The new White House Associate Communications Director is an antisemitic sexual fetishist


By Andrea Widburg

In October 2020, while Democrats were denying that Hunter Biden’s pornographic, drug-infused laptop was real (it is), they were also insisting, as Mrs. Joe Biden said, that “Decency is on the ballot.” Once Biden entered the White House, decency proved to include the cross-dressing, suitcase-stealing Sam Brinton; the cross-dressing, child-mutilating Richard (aka Rachel) Levine; and the Satan-worshipping Demetre Daskalakis (the monkey pox coordinator). Now, the White House has just gotten a new infusion of decency in the form of Tyler Cherry, an America-hating, police-hating, antisemitic cross-dresser.

Cherry, according to his Twitter site, worked for Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, a woman whose incompetence often goes unnoted because she’s one of many in the Biden administration (e.g., Pete Buttigieg, Lloyd Austin, Jennifer Granholm, etc.). Now, though, he’s been promoted to the White House itself, working as a new “Associate Communications Director.” In that role, Cherry is already desperately disavowing his past ideological stands:

Well! That’s a red flag. So, what exactly is Cherry disavowing? For starters, this:

And this:

Yes, it’s all there: anti-police, pro-illegal immigration, pro-Russia Hoax, and pro “gender pronouns,” along with a fervent belief in systemic racism, Trump’s white supremacism, and the wonders of intersectionality, into which he folds a rant against racism, homophobia, police brutality, and, somehow, health care.

And then there’s Cherry’s hatred for Israel, something he once proudly displayed:

That tweet wasn’t aberrant. It was part of Cherry’s pattern of love for Islam and hatred for Jews and Israel:

(The “Linda” to whom he refers, that “fierce Muslim woman,” is the antisemitic Linda Sarsour.)

In other words, Cherry is a garden-variety member of the Biden base, as well as the Biden White House. He hates everything America stands for and considers himself an ally of the Palestinians, a people who fiercely supported Hitler (and still do) and who have dedicated themselves to exterminating Jews, Christians, Western values, and homosexuals while demeaning and sexually enslaving women.

But what makes Cherry a little special is that he’s also a really gross homosexual fetishist. I mean, the poor guy can’t help being a really unattractive man—that was God’s gift—but must he highlight it in women’s clothes and other fetish wear? Really? (Warning: Eyeball bleach may be required)

Image: X screen grab.

Image: X screen grab.

Considering his sexual proclivities, his leftism isn’t a surprise. However, in a rational world (the world Cherry does not inhabit), his antisemitism should be. Think about it for a minute.

Maher Bitar, another virulent antisemite in the Biden White House (he’s currently Deputy Assistant to the President and the White House’s highest-ranking coordinator for intelligence defense policy), could survive if he went to Gaza. After all, he’s Muslim, male, and heterosexual.

It’s different for Cherry. Within about three seconds of setting foot in Gaza, the West Bank, Iran, or Saudi Arab, Cherry would be tossed from a tall building, at which point the cheering crowds below would rush to smear their hands in his blood as a triumphant coda to his death.

My bet is that Cherry is either profoundly ignorant or profoundly stupid or, more probably, both. However, there’s a very real possibility that he’s such a committed leftist ideologue that he’s neither ignorant nor stupid. Instead, he’s just willing to die for his beliefs. After all, on a less deadly scale, we see the race-obsessed women in the WNBA, a league no one cared about before Caitlin Clark came along, willingly destroying Clark even though it means catapulting the league back to deserved obscurity.

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Does it steal airport luggage?

It is possible that the person on the right in the wedding pic is none other than Michael the groomer.

I would like to strand this idiot in the Wilderness without anything but what scant clothing he wears lets see him face Nature in the Raw

This is exactly what Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden thinks of the American people, making taxpayers pay for utter and complete trash like this. He represents everything WRONG with this country.

Time To Admit It: Democrats Are The Party of Sexual Perverts

They are simply a degenerate party. You don’t accept the murder of babies, the use of political violence, suppression of personal freedoms and rights and the murder of anyone that opposes you without being totally degenerate, and that slops over into their sexual proclivities.