The COVID “vaccine” had no benefit. Zero. Zip. Nada.


by Steve Kirsch

Official US government data, “gold standard data,” shows that the vaccine didn’t save any COVID lives at all. None.

In fact, if anything, the data shows that the vaccine made you more likely to die from COVID.

To the estimated 21 million people who were killed or seriously injured, you should know it was all for nothing.

The single most stunning data point that nobody can explain

The single most stunning piece of official US government data is the US Nursing home data. I first wrote about this nearly a year ago. Since then, there have been no investigations. Nobody wants to talk about it. Here’s why…

I was tipped off by an insider that her nursing home, Apple Valley Village Health Care Center, located in Apple Valley, MN started rolling out the injections on December 28, 2020. The insider also told me that shortly thereafter staff members were called back from their Christmas vacations to deal with all the deaths.

Let’s see what the official US Medicare records that anyone can download here say about COVID cases and deaths before the shots rolled out.

I went on the query page on that site and downloaded the records for Apple Valley Village, highlighted the two key columns in red, and saved them in an Excel spreadsheet here so you can see for yourself. It took me about 60 seconds to do that.

For the 32 week period ending 12/27/20 (right before the shots started being rolled out), there were 27 COVID cases, and 0 COVID deaths. There was an average of 1 death per week (there were 32 deaths in the 32 weeks listed).

Now let’s look at what happened in just a 3 week period right after the shots were administered (rows 35 to 37 in the spreadsheet): 90 COVID cases resulting in 28 COVID deaths. In that 3 week period after the shots, AVV averaged 8 all-cause deaths per week, which is 8X higher than normal.

This is not a statistical anomaly. That is impossible if the vaccine isn’t killing people. You can’t keep injecting people with something that you know is killing people like this unless you give them informed consent.

I’ve filed a criminal complaint with the Apple Valley Police Department.

Which means that the people at AVV are criminally negligent for not stopping the shots. So I’ve reported this

The COVID death rate at AVV suggests we should have seen at most 1.5 deaths in the 90 COVID cases, but we observed 28. The chance of that happening by pure random chance is 6.6e-26. In short, we are 99.999999999999999999999999% confident this didn’t happen by chance.

And this didn’t happen because they changed the criteria for dying from COVID, because the weekly all-cause death rate jumped from 1 to 8 for three weeks straight after the rollout. That can happen by chance, but it is nearly impossible (probability 2.6e-14). So it’s unlikely Apple Valley Village just got “unlucky.”

Something caused a lot of people to die from COVID right after the shot rollout.

If it wasn’t the shots, what was it? Nothing else can explain both the rise in COVID death rate (from 0% to 30%) as well as the 8X increase in all-cause mortality.

There is no possible explanation other than the deaths were caused by the “safe and effective” COVID vaccine.

This is why Apple Valley Village staff will never comment.

This is why the FDA and CDC won’t comment. This is why the New York Times will never cover this story. There is no place to hide on this data.

I’m not claiming this is happening everywhere. I’m only saying that the vaccine was supposed to significantly REDUCE all-cause mortality from COVID. If that were the case, this anecdote is statistically impossible. And yet it happened.

In science, if you can’t explain a data point, you don’t just write it off. You have to explain it or at least publicly admit that your hypothesis could be wrong until you can explain it.

And this wasn’t cherry picked either. In the entire time I’ve been a “misinformation spreader,” I’ve only gotten one insider call from someone in a nursing home who would reveal the date that the vaccine was rolled out in her facility. One.

And even if I scoured all 15,000 nursing homes for a case like this, it still can’t happen because the probabilities are too small.

So I had two independent ways at looking at this data: the tip from the insider and the data reported to the government. Both aligned.

Does this deserve investigation?

Of course!

But there will be no investigations. Ever.

Because that’s the way science works nowaday. It’s all about ignoring all credible evidence that doesn’t support the narrative. And that should be troubling for everyone.

Apple Valley isn’t talking, even when a MN State Representative calls!

Shane Mekeland, House District 27A Minnesota, reached out to Apple Valley Village to ask them if they were investigating the excess deaths.

They said, “No comment” and immediately hung up the phone.

Why did they do that? It looks like they have something to hide.

Aggregate CFR data from all 15,000 nursing homes

Some people erroneously claim that anecdotes are meaningless. This is false because anecdotes are easy to 100% verify and a single anecdote, if statistically significant, can reveal serious flaws in a hypothesis that should cause further investigation as to whether the hypothesis is consistent with the data.

But I’m fine looking at all the US Nursing home data.

I spend a ton of time doing that. You can look at my GitHub repo for all the work I did (including the R code I wrote and all the results.

I summarized it all in my Substack article: The US nursing home data is devastating for the narrative: FINAL GRAPHS.

It shows that over 50% of nursing home residents were fully vaccinated by 2/7/2021. But as you can see, the case fatality rate (CFR) from COVID actually spiked up after 50% of the shots were delivered and then dropped down as we’d expect as the people with the weakest immune systems succumb to the virus early on leaving people with more robust immune systems. And look at the dramatic instant drop in CFR when Omicron rolled out. This is what should have happened after the vaccine rollout if it worked: it should never have spiked up like it did; it should have gone from the .17 baseline and dropped monotonically half of that amount; there shouldn’t have been any spike after the vaccine rollout if the variant didn’t change (which it didn’t).

The IFR in this chart is mislabelled; it should technically be CFR because we don’t know if there was 100% testing of everyone in the nursing homes.

This JAMA Research Letter clearly shows no hospitalization benefit for the COVID or flu vaccines in the VA elderly. Which strongly implies there was no death benefit either.

One of my personal favorite papers was a Research Letter published in JAMA on April 6, 2023 described in my Substack article entitled VA study published in JAMA shows that COVID *and* Flu shots don’t reduce your risk of hospitalization.

The study looked at the official US government VA data.

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I was tipped off by an insider that her nursing home, Apple Valley Village Health Care Center, located in Apple Valley, MN started rolling out the injections on December 28, 2020. The insider also told me that shortly thereafter staff members were called back from their Christmas vacations to deal with all the deaths.

This aligns with the bad batch research others have done.
Then, again, how do you isolate a sick covid case in a nursing home where everyone has something or other wrong with them?
You don’t.
The covid spread like wildfire inside nursing homes, before and after the jabs were administered.
A great way to “save” Social Security for a few extra months.

 50% of nursing home residents were fully vaccinated by 2/7/2021. But as you can see, the case fatality rate (CFR) from COVID actually spiked up after 50% of the shots were delivered….

He seems to ignore the financial benefit to CALLING a death “covid related,” in order to get a big check from the gov’t.
During this time deaths from vehicular crashes were called covid for those checks.
All for the money.

If you look at the stats for nearly 15,000 nursing homes (which I did in the “ALL” analysis in the github code), you find that there are nearly 3 nursing homes where the CFR went up (i.e., worse) after the demarcation date (vax rollout) for every one that got better. This is simply impossible if the vaccine worked as advertised.

So, it’s not merely anecdotal.
But his data is skewed….all the participants are in the elderly, with co-morbidities class.
I didn’t see him adjust for that.
Covid researchers from the gov’t have defined everyone who got jabs UNvaxxinated IF they got sick within the first seven (or ten) days after the jab.The elderly in nursing homes were already exposed to covid when they got jabbed, many got sick within those first days.
When I was a youngster we saw this happened with the polio vaccines, too. Some classmates still got polio even tho they had the vaccines shortly before. (Terrifying, btw.)

Anyway, his work is solid scientifically.
What he reports is what the numbers show.

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Kansas is suing Pfizer over this all

Its already been deemed not a vaccine by a court. Do not use their language it is experimental gene therapy or a depopulation bio-weapon.
Now they are developing it to put directly into our food supply, cattle, chickens, pigs and even plants. These technocrat psychopaths funded by big pharma and NGOs.
There are electronic trails of evidence of crimes against humanity.
comment image

Hold Dr Fauci totally Responsible and Liable for this whole thing bring him up of charges of 1sr Degree Murder and Life without Parole