The Feds Are Itching to J6 Us Again


By J.B. Shurk

After New York’s sham “justice” system procured a ridiculous felony conviction against President Trump, a lot of leftist commentators predicted that his supporters would erupt in violent mayhem.  When MAGA Americans failed to riot in the streets like Antifa goons and pro-Hamas jihadists, it was easy to sense Democrats’ disappointment.  Biden’s campaign has been desperate for an explosive J6 or Charlottesville incident to use to slander Trump’s voters as violent extremists.  MAGA did not take the bait.

This was a wise decision.  Although millions of Americans are deeply offended by the Democrats’ lawfare tactics and justifiably worried that prosecutors’ political targeting has irreparably damaged the rule of law, they must also avoid stepping into new traps that could jeopardize their freedom.  As the Gestapo FBI and the Democrat-led Deep State become more desperate to rig the 2024 election in Biden’s favor, they will seek to create situations that enrage MAGA voters.  Not only does Chris Wray’s secret police force have a financial incentive to hunt down Trump-supporters as “domestic terrorists,” but also the Biden regime is eager for swing-state independents to forget about how Democrats’ anti-Semitic shock troops recently took over college campuses.  It is difficult to paint ordinary Trump voters as “dangerous” when ordinary Biden voters are threatening Jews, toppling statues, and burning down buildings.

Never let an enemy choose the time or place for confrontation.

A lot of Americans learned that lesson the hard way on January 6, 2021.  Hundreds of thousands of patriotic, civically minded, and law-abiding citizens showed up in D.C. to protest 2020’s mail-in ballot fraud and demand free and fair elections.  What they did not know is that Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats, Mitch McConnell’s Decepticons, and the Gestapo FBI-DOJ were salivating at the opportunity to frame them as “domestic terrorists.”

The whole breach of the U.S. Capitol — if one can even use “breach” to describe an event that included Capitol Police officers holding doors open for smiling tourists — was over in a few hours.  Still, as if reading from the same bad movie script, everybody from Congress’s Hamas Caucus to President George W. Bush immediately referred to the incident as an “insurrection.”  It was readily apparent to anyone with a brain that the Uniparty Club had engineered another Russia Collusion–type hoax intended to prevent President Trump from ever running for re-election.  By pushing the propaganda of an armed rebellion and a spurious interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment, the permanent “ruling class” transformed a political protest into a premeditated opportunity to bar Trump from office and tar his supporters as violent extremists.  From a distance, the whole disgusting exercise in cognitive warfare resembled a cackle of vicious D.C. hyenas bleeding out unsuspecting MAGA prey.

The U.S. federal government has done some awful things.  However, intentionally framing American protesters (including grandparents on pensions and self-sacrificing military veterans) as members of some kind of terrorist cell attempting to overthrow the government in order to distract attention from 2020 election fraud is nothing less than evil.  In the years since that staged operation, thousands of innocent Americans have been harassed or arrested for their political beliefs.  Hundreds have been intimidated into accepting plea deals that include multi-year prison sentences.  Families have been ripped apart and left in insurmountable debt.  Too many defendants have taken their own lives to avoid the financial and emotional toll of the government’s malicious persecution.  It is atrocious that the U.S. government has inflicted such ruin upon so many Americans engaging in constitutionally protected free speech.

Why is the corrupt “justice” system intent on destroying so many lives?  So that the Establishment Class can laughably pretend President Trump (while still in office, no less) engaged in a bloody war against the United States.  To this day, White House spokespeople, members of Congress, federal judges, and television news anchors describe January 6, 2021 as a “deadly insurrection.”  It does not matter to them that none of the J6 protesters was armed or that the only people killed were Trump-supporters.  It does not matter to them that the vast majority of J6 defendants were engaging in harmless acts of political advocacy.  It does not matter to them that there was never any nefarious plot to somehow topple the federal government.  Reprehensible prosecutors seeking outrageous sentences for questionable trespass crimes and unsympathetic, partisan judges who insist on haranguing defendants for engaging in imaginary sedition have railroaded scores of Americans for the “crime” of exercising their free speech.

Propaganda, as with all forms of cognitive warfare, succeeds with the repetition of lies and the suppression of inconvenient truths.

The plan almost worked.  A lot of Trump voters became noticeably quiet right after January 6, 2021 — distancing themselves from the stench of “insurrection.”  When members of Trump’s Cabinet (including Mitch McConnell’s wife) quickly resigned or publicly condemned the president for J6 incidents he was nowhere near, it was clear that Uniparty members were taking turns rhetorically stabbing Trump in the back, just as the Roman Senate had joined together to slay Caesar.  There was a real risk that a second impeachment rushed through Congress at lightning speed might render an unjust conviction that would bar Trump from future office.  When that effort failed (mostly due to an unexpected surge of late public pushback against squishy Senate Republicans, who would have gladly hurt Trump if they could do so without losing their cushy sinecures), Democrat lawfare assassins immediately forged a path at the state level to disqualify Trump from 2024 ballots.  But for the Supreme Court’s limited intervention, we would be heading into a general election right now in which Democrat-controlled states were using false “insurrection” charges to disenfranchise Republican primary voters and hand Biden another fraudulent “victory.”

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Cheney is gone! With out her, Adam was there only for show, he was and still is a leftist nothing, there can not be a “J6”
The lesson we “learned the hard way” was Bush Republicans hate conservatives. For emphasis – naming names: Adam, Liz!

Every single arrest made outside of the DC jurisdiction is unconstitutional if a request and granting of extradition was ignored. Under the constitution, extradition between jurisdictions requires the holding jurisdiction to comply with the jurisdiction requesting extradition.

None of the J6 arrests were constitutionally executed.


None of the J6 arrests were constitutionally executed.

And yet none of the insurrectionists’ attorneys has tried to do anything about it?

Brilliant observation pencil dick

Fren, you dont have the time nor crayons to splain it to a gelding.
Off to camp for the weekend, copious amts of carbon to release.

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Why would their attorneys not address this issue, if it’s as clear-cut as you say it is?

Why don’t you ask them?

You were casting yourself as a legal expert up above. I thought for sure you’d know.

Of course, it’s possible—likely, even—that you don’t know shit. That would totally be on-brand for you.

Groomer, you don’t know? All you’re capable of is telling others they don’t know shit when you’re one of the dumbest people to ever post here.

Hey, Crusty Green Oozing Vag! I was wondering where you were.

Do you have any idea why the lawyers for the J6 insurrectionists aren’t challenging their “unconstitutional” arrests and detentions in court?

Groomer, you really are a disgusting, vile human being. You should never be allowed near any child, even your own.

So you have no idea why the lawyers for the J6 insurrectionists aren’t challenging their “unconstitutional” arrests and detentions in court.

I can give you a hint: because they weren’t unconstitutional.

You should have a doctor look at that ooze from your cooze.

It’s like asking them why all of the evidence proving “MASSIVE & WIDESPREAD FRAUD & DECEPTION” isn’t put online for all the world to see.

There isn’t any.

StAtE fArM aReNa

(Artist’s rendition of Bill)

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320,000 GHOST VOTERS Identified in MUST-WIN State of MI — Are Democrats Resorting to Dirty Tricks Reportedly Used by a Third-World Country to Win in 2024?

Any day now the USSC will announce the decision in Fischer v. United States. The likely decision will be for Fischer and against the government. Hundreds of J6 prisoners will be immediately released and half of jack smiths charges against President Trump are vaporized. Other J6 prisoners should explore unconstitutional arrest given the were not appropriately extradited.

If only their lawyers knew as much law as you know!

BREAKING: House GOP moves to reverse J6 committee subpoena against Trump advisors days before Steve Bannon is set to report to prison.

The resolution concludes, “There therefore, be it resolved, That it is the sense of the House of Representatives that the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol was illegitimate, that the conclusions and findings presented were predetermined due to the committee’s partisan nature, and that the courts should set aside any convictions or commute any sentences stemming from contempt reports issued by the Select Committee.”

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