The Democrats Are Whitewashing Leftist Violence



It took only one week for the legacy media to go from gaslighting the nation about leftist violence to begging Joe Biden to distance himself from it.

“Joe Biden condemns violence in Portland and challenges President Trump to do the same” reads a ridiculous CNN headline about the presidential nominee’s speech in Pennsylvania yesterday.

The trouble with Biden’s contention, and the thrust of the CNN article, is that the former vice president blamed Donald Trump, “white nationalists” and “white supremacists,” not Antifa or Black Lives Matter, which have perpetrated most of the carnage we see in American cities. I’m sorry, it’s leftists who are chanting “death to America” in Oakland, not MAGA-hatted shock troops.

Moreover, Trump and Republicans have been condemning violence for months. They were pilloried for it. It wasn’t that long ago that Senator Tom Cotton wrote an op-ed in the New York Times suggesting Trump send National Guard troops to quell riots. The entire condemnation of Cotton was predicated on the notion that he wanted to deploy the military to crush peaceful “protesters.”

Perhaps the reality of the situation escaped the attention of many media figures who for months were diligently downplaying the existence of the looting, rioting, arson, statue-toppling, and murder. Perhaps these reporters and pundits fooled themselves into believing that Marxist Antifa “protesters” were really akin to the G.I.s landing in Normandy to stop the Nazis.

For months, we’ve been hearing the juvenile assertion that the country’s protests were “mostly peaceful.” Only this past Sunday, CNN’s Chris Cillizza was still tweeting that “Trump’s efforts to label what is happening in major cities as ‘riots’ speaks at least somewhat to his desperation,” despite the fact that much of downtown Kenosha had already been burned down by leftist agitators who had gathered from around the country.

You may remember New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof penned a reported piece titled, “Help Me Find Trump’s ‘Anarchists’ in Portland,” wherein he notes that the “president has his politically driven narrative. And then there’s reality.”

I guess he found them now.

Kristof’s first column, like so many others, assumed that Trump was exaggerating the political violence for partisan reasons. When Trump sent National Guard troops to quell the “protesters” who were attempting to firebomb the federal courthouse building, the entire Democratic Party’s media complex mobilized to perpetuate the myth that the presence of troops had triggered the violence itself, and that peaceful protesters were being snatched off the streets by fascistic stormtroopers who had occupied the city. In the vivid imagination of many contemporary Democrats, Portland in 2020 was just like Chile in 1973.

Let’s be honest: Every day is like Chile 1973 for such Democrats. There have been so many ginned-up moral panics over the past four years that they simply dissipate into the ether. Reminder: The National Guard hysteria — “Trump’s Occupation of American Cities Has Begun,” for example, warned Michelle Goldberg in the New York Times — happened right before the “fascists are snatching our mailboxes!” hysteria.

“As right-wing groups increasingly move to confront protesters in U.S. cities, demonstrators are assessing how to keep themselves safe,” says the same New York Times today. By the time this is all over, rioters will be remembered as the true victims.

Democrats thought they could somehow take advantage of radical protests to help them win 2020. It has backfired. Once distaste for the violence began showing up in polling, and once Republicans could circumvent media coverage during their convention and focus on David Dorn and other victims of leftist violence, the Democratic Party and their allies switched the narrative.

Today, the dangerously unserious House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff blames Trump and, who else, the Russians for “willfully fanning the flames of this violence.” Joy Reid, recently given a primetime show on one of the country’s major news networks, claimed that the riots were false flag operations perpetrated by “armed white nationalists” deployed as a nationwide strategy to help reelect Trump.

Just yesterday, NBC News reported that “Trump praises right-wing supporters, rails against protesters after unrest in Portland.” In many ways, the story is prototypical of Trump Age journalism.

The reporter, Allan Smith, describes the shooting of an unarmed Trump fan thus: “a man was shot and killed in confrontations between Black Lives Matter protesters.” In the very same piece, the reporter describes Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old who claims he shot two rioters in self-defense, as a person who “was accused of having opened fire Tuesday during a Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, killing two people.”

For NBC News, in one shooting there was a vague “confrontation” where the presence of pro-Trump activists “contributed to violent clashes,” and in the other a man “opened fire” on “demonstrators . . . protesting the police shooting of Jacob Blake.”

Not long ago Biden’s campaign staff was bragging about their donations to a group that paid the bail fees for Minneapolis rioters. And veep pick Kamala Harris was promoting these groups as well. Today? “Fires are burning, and we have a president who fans the flames,” says Biden. I wonder if reporters will track down any of those “protesters” Biden’s staff bailed out to see what they’ve gotten themselves into.

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Tuesday morning CNN’s fact-checker noted that the entire city of Portland is NOT ablaze all the time. He was backed up by CNN correspondent Josh Campbell, who tweeted a photo as proof that the entire city wasn’t ablaze.

I well recall when the National Guard finally came into Los Angeles County during the Watts Riots.
It looked like this:
comment image

Notice how there are blocks all over that are NOT on fire.
One reason why was the armed business and home owners who walked their perimeters.
My dad was one of them.
So the idiots at CNN who can’t seem to find a riot might want to leave their Green Zone and put on a Trump 2020 shirt or a MAGA hat then venture out in the direction of the yelling after dark.

Remember these are the very same Democrats who want to disarm us all open our nations borders and would force America back into the job killing Paris Accord abd into the New Green Deal(Scam)their Globalists, Crinimals, and are in partnership with demestic terrorists Antifa and BLM

“As right-wing groups increasingly move to confront protesters in U.S. cities, demonstrators are assessing how to keep themselves safe,” says the same New York Times today. By the time this is all over, rioters will be remembered as the true victims.

They could keep themselves safe by staying home.

There is no denying that the violence… ALL OF IT, is generated by the left. If we take into account the actual facts surrounding the deaths of the “martyrs” the left pretends to incite this violence, we can see that there is absolutely NO “social justice” validation for the riots. In fact, the violence is organized and promoted by professional instigators, utilizing an almost endless supply of useful idiots that have no idea what they are “protesting”, only giving a blank check to satisfy their visceral urges to wantonly destroy other people’s property, including public property.

The terrorists are acting as the strong arm of the Democrat Party. They were utilized in 2016 to disrupt Trump rallies. They have greatly ramped up their violent disruption for 2020, but it is getting beyond their control. They can’t stop it.

They also have to be very careful about how and what they “denounce”. While the terror leadership understands the phony and insincere nature of any denouncements, the rank-and-file useful idiots might get the wrong idea, and THEY are the voting bloc.

It is almost pathetic to see how weakly they blame Republicans, who have been denouncing ALL the violence from the very beginning for the ongoing violence. Not only have Democrats developed into terrible political leaders, they are becoming terrible liars, too.