The Prickly President


Curt and I put up posts about a Texas reporter’s interview of Barack Obama in which Obama gets pissy about being interrupted and asked questions he doesn’t like. Contrast Obama’s hissy fit to George Snuffleupagus’ constant interruptions of Donald Trump in this interview.


Obama has at times been called “prickly.” Frankly, I think he’s just a prick.

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Some Leftists seem to be following the lead of their prickly president.
Here is a completely sweet and calm Rick Rosendall of the GLAA (D.C.’s Gay and Lesbian Activist Alliance) testifying as to why we should not tolerate bullies.
BUT, here is the very same Rick Rosendall BULLYING a female reporter!
What a two-faced jerk!
I guess if you like vouchers (as a MAJORITY in DC have stated*) you are ”biased” and therefore undeserving of civility.

*A 2011 poll conducted by the same company that worked for Mayor Gray during his election last year showed that more than 70% of DC residents approved of the school choice program. (PDF)

Stuffy is a total tool for POTUS Obamas -govt run media apparatus. About time someone calls him out for what he really is!

you said ‘just a prick’ – ILMAO!!!
And a sissy as well!