of coverage of a burning of a Koran some days earlier in Florida. The overwhelming response from readers to that post was that they hadn’t even heard about the burning. It was interesting to compare the non-stop, over-the-top coverage from last fall with the more appropriate and restrained coverage in recent weeks.

But now that mobs in Afghanistan murdered nine humans and injured 81 others in response to the burning of the book, we’re seeing much more coverage. And the coverage is very interesting. It reminds me of something I was taught in college about rape. Basically, no matter how short the skirt the girl’s wearing, she doesn’t deserve to be raped. I always thought it was also wise to dress modestly but that wasn’t the point. The point was that the rapist is responsible for the rape, not the victim or society.

Murdering people who have nothing to do with the Koran burning is another animal from rape entirely, but it is still surprising to me to see how the media suggests that the pastor who oversaw the Koran burning — Terry Jones — is responsible for murders he didn’t commit.

So, for instance, here is NBC reporter Luke Russert on Twitter:

11 people lost their lives so Terry Jones could burn a Koran and feed the 24/7 news monster

Here’s The Guardian’s headline:

Terry Jones defiant despite murders in Afghanistan over Qur’an burning
US pastor is showing no regrets about an act of hatred that provoked a massacre of UN staff amid deadly riots

The Christian Science Monitor decides to put freedom itself on the line:

The violent reaction to Terry Jones burning the Quran at his tiny Florida church continued to spread Saturday, and with it questions about freedom of expression with murderous results.

More examples at The Daily Beast and New York Times (albeit in an otherwise solid report). Special hat tip to Reuters for coining the term “extreme fundamentalist pastor” to describe Jones. You know, for those times that “fundamentalist” just isn’t derogatory enough.

So clearly the media is focused on the “short skirt” angle to this case.

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Years ago blogger Wretchard pointed out the perverse coupling between Leftists and Islam in his essay, The Ichneumon Wasp.*

Nothing has changed.
In Pakistan, I just read, 75% of all females behind bars are there because they were the rape victim.
In some other Islamic countries death is dealt out for simply not being a virgin.
We saw the new Egyptian interim gov’t checking verginity in female demonstrators just last month!
In the UK restoring a woman’s hymen is covered by free medical because the consequence of being found out as not a virgin on a wedding night might be death even there.

The Left is playing handmaiden to Islam because it seems to be so anti-Christian and anti-Israel and anti-America.

But Islam does not stop where the Left would stop.
The Left is just short-sightedly stupid.

*The Ichneumon Wasp is the animal that the original Alien was based on, btw.

NanG says The left is playing haindmaiden to Islam because it seems to be so anti-Christian anti-Israel anti -American.
In the year I’ve been at F.A. that is the most bizarre and blatently false statement I’ve seen.

Semper Fi

@rich wheeler:
Apparently you failed to read Richard Fernandez’s essay.
Or pay attention to international news.

NanG What’s Fernandez’s aka “the wretched cat’ thoughts on Evangelical Christian Pastor Jones?


Ignorance must truly be bliss.

JohnG. You would certainly know John.


What are you, a child? Your response reminds me of a child who’s been called a name, and cries out “I’m not, you are!”

JohnG You seem to actually “get off” insulting people.Isn’t there a lady in your life?

It is ALWAYS ok to insult, ridicule, and murder Christians. The press never comes out in defense of christians.

Let anything ‘muslim’ occur, all hell breaks out. Is there anything these animals not use to murder? I do not fault this pastor for his actions, it’s between him, and God.
However, I do resent the constant ‘justification’ of muslim to start mayhem, and murder. The culture of islam is one of depraved, and pervert of any religion, due to its political means to force ‘inidels’ to either submit, or be killed.


It is not an insult to opine that someone is ignorant. Merely an observation. If I call someone ignorant, that is the end of it. No name-calling(in my above comment, I was relating your comment to those of a child, nothing more, nothing less). No bringing any personal aspects of a person’s life into it. Do you not know the meaning of ‘ignorant’? It is hardly a demeaning adjective. I, myself, am ignorant of many things. Like rocket science. Or how to cook Coq Au Vin. Or how to perform open heart surgery. Ignorance is not a failing in life, only an opportunity to learn knowledge that one does not have.

You, for instance, are ignorant of many things pertinent to issues discussed here on FA. And instead of taking the opportunity to learn more about them, you choose, like most people, to look at a post labeling you ignorant, as being an insult. One can lead a horse to water, but they cannot make them drink. If you choose not to enlighten yourself further when someone levels a charge of ‘ignorance’ at you, so be it.

And as for my personal life, that is none of your business. I’ve never delved into yours, nor insulted yours, and I would appreciate it if you would do likewise.

past time for millions of Americans to burn a Koran. Would be nice to see about 10 million or so in flames this week. Islam is not and never has been a religion of peace.

Biggest mistake of Bush presidency was to push this lie about Islam and peace. Should have said after decades of trying to work with those who support Islam, after 9/11, it was the last straw. Islam is the problem and can never be part of any solution. Only the Muslim World total declaration that parts of Islam must be ignored and a total rejection of Jihad, terror, and sharia law can save it and only after there is clear and convincing truth. Until then, we have to ban it from out country as a religion of hate and terror willing to kill innocent civilians in large numbers out of pure hatred. We cannot have that in any civilized country.

Yes, the left would have whined, but we would then have had a chance to win a war against terror.