The GOP Is A Fake Opposition Party With No Vision For The Country


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When Louisiana’s Mike Johnson was pulled from obscurity and elected House speaker last month, many conservatives were cautiously optimistic that the man with the self-professed biblical “worldview” and somewhat solid voting record would be the fighter they’ve needed to halt Democrats’ Marxist takeover of society. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long to discover that Johnson is just as weak-kneed as his Republican predecessors.

On Tuesday afternoon, Johnson and House Republicans are set to surrender to Democrats yet again on a major government spending fight. Rather than stand strong and fight for conservative priorities, Johnson is proposing a continuing resolution, or CR, to keep the federal government funded through the beginning of next year. Unsurprisingly, the proposal does nothing to address key issues plaguing the nation, such as the Biden-manufactured crisis at the U.S. southern border, and maintains already-high spending levels.

With members of the House Freedom Caucus expected to vote against the measure, Johnson will need the help of House Democrats to send the package to the Senate. Given leading House Democrats’ positive remarks about the bill, the GOP speaker is likely to get it.

Here’s a little tip for Republicans: If Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., one of the House’s most radical leftists, is praising your bill and claiming it includes “[t]wo of the big things” Democrats wanted, then chances are your bill sucks.

Of course, none of this appears to matter to Johnson, who’s been making his rounds on cable news to insult the intelligence of Republican voters by acting like his CR is the greatest thing since Elizabeth Warren discovered what a peace pipe is. During an interview on CNBC, the speaker tried to make the case that kicking the spending can down the road is good because it’s better than a massive omnibus spending package and keeps the government open.

“I think we’ll have bipartisan agreement that” passing a short-term CR “is a better way … to have the actual appropriations process,” Johnson said. “We have a shutdown looming, and we’ve got to prevent that because that would do even more harm for the economy.”

Got that? It’s avoiding a government shutdown that’s the real problem. Not record-high federal spending; or the invasion at the U.S.-Mexico border; or the politically weaponized Justice Department; or Covid fascism; or DEI in the military; or Biden’s federal election interference; or anything else Republican voters care about.

But Johnson and House GOP leadership’s betrayal is neither new nor surprising. It’s just another example of the fecklessness that’s infected the GOP for years. Recall last year when Senate Republicans helped Democrats pass legislation that declared war on the institution of marriage and religious liberty, targeted Second Amendment rights, and increased federal spending. Without Republican support, those measures never would have made it to Biden’s desk to be signed into law.

Republicans in the upper chamber are also actively siding with Democrats to attack their GOP colleague, Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville, who’s using his power to protest the Pentagon’s radical abortion policy. Instead of standing for life, Alaska’s Dan Sullivan and his merry band of useful idiots have spent the last several weeks lambasting Tuberville for holding up Biden’s military nominations, some of whom are out-of-the-closet Marxists. Who needs Democrats when you’ve got Republicans like these?

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Most if not all House republicans are nothing more than controlled opposition. Until the establishment republicans are turfed out and replaced with representatives who do the work for the people, this never ending self induced suicide will continue.

Normal people in this country don’t want your vision of America to become reality.

What would you know about normal people FFS?
You are a glowing example of a side effect.
comment image

Yeah, that’s the response of a normal person all right.

728 Billionaires hold more wealth that 1/2 of all American households combined.

Last edited 10 days ago by Greg

BREAKING: Colorado Democrat Judge Dismisses Garbage Lawsuit to Exclude Trump from 2024 Ballot, Orders Secretary of State to Include DONALD J. TRUMP in the Ballot

It is over, President Trump will be on the ballot in Colorado and all other states for that matter. This attempt was never going to come to fruition.

Last week, the Minnesota Supreme Court flatly rejected a bid to block President Trump from the primary ballot.

Also this week, a Michigan judge dismissed a challenge aimed at preventing former President Donald Trump from appearing on the state’s ballot for the 2024 presidential election.

Speaker Johnson releasing all of the J6 tapes has checkmated the left. There was not an orchestrated insurrection by President Trump. A majority of Americans knew five days after January 6, that this was the case. Any members from the j6 committee currently in congress should be immediately expelled for producing false pretenses.

Speaker Johnson should now create a real January 6 committee, with a ranking member and counsel from the opposing party. There is an abundance of evidence pointing to the fact that the FBI orchestrated the riotous events of January 6.

Great pleasure is taken that you are butt-hurt yet again.

Last edited 10 days ago by TrumpWon

The Colorado judge ruled that TRUMP ENGAGED IN INSURRECTION, but thinks the 14th amendment doesn’t cover the presidency.

the 102-page ruling in Colorado offered a searing condemnation of Trump’s conduct, labeling him as an insurrectionist who “actively primed the anger of his extremist supporters,” and “acted with the specific intent to incite political violence and direct it at the Capitol.”…

Last edited 10 days ago by Greg

Davis’s argument is bullshit. There’s no intelligent, informed person in America who DOESN’T have an opinion about Trump. Trump has made damn sure of that. Does it logically follow that ALL judges must recuse themselves, or that ONLY pro-Trump judges should be allowed to conduct his trials? Either conclusion is total nonsense.

Trump’s tools are going to make the same argument in every case—despite the fact that REPUBLICAN judges and REPUBLICAN officials have also made findings against him. Their little song and dance about that is that any republican who opposes him must be a stealth democrat—an equally moronic proposition.

It’s the same circular reasoning with witnesses: Trump is always innocent, so any witness who provides evidence against him must be biased or lying, by definition.

Last edited 10 days ago by Greg

EPIC! Mike Lee Roasts Vicious Loser Liz Cheney After She Lashes Out at Republicans and Posts Highly Edited Video from Jan. 6

Sen. Mike Lee calls for investigation of J6 committee after tapes released: ‘Deliberately hid from us’

Last edited 10 days ago by TrumpWon