The GOP Uniparty Must Vacate The Chair!


by Emerald Robinson

Yesterday in the evening, Matt Gaetz officially filed a motion to vacate the chair against Speaker Kevin McCarthy. What was happening? Most GOP voters seemed confused about the motives and intentions of Gaetz and McCarthy — as well as the high stakes involved.

Allow me to dispel the mystery.

It’s now been two years since I first warned my audience on Substack that the Republican Party was obviously committing suicide by collaborating with the illegal Biden regime to get rid of President Trump.

In that August 2021 article — “How The GOP Committed Suicide Trying To Stop Trump” — I asked: 

When did the GOP cease to be a functioning party? When was the exact moment that you knew the GOP establishment stands for nothing and stands against nothing?

It turned out that my take on the GOP’s real agenda during the Biden regime was rather prescient: 

Apparently [the GOP] now stands for the enthusiastic endorsement of its ideological opponents who want to prosecute and harass Republican voters aggressively, politicize intelligence for political ends, and push hormone blockers on children without parental consent. In other words, the GOP wants to enact the Democrats’ entire agenda — all the way down to the child abuse.

What we’re witnessing right now in America is the two-party system collapse into a one-party system. On all the important issues in America like vaccines, lockdowns, spending bills, fake insurrections, big tech censorship, and election reform there’s no meaningful difference between the two parties. There’s just a different set of talking points.

The GOP has basically committed a kind of ideological suicide in its push to oust Trump and his allies from the party. This became very clear with the insane negotiations they conducted with Nancy Pelosi over the January 6th Commission: only Republicans would be dumb enough to empower a commission of Democrats to conduct an investigation of Republicans.

The last two years have been a stunning fulfillment of these dark premonitions. The powerful bond between President Trump and Republican voters was not going to be dissolved by the treachery of the GOP establishment — but, rather, strengthened. I finished that 2021 piece by noting: 

As you watch the total collapse of the GOP establishment, it now seems obvious why so many GOP voters picked a flamboyant Manhattan real estate developer with a TV show about firing incompetent people to lead the party in 2016. Our corrupt political class is so out of touch that Donald J. Trump got elected to save us from them — because he was, by comparison, an honest man.

Then in June 2022, I predicted that the GOP was intentionally trying to lose the midterms while everyone else was telling you that a red wave was coming

The Senate just passed an unconstitutional “red flag” gun control bill last night with the help of 14 GOP senators — and they did so while Democrat activists were still illegally harassing Supreme Court Justices at their private homes. They did so one week after a Democrat activist tried to assassinate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh at his private residence. They did so while the GOP’s chief pansy Mitch McConnell was still complaining that Democrats refused to pass legislation for extra security to protect Supreme Court justices! What greater signal could the GOP establishment send that it has no interest in defending the lives of its own judges — let alone its own voters?

You can read that entire article here.

How bad were things 14 months ago? How obvious was the GOP’s unification with the Democrats at that point? My June 2022 article — “The GOP Wants To Lose The Midterms” — ended with a warning: 

So when people ask me if the GOP establishment has any plans to save them, or their business, or their freedoms, or their family from the neo-communist cultural revolution currently taking place in our country — what can I say? I’m not in the business of lying to people. You would have to be out of your mind to still believe that the GOP establishment is fighting against the Biden regime — as America dissolves before your very eyes into a tyrannical state ruled by a corporate oligarchy. In point of fact, the GOP establishment is openly fighting alongside Democrats to maintain uni-party rule. These people don’t think they’re our representatives — they’re our rulers.

Then, in November of 2022, the electronic voting machines stopped working on Election Day while a bunch of GOP election officials smirked and did nothing in Arizona.

A month later, war broke out between Republicans in Congress

The civil war between the GOP House and GOP Senate over the omnibus bill follows — by a few days! — the GOP’s not-so-secret attempt to negotiate a mass amnesty bill, which followed the capitulation of the GOP on the gay marriage bill, which followed the capitulation of the GOP on endless aid for Ukraine, which followed the capitulation of the GOP on restricting gun rights a few months ago. In truth, the term “capitulation” is too kind a word for what the GOP actually did in most of these cases. That word assumes that some sort of fight took place when, in fact, “enthusiastic embrace” might be the more accurate phrase.

At the same time that Republicans in the House and Senate were fighting, the uniparty shills were trying to elect Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker. I explained why Kevin McCarthy was the poster boy of the GOP’s identity crisis — and that he was famous for making promises and then breaking his word. I warned everyone that electing Kevin McCarthy as the GOP’s leader in the House was a fatal mistake. That piece ended by noting that: 

Kevin McCarthy is a flagrant charlatan — his antics are so two-faced and insincere that it makes other politicians in his own party nervous. Nobody knows what he will do as House Speaker — least of all McCarthy himself. So don’t listen to geriatric blowhards like Mark Levin when they tell you to support Kevin McCarthy. He’s not going to impeach Biden, or investigate Dr. Fauci — but he will promise you these things if you’re dumb enough to believe him.

Which brings us to the present battle between Matt Gaetz and Kevin McCarthy — which is really a war between a small faction of conservative politicians mostly allied to President Trump against a much larger cabal of GOP traitors trying to keep the illegal Biden regime fully funded.

Kevin McCarthy promised to bring single subject appropriations bills back if he became Speaker of the House. He broke that promise.

Kevin McCarthy promised to release the January 6th videos to the media if he became Speaker of the House. He broke that promise too.

Kevin McCarthy promised to stop funding on 87,000 new IRS agents if he became Speaker of the House. He broke that promise as well.

So Matt Gaetz and his conservative colleagues are holding Kevin McCarthy to his word — by making him vacate the chair.

What’s Kevin McCarthy’s response to being held to his original deal? He’s outraged of course — and he’s rallied his gang of uniparty scum to oust Matt Gaetz from the caucus.

Not to mention the possibility that Kevin McCarthy cut a secret side-deal with Democrats to fund the proxy war with Russia in Ukraine today.

In other words, Kevin McCarthy is in the business of joining with Democrats to keep the illegal Biden regime fully funded — even though every patriotic American wants the Biden regime to be shut down.

That’s why the GOP establishment shills at Fox News — Mark Levin and Newt Gingrich and Pawn Vanity and the rest of them — were out attacking Gaetz as a Democrat on social media today.


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Under Pelosi the we had Omnibus spending bills and CR’s and no budgets. Under McCarthy we had Omnibus spending bills and CR’s. and no budgets.

Under Pelosi the debt ballooned and there was no effort to reduce it. Under McCarthy the debt ballooned and there was little effort to reduce it.

Under Pelosi the GND was fully financed. Under McCarty the GND was fully financed.

Under Pelosi the DS was fully financed. Under McCarthy the DS was fully financed.

Under Pelosi the weaponized government was fully financed. Under McCarty the weaponized government was fully financed.

Under Pelosi the weaponized government was not held accountable. Under McCarthy the weaponized government was not held accountable.

Under Pelosi the border was open. Under McCarthy the border was open.

Under Pelosi billions were sent to Ukraine with no accountability. Under McCarthy billions were sent to Ukraine with no accountability.

Under Pelosi wokeism was fully financed. Under McCarthy wokeism was fully financed.

There really wasn’t a whole lot of difference between the two Speakerships. When a left wing hack and idiot like Raskin says he was happy with the CR because the dems got what they wanted you failed to keep the dems in check. When the majority party gets less than the minority party in a bill you really don’t have a majority party. When you state you can’t get the job done because you are the minority party and then state you can’t get the job done when you are the majority party because of the minority party you are party of failure.

There is a reason the term UNIPARTY was “coined”23 years ago.
Don is the first conservative since Ronny!
the rest, like Kev and Nancy, have been “interchangeable”!
GWB appointed: Brennan, Clapper, Lerner, Mueller ….. BHO kept them all!

Trump is not a conservative. The Freedom Caucus is not conservative. MAGA “republicans” are not conservative.

And you are still an idiot. Not even a lovable idiot.

Comrade Greggie, I asked you a long time ago what you considered a “conservative.” Even what is a “traditional conservative.” You refused to give me an answer. Now, once again you claim the authority to determine who is a conservative.

Does it bother you to be a coward?

This is not a new observation. Trump has NEVER been conservative.

01/23/19 – 13 Ways Trump Isn’t Conservative

“Put simply, Trump is not conservative. Here are just a few reasons why (in no particular order):

Trump has unilaterally levied billions in tariffs in contravention of free trade and free market principles, raising prices for consumers and putting the squeeze on domestic businesses that rely on foreign sources of supply. Not conservative.Trump has brokered preferential tax deals for companies like Carrier, picking winners and losers in the exact same way Obama used taxpayer money on pet projects like Solyndra. Not conservative.Trump has ignored the constitutional separation of powers on several occasions. He has, among other things, tried to unilaterally end the statutory asylum process for refugees and, most recently, threatened to unilaterally declare a “disaster” at our border to appropriate funds that Congress won’t give him. Just because the Constitution makes things tough sometimes doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Not conservative.Trump has cozied up to our enemies (e.g., Russia and North Korea) for little-to-nothing in return and strained relations with some of our closest allies (e.g., Britain and Canada). Not conservative.Trump has conducted himself in a way wholly unbecoming of the dignity of the office he holds. He tweets about the fleeting topic du jour like an impetuous teenager and directs the nation’s attention to the dramatic and inconsequential. Not conservative.Trump has utilized the antitrust laws to threaten and attack certain companies, like “Amazon’s Washington Post,” in order to execute a personal vendetta or just because he’s been rubbed the wrong way. Not conservative.Trump has routinely made judgments about the quality and ability of Americans based on their race. He once claimed that a Hispanic Article III judge (who was a native-born US citizen) could not fairly adjudicate a dispute because of his heritage. Not conservative.Trump has, on a number of occasions, undermined the rule of law and the legitimacy of our courts by personally attacking career Justice Department and FBI officials, and attacking the independence and competence of Article III judges. Not conservative.Trump blindsided his top military advisers and key allies when he abruptly announced that he would withdraw some 2,000 troops from Syria. Ill-planned and lacking any coherent rationale, the move provoked the resignation of then-Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis. Retreating from battlefields on a whim and abandoning our allies like the Kurds is a weak betrayal of our values and our commitments. Not conservative.Trump has waged war against the press, creating hostile environments for reporters and chilling the freedoms that the Constitution guarantees and upon which this country was built. He attacks and deflects instead of answering questions head on. Snowflake. Not conservative.Trump’s politics are vindictive, personal, and mean-spirited. He often opts to demean his opponents and critics by calling them names and publicly shaming them, and very rarely makes substantive counterarguments. Not conservative.Trump has also increased the national debt to historic levels on the back of his $1.3 trillion omnibus spending binge. At $21 trillion, the national debt now stands at a near all-time high. But, Trump is busy tweeting late-night missives at folks and could care less. Not conservative.Finally, Trump has repeatedly shown himself to be morally bankrupt. He knowingly lies when the facts are uncomfortable for him, rarely if ever takes responsibility for his mistakes, and has attacked women, minorities, the disabled, and vets for political gain. Not conservative.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

OK, cowardly little wabbit. Again, you don’t give your opinion of what a Conservative is, you just post bullsh!t from a guy who posts faux conservative authors who are really Establishment Republicans, not conservatives.

You still cannot think for yourself

If I thought you were a real witch, I would advise you to steer clear of people carrying buckets of water.

If I was a real witch you would be a croakless toad.

Greggie our resident retard, you will never and have never understood. We expect this garbage cut and paste from MSLSD republicans Have you read what a threat DT is for the UN’s 2030 agenda? This is why, this is the appeal, but you wont understand even when eating your lab meat and bowl of high fructose coated insects.

How about “Not True”?

Forget the high-fives — Congress just sold out Ukraine

…There is a school of thought among right-wing Republicans that any proxy conflict with Russia is a distraction from our real enemy, China. But, as the Sydney Morning Herald headline illustrates, nations on the front lines of any conflict with China see the links with the war in Ukraine.

The Biden administration has been largely successful in pressing Japan to dramatically expand its military budget in the face of threats from China and North Korea. But the Japanese have to wonder whether America would eventually abandon Taiwan since Congress is suddenly so reluctant to stay the course in Ukraine.

Since Russian leader Vladimir Putin has been unable to win a short war despite his initial military arrogance, his only hope is to outlast America and wavering NATO countries. Putin’s biggest hope is that a Trump restoration in 2025 not only would give him a free hand in Ukraine but also would undermine NATO itself.

Already, a new pro-Putin government in Slovakia raises the fear that a NATO member nation would repudiate Ukraine. And in a story on a new Russian disinformation campaign, The New York Times reported Monday, “Putin believes he can influence American politics to weaken support for Ukraine and potentially restore his battlefield advantage.”

The Republican cave-on-Kyiv brigade seems oblivious to the consequences of a military setback in Ukraine. In a different world, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in 1938 referred to Hitler’s dismemberment of Czechoslovakia as a “quarrel in a faraway country, between people of whom we know nothing.”

In 2023, there are no faraway countries. Ukraine borders four NATO members: Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. If the Russians ever were to attack any of those countries or the tiny Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, America would be obligated under the NATO treaty to dispatch soldiers and not just military aid.

America has sent more than $100 billion to Ukraine for two simple reasons — it is morally right, and it is also a wise investment to prevent an even more devastating war in Europe. Since we have the military budget of a superpower, we shouldn’t pretend that the biggest land war in Europe since 1945 isn’t our business…

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Fuck Ukraine

F*ck Trumputin.

Good, sick of our tax dollars going to buy Zelensky and his family mansions outside of Ukraine.