The Left’s Biden Cover-Up Explains Perfectly Why Project 2025 Is Needed


by Ben Sellers

The implosion of President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign has been years in the making and highly anticipated.

Really, the biggest surprise, if any, has been how long the Left was able to milk the absurd notion that their political placeholder was a viable candidate.

As many have since noted, it speaks to the sheer toxicity that the corrupt conglomerate of corporations, information gatekeepers and partisan special-interests within the Beltway.

The Biden debate scandal and subsequent fallout effectively proved that not only has lying within the political Establishment become systemic, but it makes no difference if it is even a credible lie.

There is an almost taunting quality to putting forth something utterly implausible and challenging people to question it, knowing they lack the institutional power to hold the liars accountable.


Most recognize that the current predicament is just another means to an ends—out with the old and in with the new: a candidate who must be capable of running on short notice with the existing funding sources and infrastructure needed to offset Trump’s advantage, and someone who both has the name recognition needed for a possible write-in campaign along with the perception of being a political outsider.

Nonetheless, it is somewhat satisfying to see the cockroaches scurrying away when the light switch gets flipped.

The Fools in this Learian tragedy have been the leftist media and members of Biden’s inner circle feigning shock and ignorance about the problem that everyone else has long been aware of.

Although some continue to double down, most have now pivoted to an entirely new “Big Lie” by pretending their sudden efforts to perform damage control will vindicate them.

From their half-deflated lifeboatsthey point fingers at the other Biden loyalists who are going down with the ship and insist that their prior complicity was a function of fear.

Those who have spent the past three-plus years interacting with the 81-year-old president have suddenly begun sharing their stories of red-flags that now seem clear in hindsight. But they insist that if they had waged a Trump-like Resistance campaign to undermine him they would have faced severe consequences for it by becoming blacklisted rather than celebrated for their public service.


Ironically, their face-saving efforts only help build the case for the Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025, which has become a boogeyman for the so-called Blue MAGA movement (a hashtag term coined by one group of leftists to attack those they see as conspiratorial and irrational).

The underlying objective of Project 2025 is to highlight key areas of reform needed within the corrupted deep state and to articulate a series of policy expert-endorsed proposals through the 880-page Mandate for Leadership in order to prevent another sabotage effort without losing any time trying to fight the bureaucracy.

“The new conservative movement that America needs is right here, right now in this room,” Heritage President Kevin Roberts said during the conservative think-tank’s 2023 leadership summit at Washington, D.C.’s National Harbor.

No more bringing butter knives to gunfights—we’ve learned that,” Roberts continued. “The old Washington red team of free marketers, neoconservatives and evangelicals is simply not enough.”

In effect, it was intended to be an inward-looking movement to retrench the conservative movement and root out the RINOs, learning from the mistakes of the first Trump administration.


Since then, unhinged and TDS-afflicted conspiracy theorists have pushed allegations that Project 2025 is Trump’s authoritarian dogwhistle in order to justify their own efforts to calcify the weaponized deep state with measures that would make it more difficult for the next administration to fire disloyal civil servants.

The propagandist Associated Press even pushed the suggestion that it was a guidebook for “revolution,” carping on some of Roberts’s rhetoric to distort the context of his statements.

Yet, as former President Donald Trump recently said in distancing himself from the initiative, it was never specifically coordinated with his campaign.

“I know nothing about Project 2025,” he wrote on Truth Social on Friday.

“I have no idea who is behind it. I disagree with some of the things they’re saying and some of the things they’re saying are absolutely ridiculous and abysmal,” he continued. “Anything they do, I wish them luck, but I have nothing to do with them.”


Having been present for the grand unveiling at the leadership summit—which featured a speech by then-candidate Ron DeSantis in its top billing (along with what would be Tucker Carlson’s last speech as a Fox News host), I can attest that the resurgence of Trump in such sweeping fashion was the last thing on the minds of many of the Heritage Foundation’s policy writers.

Indeed, it is more likely that many of them feared his candidacy might hold back the sort of grand reinvention of Republicanism that they envisaged.

When I asked, point blank, during a media breakfast with some of the Mandate‘s lead editors what would happen if Trump won and proceeded to disregard all their painstakingly crafted proposals, they struggled to find a suitable answer, with some seeming to suggest in their aghast reactions that a Trump comeback seemed unfathomable at the time.

Nonetheless, they were diplomatic at the time in their insistence that the initiative was intended to be for whoever might emerge as the favored Republican candidate.

Lead editor Paul Dans, the former chief of staff in Trump’s Office of Personnel Management, said that the book sought to be “candidate agnostic” and serve as a resource to any future leader, regardless of who prevailed.

The Mandate authors did “such a good job that you cant help but embrace [it],” Dans said. “You kind of ignore this a little bit at your peril.”


That Trump has his own plans, of course, should surprise few—especially not the cadre of ex-staffers and advisers who contributed to the Heritage project.

It was clear from the former president’s recent disavowal that he took umbrage with the notion that anyone would prescribe to him a set of “expert” policies to follow after his hard-fought climb back to White House contention.

Moreover, it seems as if Project 2025 runs parallel, in many ways, to the efforts of his own, Trump-endorsed America First Policy Institute.

Trump assures his supporters that he has learned his own valuable lessons.

“I’ve been through it. I know the good people, I know the bad people. I know weak people and strong people,” he said last year at the North Carolina Republican Convention in Greensboro. “I know the people that are losers that we don’t want, I know the people that are winners that a lot of people don’t know or understand.”

Nonetheless, the presumptive GOP nominee—whose current odds of becoming the next president are around 70% by some mainstream media estimations—should not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

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Trump doesn’t need the input of a think tank. He has his proven formula used to great, resounding success in 2017. Even with Democrat obstruction, he succeeded, and there is no doubt they will obstruct as best they can again, but his policies of economic expansion, energy independence, border security, supporting law enforcement and reinforcing the Constitution is exactly what this nation needs, and it needs to extend well past Trump’s remaining 4 years.

He’s so good a picking people that the overwhelming majority of Cabinet officers and aides he appointed are now not backing his bid for a second term.

Backing up you claim you need to name names, groomer.

What’s the point? You’ll just tell me I’m lying anyway.

Are you lying, groomer? You made a claim. The onus is on you to back it up.

Demon-Rats want More Regulations More Rad Tape and More Paperwork their all Big Government Globalists. Let that Sink in

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s choices


Everything the left opposes. It is simple and to the point, America 1st.

Last edited 11 days ago by TrumpWon

Tried to add this is the official RNC Platform.
Note it is not in alignment with what greg objected to in the think tank.
Seems greg might just vote Republican if this keeps up.

End DEI so those chip factories can actually be built.

Democrats. Democrats don’t want that. Too much freedom.

Why would any right thinking American oppose what is 100% pot-America. Rhetorical question.


We are not affiliated with former President Trump. We are a coalition of more than 110 conservative groups advocating policy and personnel recommendations.

1. End no fault divorce: FALSE

Divorce is not mentioned in our policy handbook, Mandate for Leadership.

2. Complete ban on abortions without exceptions: FALSE

Mandate for Leadership calls for the government to comply with laws that prevent federal funding of abortion. It also calls for federal support for alternatives to abortion, including adoption.

3. Ban contraceptives: FALSE

Mandate for Leadership says nothing about banning or restricting contraception.

4. Additional tax breaks for corporations and the 1%: MISLEADING

Mandate for Leadership calls for LOWER taxes for ALL Americans, to stimulate economic growth and put more money in Americans’ pockets.

5. Higher taxes for the working class: FALSE

Mandate for Leadership calls for LOWER taxes for ALL Americans. Individuals spend their money in more productive ways than the government does.

6. Elimination of unions and worker protections: FALSE

Mandate for Leadership presents different ideas about a conservative labor policy. It calls for combatting the excesses of the Deep State’s bloated federal employee unions, which have ensured that federal employees keep their jobs even if they engage in illegal behavior or perform their jobs poorly.

7. Raise the retirement age: FALSE

Raising the retirement age is nowhere advocated in Mandate for Leadership.

8. Cut Social Security: FALSE

Mandate for Leadership does not advocate cutting Social Security.

9. End Affordable Care Act: FALSE

Mandate for Leadership offers policy suggestions to curb the abuses of the Affordable Care Act.

10. Raise prescription drug prices: FALSE

Mandate for Leadership offers proposals to lower drug prices through competition and innovation.

11. Eliminate the Department of Education: TRUE

Mandate for Leadership calls for an end to the Department of Education. Since the Department was created, educational outcomes have not improved, and the American school system has increasingly fallen behind other countries. Giving more control back to state and local governments and expanding school choice would improve education outcomes for all Americans, especially underprivileged communities. Some functions of the Department would be moved to other departments including Labor, Justice, and Commerce.

12. Use public, taxpayer money for private religious schools: TRUE

Americans are able to use taxpayer money to choose where they shop for groceries, attain housing, and obtain higher education. Religious schools often outperform public schools, and families should have the choice to send their children to these schools.

13. Teach Christian religious beliefs in public schools: FALSE

Mandate for Leadership advocates for all educational opportunities, and for parental rights in education.

14. End free and discounted school lunch programs: FALSE

Mandate for Leadership advocates that the Food and Nutrition Service be moved from the Department of Agriculture to the Department of Health and Human Services. Mandate condemns the Biden administration’s decision to threaten schools that do not comply with radical transgender policies by taking away their funding for school meals for needy students. Additionally, Mandate supports prioritizing school meal programs for those students who are truly needy, not creating an entitlement for almost all students regardless of family income levels.

15. End civil rights and DEI protections in government: MOSTLY FALSE

Mandate for Leadership calls for respecting the civil rights of all Americans, including those who have been censored by the government or had it weaponized against them. Mandate advocates for the end of divisive, race-based, anti-American propaganda in the federal workforce.

16. Ban African American and gender studies in all levels of education: FALSE

Mandate for Leadership does not mention African American studies or gender studies.

17. Ban books and curriculum about slavery: FALSE

Mandate for Leadership does not advocate for banning books or curriculum about slavery.

18. Ending climate protections: FALSE

Mandate for Leadership advocates policies that will produce economic growth through abundant, affordable energy. Famers, hunters, and fishers know how to protect our environment better than D.C. bureaucrats. The Biden administration’s relentless focus on climate has made America less competitive and wasted crucial taxpayer dollars.

19. Increase Arctic drilling: TRUE

The Arctic is of immense strategic importance to America. Mandate for Leadership advocates a strong pursuit of American interests in the region, through economic freedom, through ensuring free and open shipping lanes, and through the development of the vast energy resources of the Arctic.

20. Deregulate big business and the oil industry: MOSTLY TRUE

America needs energy that is plentiful and affordable. Mandate for Leadership calls for an all-of-the-above energy policy that would promote the development of our domestic energy supply, and for fewer burdensome regulations for ALL businesses.

21. Promote and expedite capital punishment: TRUE

The appropriateness of capital punishment divides Americans, and conservatives, of good will. Mandate for Leadership calls for the enforcement of the federal death penalty where appropriate and applicable, and recommends a future presidential administration pursue the death penalty for the most heinous crimes, including those involving violence and the sexual abuse of children, unless Congress says otherwise through legislation.

22. End marriage equality: FALSE

The legal recognition of same-sex marriage is not discussed in Mandate for Leadership. Mandate calls for the protection of faith-based grant recipients who maintain support for the traditional definition of marriage. Mandate also supports conscience protections for those who do not wish to participate in same-sex marriages.

23. Condemn single mothers while promoting only “traditional families”: FALSE

Mandate suggests that a future HHS Secretary replace the policies of the Biden administration that prioritize LGBTQ+ equality, subsidize single motherhood, disincentivize work, and penalize marriage with policies that instead encourage marriage, work, motherhood, fatherhood, and nuclear families.

24. Defund the FBI and Homeland Security: FALSE

Mandate for Leadership supports de-weaponizing the federal government, including the FBI. Mandate’s chapter on the Department of Homeland Security advocates the legislative creation of a standalone Cabinet-level agency with a focus on the border and immigration, including U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CPB), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR), and the Office of Immigration Litigation (OIL). It also recommends that legislation be pursued to move other component parts of DHS to other agencies, including the Department of Transportation, the Department of Defense, the Department of the Treasury, and the FBI.

25. Use military to break up domestic protests: FALSE

The “protests” referenced in Mandate for Leadership are protests in Iran against its anti-American leadership; and protests of parents at school board meetings in opposition to critical race theory and COVID mandates. Both protests are referenced positively. Mandate also protests the FBI’s harassment of protesting parents and condemns the arrest by armed FBI agents of a man who had protested at an abortion clinic a year earlier.

26. Mass deportation of immigrants and incarceration in “camps”: MISLEADING

Mandate supports an orderly and lawful immigration system. It advocates that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Office of Removal Operations be primarily responsible for enforcing civil immigration regulations, including the removal of those who have violated our immigration laws. It also calls for additional resources to put an end to President Biden’s border crisis and enforce immigration laws.

27. End birthright citizenship: FALSE

There is no mention of ending birthright citizenship in Mandate for Leadership.

28. Ban Muslims from entering the country: FALSE

There is no mention of banning Muslims from entering the United States in Mandate for Leadership.

29. Eliminate federal agencies like the FDA, EPA, NOAA and more: FALSE

Mandate for Leadership’s plan would not eliminate the FDA or the EPA, and NOAA’s functions would be transferred to other agencies, the private sector, and states and territories.

30. Continue to pack the Supreme Court and lower courts with right-wing judges: FALSE

The only people calling for packing the judiciary are those on the Left, who do it every time the Supreme Court or a lower court makes decisions they don’t like.


Until the left finds a new straw to grasp onto, they will continue to harp on “Project 2025”, Truth has no place in their rationale.

3. Ban contraceptives: FALSE

Mandate for Leadership says nothing about banning or restricting contraception.

From the document:

CDC should update its public messaging about the unsurpassed effectiveness of modern fertility awareness–based methods (FABMs) of family planning and stop publishing communications that conflate such methods with the long-eclipsed “rhythm” or “calendar” methods. CDC should fund studies exploring the evidence-based methods used in cutting-edge fertility awareness.

Why is Project 2025 specifically emphasizing the rhythm method of contraception? Why is it addressing contraception at all? What will the legislation look like that pushes the adoption of the rhythm method?

29. Eliminate federal agencies like the FDA, EPA, NOAA and more: FALSE

NOAA’s functions would be transferred to other agencies, the private sector, and states and territories.

If you transfer an agency’s functions to “other agencies, the private sector, and states and territories,” you are eliminating the agency.

The Constitution does not provide for the administrative state. It should be completely dismantled. Prove me wrong.

Just to clarify: are you saying that the Executive Branch should consist only of the President and the “principal officer of each executive department”? If not, what’s the dividing line between “necessary Executive Branch employee” and “myrmidon of the Administrative State”?

The constitution does not provide for any number of bureaucratic alphabet agencies. Is the epa in the constitution?

The constitution does not provide for any number of bureaucratic alphabet agencies. Is the epa in the constitution?

No, it’s not, but it exists because Congress has made laws about how we treat the environment, and the Constitution give the President the task of executing the laws of the United States. That job—enforcing the law by the Executive Branch—is, in fact, in the Constitution. The existence of executive departments and “Principal Officers” of these executive departments who assist the president in performing this task is, in fact, mentioned in the Constitution.

There is nothing in the Constitution that specifies or limits the number or portfolio of these departments, so the existence of these Departments is not unconstitutional.

So: just to clarify: are you saying that the Executive Branch should consist only of the President and the “principal officer of each executive department”? If not, what’s the dividing line between “necessary Executive Branch employee” and “myrmidon of the Administrative State”?

Does the epa issue regulations?

Well, this is simply what happens when agencies intended to serve a specific purpose become weaponized to act as un-elected and non-regulated administrative offices. The fact is, the left simply cannot resist the impulse to abuse the power of anything, so the best thing to do is eliminate them. Kind of like what happened when the left pushed abortion on demand all the way up to and after birth.

Is the department of education in the Constitution?

It is not, ergo it is unconstitutional.

Trump claims not to know who is behind Project 2025. A CNN review found at least 140 people who worked for him are involved

…“I have no idea who is behind it,” the former president recently claimed on social media.

Many people Trump knows quite well are behind it.

Six of his former Cabinet secretaries helped write or collaborated on the 900-page playbook for a second Trump term published by the Heritage Foundation. Four individuals Trump nominated as ambassadors were also involved, along with several enforcers of his controversial immigration crackdown. And about 20 pages are credited to his first deputy chief of staff.

In fact, at least 140 people who worked in the Trump administration had a hand in Project 2025, a CNN review found, including more than half of the people listed as authors, editors and contributors to “Mandate for Leadership,” the project’s extensive manifesto for overhauling the executive branch.

Dozens more who staffed Trump’s government hold positions with conservative groups advising Project 2025, including his former chief of staff Mark Meadows and longtime adviser Stephen Miller. These groups also include several lawyers deeply involved in Trump’s attempts to remain in power, such as his impeachment attorney Jay Sekulow and two of the legal architects of his failed bid to overturn the 2020 presidential election, Cleta Mitchell and John Eastman.

To quantify the scope of the involvement from Trump’s orbit, CNN reviewed online biographies, LinkedIn profiles and news clippings for more than 1,000 people listed on published directories for the 110 organizations on Project 2025’s advisory board, as well as the 200-plus names credited with working on “Mandate for Leadership.”

Overall, CNN found nearly 240 people with ties to both Project 2025 and to Trump, covering nearly every aspect of his time in politics and the White House – from day-to-day foot soldiers in Washington to the highest levels of his government. The number is likely higher because many individuals’ online résumés were not available.

In addition to people who worked directly for Trump, others who participated in Project 2025 were appointed by the former president to independent positions. For instance, Federal Communications Commissioner Brendan Carr authored an entire chapter of proposed changes to his agency, and Lisa Correnti, an anti-abortion advocate Trump appointed as a delegate to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, is among the contributors…

I take him at his word. You should too.

Try as you may, it is not a campaign issue.

bidens continual cognitive decline.

Project 2025 is the iceberg that’s going to sink Trump’s ship.

Just like all of the law fare and efforts to get Trump. They have all failed skipper. This one too.

Read the full 16 page RNC platform.

RNC’s 2024 platform is a 16-page pie-in-the-sky menu having as much real-world substance as Trump’s non-fungible digital trading cards.

Your pathetic opinion no one gives a fuck about skipper.

Milwaukee Radio Station Admits Biden Campaign Demanded They Edit Joe Biden’s Interview to Remove Unfavorable Portions – And They Consented – Here Are the Edits

Those trading cards sold out, might not be a good analogy.

Where are the 85K unaccompanied minors who are unaccounted for?

Its over 150K now off to slave labor and the sex trade, 10% for the big guys campaign?

Sure it will but Bidens ship has already sunk.

No it isn’t. It’s nothing.

Why would anyone take a man known to lie constantly at his word?

biden lies, you believe every word he says.

BREAKING: Democrats Block the SAVE Act in the Senate, Leaving Door Open for Illegal Immigrants to Vote in Presidential Election

You must be so proud.

OF COURSE democrats blocked it. Not because it requires proof of citizenship to initially register, but because it contains vague language that would allow states to do mass purges of EXISTING registered voters.

Everything seems OK until you get down to (4)(D), which would allow states to purge registered voters based on information found in unspecified databases.
“(3) STATE REQUIREMENTS.—Each State shall take affirmative steps on an ongoing basis to ensure that only United States citizens are registered to vote under the provisions of this Act, which shall include the establishment of a program described in paragraph (4) not later than 30 days after the date of the enactment of this subsection.

“(4) PROGRAM DESCRIBED.—A State may meet the requirements of paragraph (3) by establishing a program under which the State identifies individuals who are not United States citizens using information supplied by one or more of the following sources:

“(A) The Department of Homeland Security through the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (‘SAVE’) or otherwise.

“(B) The Social Security Administration through the Social Security Number Verification Service, or otherwise.

“(C) State agencies that supply State identification cards or driver’s licenses where the agency confirms the United States citizenship status of applicants.

(D) Other sources, including databases, which provide confirmation of United States citizenship status.

So there it is. You support illegal aliens who do not have the right to vote to vote is our elections.

 As Sundance says over at conservative treehouse, it’s the ballots that are the big deal. The Dems can issue the ballots to illegals who may never receive them but their names are on them. The Dem’s hired election army collects non filled out ballots and fills them out with the preferred candidates voted for and drops them in the ballot boxes. Cheating done. No one checks the ballots. They get counted. Along with the machine manipulations, the steal of the election is on. Again. Same action taken for House and Senate seats. This is how they win their elections because they can’t win in a fair vote.
They block legal protections and make sure they keep the mail in ballots in play. They have been doing it for the last two election cycles-2020 and 2022. The methods and the means have pretty much stayed the same so they just keep it going.
We the people don’t even bother to try and stop them. Most don’t have a clue this is going on. Many don’t bother to vote. Perfectly set up to steal the Presidency and the other branches of govt. just like before. Time to pay attention voters.

I don’t support bills that some sneaky little shit has hidden an easily abusable provision such as (3)(D) in, which totally disregards the veracity or lack thereof of unspecified databases.

That should read, “…an easily abusable provision such as (4)(D)…”


Turn on your brain and read the bill. (4)(D) is the poison pill that killed it.

Republicans KNEW this would keep it from passing.

The point of it was to be able to claim You support illegal aliens who do not have the right to vote to vote is our elections.”

But… you DO support illegal immigrants voting.

No, you prefer bills that instead of securing the border merely supports processing as many illegal immigrants that can possibly get here faster.

Staes have different data bases or same data bases with different names. It should be a clerks job to keep voter data bases clean and up to date, allowing a default birthdate as in Wisconsin, shame on them.

So specify the databases, as was done with those that were clearly stated—otherwise any database could be tapped that calls citizenship into question, and used to justify mass registration purges.

Democrats fight purging voting rolls of those who have died or moved. What makes you think they would make any effort to weed out the very illegal immigrants they have worked to put ON the rolls?

They blocked it because they don’t want illegal immigrants afraid to follow orders and vote. Democrats haven’t been importing 40,000,000 illegal immigrants to pick ‘maters. The entire purpose is to mine them for votes. Democrats need every means of election fraud they can scrape together.

US citizenship should be confirmed if one is voting in US elections.


Three People Show Up to ‘Biden For President-Reproductive Freedom’ Rally at Pennsylvania State Capitol with Legislators

“Biden for President–Reproductive Freedom: Members of the PA State Legislature will join Amanda Zurawski and Kaitlyn Joshua — two women denied life-saving abortions
More dead people? It killed them but they got better after Trump turned them into a newt!.

Why would anyone take a man known to lie constantly at his word?

You tell us. It’s Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden that produces a constant flow of blatant lies. For that matter, why would you put your faith in a guy that would force his young daughter to shower with him?

BREAKING: Senator Chuck Grassley Releases Shocking Records Confirming HHS Placed Children to Sponsors Linked to MS-13 Gang

Thanks joe once again proving what a pile of shit his is.

comment image

He isn’t interested in Project 2025, he doesn’t know who put it together, he doesn’t CARE who put it together. It has nothing to do with him, nor he with it. You should learn when to give up on your conspiracies. The time is when they have been totally dashed with facts and evidence.

Biden’s unscripted press conference this afternoon could determine whether he stays in the race. You can watch it live online from Europe here in about 38 minutes. It will be be rebroadcast in the US on NBC at 9 PM Eastern Time.

How do you know it’s unscripted? If it is, it will be his first one.

Don’t you think you’re smart enough to figure that out by watching the press conference?

I am, but I don’t think you are.

Last edited 8 days ago by Just Plain Bill

Unscripted? Has the list of reporters to call on, undoubtedly had the questions. So far, doing nothing but lying. He’s a f**king liar, scripted or not.

He is creeping out everyone with his whispering and crouching down on the microphones.

Softball questions.

He is so easy to loath.

Lying his ass off

He is lying big time now!
20 events with 20,000 people????
Why no photos?

He called Trump his VP. Dude is fried.

“Trump said Putin’s invasion was brilliant”

Such a despicable f**king liar.

1,761 waiting
Scheduled for Jul 11, 2024
President Biden on Thursday afternoon is slated to hold a press conference at the NATO summit in Washington, D.C.

appears to be no interest

Well, where is it? 6:55 ET and no press conference. Did Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden load his diaper and require a last minute refurb?

Does anyone know the whereabouts of hillary? Arkancide

Sharpening her knives.

ABC running ridiculous filler with a pip saying”soon”

They should call a lid and put Joe to bed

He probably overslept at nappy time.

He’s running late for his twice put back til later “Big Boy” press conference.
It is OVER!
His chances are ZERO for re-election.

He had one job, just one and he failed.

He’s the man who kicked Trump’s butt in 2020.

joe’s on but having trouble reading correctly.

biden did not defeat Trump, illegal ballots did.

NOT a “Big Boy” conference because he’s got a list of pre-selected reporters who are reading their questions.
He is reading his answers.

joe has assisted in starting several wars in the world, but here, he claims he is bringing worldwide peace.
Is this Orwell’s “War is peace?”

So why hasn’t anyone produced evidence to prove it?

biden did not defeat Trump, illegal ballots did.

They have, in Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Got a link to any of that, you lying little Trump monkey???

Never once has anyone publicly published credible evidence of Trump’s “massive fraud & deception” ANYWHERE. The lying son-of-a-b*tch just claims that it happened, again and again and again.

Not only have I provided numerous links but there have also been several articles posted here on FA. Maybe if you paid attention to the content instead of ignoring anything and everything that you fear might force you to face facts.

No you haven’t. But maybe I missed it, so why don’t post them again?


Go ahead. Post those links! Let’s see that evidence!

As soon as you answer all the questions I have asked which you evade like a gutless, lying coward.

You’ve got nothing, and never did.

Is your paid job to try to prevent people from watching joe implode?
Just a note:
Trump supporters can walk and chew gum, so you fail.

Better a rational elderly statesman than a populace lunatic like Donald Trump.

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is neither rational or a statesman. He’s just a lying old piece of corrupt pedophile shit.

We can start with STATE FARM ARENA.

Yes I have, and yes FA has. YOU are the liar, and you are lying now. Sure, I’ll post them again…. as soon as you answer the long list of outstanding questions you don’t have the guts to answer.

VOTERGA UPDATE: Over ONE MILLION Ballot Election Records Missing in Georgia’s 2020 Presidential Election

VOTERGA UPDATE: Over ONE MILLION Ballot Election Records Missing in Georgia’s 2020 Presidential Election

He’s the man who kicked Trump’s butt in 2020.

No, that was copy machines cranking out pre-voted ballots. Now we see exactly how damaging election fraud is.

Hunter has dropped his challenge to his gun charge conviction. I wonder why? What does he know? Is Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden getting ready to give everyone in the Biden Crime Family full pardons and then hit the ozone?

I think you called it.

07/11/24 – US intelligence discovered earlier this year that the Russian government planned to assassinate the chief executive of a powerful German arms manufacturer that has been producing artillery shells and military vehicles for Ukraine, according to five US and western officials familiar with the episode.

The plot was one of a series of Russian plans to assassinate defense industry executives across Europe who were supporting Ukraine’s war effort, these sources said. The plan to kill Armin Papperger, a white-haired goliath who has led the German manufacturing charge in support of Kyiv, was the most mature.

When the Americans learned of the effort, they informed Germany, whose security services were then able to protect Papperger and foil the plot. A high-level German government official confirmed that Berlin was warned about the plot by the US.

For more than six months, Russia has been carrying out a sabotage campaign across Europe, largely by proxy. It has recruited local amateurs for everything from arson attacks on warehouses linked to arms for Ukraine to petty acts of vandalism — all designed to stymie the flow of weapons from the West to Ukraine and blunt public support for Kyiv.

But the intelligence suggesting that Russia was willing to assassinate private citizens underlined to Western officials just how far Moscow was willing to go in a parallel shadow war it is waging across the west.

Papperger was an obvious target: His company, Rheinmetall, is the largest and most successful German manufacturer of the vital 155mm artillery shells that have become the make-or-break weapon in Ukraine’s grinding war of attrition. The company is opening an armored vehicle plant inside of Ukraine in the coming weeks, an effort that one source familiar with the intelligence said was deeply concerning to Russia. After a series of gains earlier this year, Moscow’s war effort has once again stalled amid redoubled Ukrainian defenses and punishing losses in personnel.

The series of plots, not previously reported, helps explain the increasingly strident warnings from NATO officials about the seriousness of the sabotage campaign — one that some senior officials believe risks crossing the threshold into armed conflict in eastern Europe.

“We’re seeing sabotage, we’re seeing assassination plots, we’re seeing arson. We’re seeing things that have a cost in human lives,” a senior NATO official told reporters on Tuesday. “I believe very much that we’re seeing a campaign of covert sabotage activities from Russia that have strategic consequences.” …

What does this have to do with the left trying desperately to divert attention from Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s incompetence, failures, corruption, treason and pedophilia by pointing fingers at Project 2025?

Biden Calls Zelensky “President Putin” at NATO Meeting (Video)

CNN Now Admits Joe Biden’s Entire Presidency Is a Carefully Staged Sham

Gee, we have known that since January 20, 2021

The first one

Biden Calls Zelensky “President Putin” at NATO Meeting (Video

The second one

CNN Now Admits Joe Biden’s Entire Presidency Is a Carefully Staged Sham

edit function on the fritz

If CNN starts reporting honestly (even while exposing how they’ve been covering) honestly on Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, he is done. Hopefully he stays in, but he cannot stand up to honest reportage by a member of the Ministry of Propaganda.

During this news conference joe referenced the 15 economists and the fact that inflation is ticking down.
Rising prices continue to weigh on average Americans’ finances, so inflation is slightly down.
When inflation is lower because people can’t buy stuff, that’s NOT a good thing.

Had to switch to Tim Pool, need a dose of reality.

Joe not having a good night.

I think he looks great! He should definitely NOT drop out of the race!

joe’s upset that Israel wouldn’t protect his military at the Gaza pier IN GAZA!!!

Told the Golda Meir lie again.

joe has lost his train of thought and just given up so many times tonight.
He gives away this when he stops and just says “anyway.”

Too true.
He made a claim about Russian troop loss but it is in Ukraine that the army pulls up in vans on the streets and tried to abduct men for the war.

Almost screamed about gun deaths in America.
Should it be “gun” control, or “race” control?comment image

By race. Statistics here do not lie.

So you’re happy with the fact that flooding the country with firearms has resulted in a disproportionately high rate of gun deaths among young black males?

You don’t seem to view that as a negative that should make us want tighter gun controls.

Reduces taxpayer obligations.

Thanks for confirming something that I’ve long suspected.

Maybe you also arrange for the free distribution of blankets infected with smallpox.

Biden Calls Kamala Harris “Vice President Trump” in Dumpster Fire “Big Boy” Press Conference (VIDEO)

I have had it with Mark Levin when he isnt bitching about funding foreign wars neocon style he is ranting about anti-semitism. Tonight I tuned in because he was going to carry the presser, bastid pulled a Hannity, yammering over the broadcast.
I’ll stream it later.
So Big boy was napping late?

I was a Mark Levin devotee, but a couple of years ago he got too wonky to listen to. Switched to Bannon and the Warroom, nice place to be for America first Patriots.

Will anyone fact check Biden’s assertion that going to the WW1 and G-7 conference fatigued him or anyone for crossing “15 Time Zones?”
Google says only 6 time zones between DC and France. Plus he had a week between trips and 2 weeks before the debate.

Why didn’t he ask Dr. Jill how she recovered from flying back and forth between France and Delaware three times so she could hold Hunter’s shaky little hand at his trial? Maybe he’s not aware that Air Force One has a bed on it and he can get all the sleep he needs.

Those who are participants is gun violence I.e. wards of the state, are a drain on what would otherwise go to the greater benefit for law abiding citizens.

Why don’t the Democrats in those cities address the crime problem? Punishing law abiding gun owners is not addressing the crime problem.

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is a goddamned liar.

They often plea out of the gun charges, felons with guns go unpunished. Easy on crime has resulted in a disproportionately high rate of gun deaths among young black males. The music, culture, drugs and race baiters.

You need tighter race controls, not tighter gun controls.
Read the graph again, slowly.
Everybody has guns if they want them.
Not everybody uses guns to kill.

What does “race control” look like to you?

Maybe not giving criminals a pass because of their race and the race of the prosecutor?

Best Answer.
And said before, too:

Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily; therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil. – King James Version (1611) Eccl.

Just saw an amazing sight this AM.
A Jeep with two young people in it sporting several PEACE symbols!
I was starting to wonder where the peace movement was.
Well, threaten a draft and incite a big war that is a meat grinder is the recipe.comment image

Just what addicts do, they mostly are idiots, only politicians kids get to skate.

This has WHAT to do with Project 2025 and your desperate attempt to make it relevant to something?

Trump seeks dismissal of N.Y. charges, verdict after Supreme Court ruling
You weren’t president yet at the time the hush money payments were made, so there’s no presidential immunity involved.

You were president when your records were falsified to cover up the payoff, but that wasn’t an official presidential act. So, no immunity there, either.


But every possible violation of due process and Trump’s rights were committed in that sham lawfare trial. No crime was ever committed.

Trump can tell the other convicts he’s not guilty. He’ll fit right in.

But every possible violation of due process and Trump’s rights were committed in that sham lawfare trial. No crime was ever committed.

Court Just Nailed Hillary for FEC Violation 45x Bigger Than Trump’s $130k So-Called Violation

Biden can be replaced. The GOP is stuck with Trump.

By who?

Time is running out. There are three states who do not allow for withdrawal and replacement. Those deadlines are eminent. One may have already passed.

Cmon, man. Those are just laws and rules. Nothing Democrats can trample at their convenience.

Biden can be replaced, by whom lil buddy?
Jilly say she aint going anywhere

Jill Biden apparently has her own ‘Hail to the Chief’-style entrance theme, courtesy of the Marine Corps band

Bring in the Clowns? Yakity Sax? Darth Vader’s music from The Empire Strikes Back?

Yeah, you can plug any idiot into Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s place to play the part of the puppet. Trump is one in a million.

How are you going to replace Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden? He doesn’t seem willing to go. In fact, he pledges he is going no where, like a dictator for life. What will you do with this monster you created with election fraud?

Joe Biden’s Advisors ‘BEAT THE SH*T OUT OF’ White House Staff to Keep Them Quiet About Joe Biden’s Declining Condition (VIDEO)

After Biden’s ‘Big Boy’ Presser, Former Obama Adviser David Axelrod Says His ‘Odds of Victory are Very, Very Slim’

Chris Matthews Says There is Going to be ‘Payback’ for Democrat Elites Who Have Criticized Biden (VIDEO)

Sounds like retribution.

“When you strike at the King, you better kill him.” I thought this was supposed to be Trump’s personality?

All eyes were on this evening, to see if he could bring this summit to a close without a hitch. He could not.

There was a gasp in the media centre, where hundreds of journalists were gathered to watch that press conference.

On screens around the room, Mr Biden turned to his left and prepared to give way to Mr Zelensky.

“And now I want to hand it over to the President of Ukraine, who has as much courage as he has determination,” he said.

Pausing for effect, he concluded: “Ladies and gentlemen – President Putin.”

Immediately, the atmosphere among the assembled hacks turned from one of interest, to one of horror.

But the truth is that the timing of this incident could not have been more unfortunate.

But an hour and a half later, he did it again. In his own press conference, Mr Biden was asked about Kamala Harris’s suitability to be president, in an obvious nod to the idea of her replacing him on the Democratic ticket.

“I wouldn’t have picked Vice President Trump to be vice president, if she’s not qualified to be president,” he said. More gasps, as the penny dropped that he had mistaken his closest ally for his greatest foe.

I’ll try this again: what was the crime that all 12 jurors unanimously agreed Trump was guilty of that turned what Bragg incorrectly called bookkeeping fraud into a felony? You’re so FUCKING sure he’s guilty, what is he guilty of?

Cool who goes to jail for covering up the laptop? Stealing classified documents?

No one. democrats are above the law, see joe biden and merrick garland.

I have amended my comment;

Court Just Nailed Hillary for FEC Violation 45x Bigger Than Trump’s $130k So-Called Violation

DA bragg and unhinged judge merchan; pick up the white courtesy phone in the lobby.

Hmmm…. and isn’t Hillary from NY? I wonder why she wasn’t charged there? So, what are we talking here… another fine? Is this just ONE charge? Why not 1,530 felonies? (45 times Trump’s 34 felonies)