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Brutal-if his was taught in our schools, frauds like President Toothpick would be laughed off the national stage. Instead he’s celebrated.

“We’re all Socialists Now” Wanna bet? I’ll tell you right now there is no way in hell I’ll ever see trucks of bodies being carted off to mass graves because either the 100 million of us with weapons will have stopped it or I’m dead.

My wife and I have a friend who came to the US from the Ukraine.

Her grandparents were caught up in the Holomodor. Her grandfather disappeared and was never heard from again. Her grandmother was left to try and keep herself and her six children alive. Those who survived did so by eating whatever mushrooms they could gather from the forest and by drinking the milk of their one cow.

The tales that Natasha relates regarding her family and what they went through are bone chilling.

“The Soviet Story” tells the story of a segment of history which, sadly, is not taught in school anymore.

As an avid military historian, I’ve seen some of this before. Why didn’t Hitler help Finland, a country held as an example of Aryan goodness and beauty? Collaboration in the destruction of democracies. Why was Heydrich so successful in suckering Stalin into the purges of the Red Army? Collaboration and maximum political power. Why did Hitler attack the Soviet Union? Liebensraum and Red Army ineptnous demonstrated in Finland. Poland- collaboration and destruction of democracies. Isn’t national and international socialism grand? Glenn Beck did a documentary on this also and was savaged by the media, being labeled as a crackpot. The Western World owes a debt of gratitude to Reagan, Thatcher, and Pope John Paul II.

Doesen’t anyone read Solzhenitsyn or Robert Conquest anymore? Aparently not in our high schools or universities.