The Legal Circus of Letitia James


by Victor Davis Hanson

Letitia James’s farcical prosecution of Donald Trump might win a conviction, given the known temperament and biases of the partisan presiding judge Arthur Engoron. And things are now escalating well beyond the facts of the indictment for purportedly overvaluing real estate assets—an alleged “crime” that had apparently never been prosecuted in New York’s dog-eat-dog real-estate world.

The unprecedented nature of the alleged crime is nothing compared to James’s choice of defendant — not just the current leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination, but also an ex-president polling increasingly ahead of incumbent president (and James’s and Engoron’s fellow Democrat) Joe Biden.

Old, resurfacing videos of James’s now well-documented long vendettas and rants against Donald Trump, her own confirmation of Trump’s charges of her racism (she once smeared the Trump administration “as too pale, too male and too stale”), the judge’s gag orders, the new polls, the simultaneous efforts of state lawsuits to take Trump off the ballot—all add up to a judicial absurdity unprecedented in U.S. history that is beginning to convince the majority of Americans of an extra-legal attempt to warp an American election.

Judge Engoron is in a similar fix.

He is slowly creating an O.J.-like courtroom farce. The more Trump and his team understandably conduct the defense as aloud—and successful—political statement, the more transparently partisan an exasperated Engoron appears. His gag orders may well be unconstitutional and thus are for now largely ignored by Trump, putting Engoron in an even more embarrassing dilemma.

Will he jail Trump for violating his likely-to-be-successfully-appealed order. That is, will he try to put an ex-president and possible future presidential candidate of the opposing party behind bars in an election year for decrying an obvious politicized miscarriage of justice—and thus only end up empowering Trump?

Or in his doom-loop will he not fully enforce his own orders, and instead seek to disguise his mounting impotence by more desk-pounding, sermonizing, grimaces, and snideness?

We’ve seen nothing quite like this judicial mess in recent American history.

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We should hope we never see such a fascist display ever again, though there are three more circuses yet to be performed. They are all of the same level of validity and have their own cast of popularity whores seeking the adoration of the fascism-loving left.

Her Lawsuit against the NRA should be totally thrown out just another attempt by the UN/Globalists to disarm us all to abide by the Small Arms Control Treaty signed by Democrat/Traitor John Kerry for Democrat/Traitor Obama

Remember when Harry Reid used “The Nuclear Option” and then was surprised when, once the GOP took power, they walked through the door he opened?
If you consider that Engorron, James and all the Democrat and the establishment portion of the GOP are in cahoots to rid themselves of Trump and any future iteration of a reformist candidate, then… should Trump win prosecutions will deluge current and former DC aparatchicks, congress critters and burocrats… it will be them complaining, with the salient difference that they may have profited from their position… I can see the stepchildren of Kerry, the relatives of Romney and numerous others get called to stand for their abuse… Because if you think the Biden’s believe in “omerta”… they are make-believe people who lie, cheat and promise… suffice it to say that Blowhard Joe’s father was a used car salesman… Joe sold Democrats a lemon.