The Freak-Out Begins After Elon Musk Drops Explosive Hunter Biden Files


By Bonchie

Elon Musk has done it again. He’s managed to make all the right people mad, this time by releasing the internal files detailing Twitter’s censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story.
As RedState reported, though, things go even further than that, with the Biden administration directly colluding with Twitter to do its bidding for political purposes. That follows another recent revelation that the FBI was also working with social media companies to suppress the Hunter Biden bombshell.
As expected, instead of reacting with horror at the corruption (and collusion) that existed on social media during the 2020 election, “journalists” are trashing Musk for daring to expose all this. Transparency is bad again.

Ben Collins is the dumpster fire of a reporter who completely botched the Q-club shooting in Colorado, originally making all kinds of wild claims about him being a far-right purveyor of conservative thought. Yet, once the news broke that the shooter was actually non-binary, Collins quickly shifted gears, still blaming the right, but this time for supposedly having bullied the shooter. Heads I win, tails you lose.
Here, he’s going after Matt Taibbi, who received the Hunter Biden files in question and did a long Twitter thread on them. So let me get this straight. NBC News’ supposed disinformation reporter is not mad that something that was true was suppressed. Instead, he’s mad that the details of how that happened are being revealed. Makes sense.
Then there’s the most predictable take of all coming from Bulwark hack Tim Miller. Apparently, the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop were “revenge porn.”

Taibbi is blowing the lid on the fact that the Biden team was colluding with Twitter to have inconvenient tweets removed, an incredibly improper act. The fact that it happened behind closed doors makes it even more so. Despite that, Miller is describing the Hunter Biden laptop as “revenge porn” as a way to defend a campaign coordinating with a social media company to suppress politically damaging information.
One, it’s not revenge porn because that’s not at all what revenge porn is, and misusing the term is stupid. Two, does anyone want to take a guess as to whether Miller would have that same opinion if we were dealing with one of Donald Trump’s sons?
Meanwhile, others delivered the same type of consternation, writing snarky headlines in an attempt to downplay what Musk has released.

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Remember how cautious and discerning the leftist propaganda mill media was when handling “Russian collusion” stories? Remember how carefully they vetted the story about Trump Jr. getting the Wikileaks files? How about how they made sure the Alpha Bank story was verified before running with it? How about the Russian bounties story? Yeah, these are people who take disinformation very seriously… they LIVE on it.

Like every other civil rights crushing “oopsie” from the left, they always go in only one direction. What is being revealed is nothing more than what we all suspected; Democrats worked hand in hand with social media to censor truth. Not surprisingly, leftists are not alarmed, upset or surprised that they have been lied to and used on an industrial scale.

If you like being played for a fool, lied to, taken for granted, used, trashed, violated and provided the worst, most incompetent representation money can buy, be a Democrat. If you love this country, want the best for your children and grandchildren, cherish your Constitutional rights, you should probably make a different choice.

Just one more I told you so.
Greg said a couple of Russian memes gave Trump a victory, Trump wasnt vetted blah blah blah.

Hunter Biden, Joe Biden built an international crime syndicate with ties to human trafficking organizations, prostitution, money laundering, bribery, and extortion.

The full US Senate report can be found at this original link:
Now Hunter sits at White House State dinners

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First, Hunter Biden doesn’t hold public office.

Second, the HSGAC Finances Joint Report on Hunter Biden, p. 86 CONCLUSION says Hunter Biden’s connection with Burisma was awkward, and looked bad, and after extensive investigation makes them suspicious of a vast Biden Family Criminal Network, which has broken more unspecified laws than anyone can shake a stick at.

While saying that, they do a lot of whining about the democrat resistance to their investigation and a deplorable failure to provide evidence.

That last part really should be read with an added laugh track.

What we’ve most likely got with Hunter Biden is a strung out, aging frat boy capitalizing on his father’s name to pay for a wealthy drug addict’s pathetically shallow, self-destructive lifestyle.

First, Hunter Biden doesn’t hold public office.

Irrelevant, he engaged in criminal activity

What we’ve most likely got with Hunter Biden is a strung out, aging frat boy capitalizing on his father’s name to pay for a wealthy drug addict’s pathetically shallow, self-destructive lifestyle.

What about 10% for the big guy?

How about the quid pro quo to fire the prosecutor investigate Burisma?

Joe Biden Brags About Withholding Ukraine Aid in Council on Foreign Relations

You people on the left should fear further exposure of the laptop from hell. What has been seen to date is barely the tip of the iceberg. And the big guy, joe, pedopete is in the middles of all of it. In most instances, calling the shots.

Ted Cruz battles Biden lackey… 10 percent for the Big Guy…

Last edited 1 year ago by TrumpWon

Do we punish parents for the crimes of their grown children?

Many of Trump’s close associates are convicted criminals. Unlike Hunter Biden, their crimes are specific, and proven with credible evidence presented in courtrooms.

Would you argue this proves that Donald Trump is unfit for office?

Irrelevant, he engaged in criminal activity

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Jim Hanson on Twitter: “Biggest conspiracy to influence a US Election #HidingHuntersLaptop By: Media Deep State Tech Tyrants Dem Operatives Censored it & ran a disinformation campaign to lie to voters And it worked Watch this & read our report on @theamgreatness Saturday Time to shut ’em down” / Twitter

The problem with you people is when credible information is put forward that runs contrary to your narratives, you dismiss it for any host of gaslit reasons. The days of manipulating truth to accommodate the lying narratives have run their course. Twitter, Google and Facebook are all complicit in censoring the truth that the American People deserve.

You people on the left are a collection of piles of dog shit in a dog park.

Last edited 1 year ago by TrumpWon

First, Hunter Biden doesn’t hold public office.

Good point. EXCELLENT point.

So, why was Hunter joining the Big Guy on government trips on Air Force 2? Why was Hunter given free transportation and access to Chinese, Russian and Ukrainian business opportunities? Make no mistake, while Hunter’s scumbaggery and debauchery are interesting subjects in and of themselves, the focus is on his influence peddling of the Big Guy’s Office of the Vice Presidency and the compromising of the US government due to idiot Biden making policy decisions based on his revenue stream rather than national interests.

Yeah, Hunter getting a job with a corrupt Ukrainian energy company when he had no energy experience or expertise was awkward and looked bad. When idiot Biden extorted Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating that corrupt energy company that employed his some does look a little suspicious. Impeaching the President that wanted answers before pouring MORE taxpayer money into that bottomless pit is positively criminal.

But, thanks to Democrat/propaganda media suppression, the story is only just now unfolding. The investigation (a real one, looking into real crimes) is only getting started. Enough evidence is available to see where this SHOULD lead. Idiot Biden is, beyond any possible argument, guilty as hell.

As far as Hunter is concerned, since you are a big proponent of “common sense gun control” and universal background checks, do you think people who lie on federal background check paperwork should go to jail? How about an answer, for once?

Joe Biden is not the president.

He never will be.

Biden was installed by an illegal government.

greg, you people are traitorous pigs who destroyed our democracy and installed your own illegitimate, illegal people.

You committed treason, and have no authority.

Hey, Greggie… where’d ya go? You didn’t come back and answer my questions. Wazzamatter?

If I’m remembering correctly, you ridiculed the very idea of asking questions here.

You are remembering incorrectly. As usual.

Not at all. At least Nathan was straightforward in his asshattery, telling me that I wasn’t allowed to ask questions because I existed under a different set of rules than he did. Conversely, you don’t even have the balls to stand behind your previous pontifications.

What a cuck.

Last edited 1 year ago by Michael

Well, why don’t you provide those pontifications where I ridiculed asking questions? When you are too much of a coward to answer questions, you shouldn’t even try to ask them, but you and Greg are ALWAYS with the questions which somehow DEMAND answers.

Maybe you could field those questions I posed to Greg. That might reduce your level of gutlessness some, when you aren’t fantasizing about my balls.

Last edited 1 year ago by Just Plain Bill

Looks like joe wants a double standard when it comes to Congress investigating his son and brother’s suspicious activities that banks were concerned bout.
Reversal of Long-Standing Policy Keeps Key Documents on Hunter Biden’s Business From Congress

Congressional investigators are being denied access to 148 Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) filed with the Department of the Treasury by banks concerning financial dealings of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and brother, Jim.

Only two of the 150 have been made public and the Biden administration through the Department of the Treasury is refusing to make the other 148 SARs available to congressional investigators.

Biden administration officials have offered several cumbersome alternative processes that would only allow congressional aides to go to reading rooms at the Treasury Department to view SARs, but they would not be allowed to make copies of the documents.

Despite the overwhelming House vote for the Maxine Waters measure that would have effectively restored congressional access on a par with what it was prior to President Joe Biden taking office, the joe’s Treasury Department continues to withhold access to SARs.

Mark Tapscott

Congressional investigators are being denied access to 148 Suspicious Activity Reports 

They are being denied for a reason. We all know why.

Well, this is because the idiot Biden regime is so honest, open and transparent. Just like the previous Democrat criminal enterprise, the Obama regime.

allow congressional aides to go to reading rooms at the Treasury Department to view SARs, but they would not be allowed to make copies of the documents.

Oh, so any evidence presented could be declared “hearsay” by the corrupt Democrats. One thing that is characteristic of every investigation of Democrat activity is obstruction, stonewalling and destruction of evidence.

As liberals have slipped into nearly every conversation where it was even remotely relevant, “It’s not the crime. It’s the cover-up.”

So let me get this straight. [msm] is not mad that something that was true was suppressed. Instead, they’re mad that the details of how that happened are being revealed. Makes sense.

PEPE you don

They’re mad their grip on censoring conservative views and scientific facts is broken. They should be worried this might create an avalanche of revelations of how all leftist propaganda mills have been conspiring with Democrats and the government to sanitize their world of “news”.

I wonder why our resident leftists don’t have more of an interest in this topic?

That was my point yesterday to the groomer. He wanted to comment about insignificant topics in his juvenile manner.

There is an obvious avoidance because the truth can not be propagandized.

Every one of their stupid conspiracies get destroyed and they can’t admit they’re nothing but fools and useful idiots. They, obviously, prefer to be lied to.

Because it’s only Elon Musk’s latest Twitter cat toy?

He’ll tire of the game once the novelty wears off, and he totals up the money it cost.

Musk didn’t create the emails showing Twitter taking orders from the idiot Biden campaign to suppress the information they didn’t like. How about that detail? The DNC and weaponized FBI conspiring to crush the 1st Amendment isn’t a novelty; it appears they do it all the time.

And how about addressing my questions above?

Musk has so much more to release that will destroy the democrat party along with never Trumpers.


Sure he does—just like Rudy Giuliani has incontrovertible evidence of massive voter fraud hidden in his bedroom closet.

The real news is that Musk’s purchase and management of Twitter have cost himself and other Twitter shareholders billions. It hasn’t done much to Tesla shareholders smile, either.

Musk has so much more to release that will destroy the democrat party along with never Trumpers.

The cost of protecting free speech zipperhead.

“The Family’s Influence Peddling is a National Security Risk – Maybe He Is Compromised?” – House Oversight Ranking Member James Comer on Joe Biden

biden has been selling out our country for the entire time has has been in elected office. The entire family should be charged using RICO statutes.

Not long back, the right was claiming that Clinton had sold 20% of the nation’s uranium to Russia, that Obama was a secret Muslim and a servant of the Saudis, and that the Democrats were trafficking children to pedophiles out of a Washington DC pizza restaurant.

It can all be filed under Crazy Right-Wing Bullshit, which now fills several file cabinets.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Boilerplates and platitudes.

More inane drivel from the zipperhead