The Alleged Conflict of Interest Judge Arthur Engoron’s Son and the Trump Trial


by @LauraLoomer:

Judge Arthur Engoron has made the Trump trial a family affair and potentially has reserved seats for his son, Ian Engoron, who may be financially benefiting from the Trump Trial via his position at an Democrat activist law firm in New York City, and his father’s position as the judge overseeing Trump’s trial in NYC.

During my investigation into communist NYC judge Arthur Engoron, I discovered that he has 4 children.

His son’s name is Ian, and he often references his son in his writings on “The Wheatley Alumni Newsletter”, which is operated and controlled by Arthur Engoron.

I have every edition archived.

Ian Engoron is a radical leftist lawyer who works as an “Associate Shareholder” at the activist “Olsham Law Firm” in New York City.

“Shareholder activism” implies that Ian is working to secure financial deals for his law firm and their investors based off of political outcomes and political influence.

What type of shareholder position does Ian have in the Civil Fraud trial his father is overseeing against President Trump?

Is Arthur Engoron assisting his son during the trial so that his son and his law firm can gain more notoriety and financial status? As you can see from the pics below, Ian Engoron has been prominently seated during the Trump trial.

It sure looks like it!

Why is Judge Engoron giving his son, and possibly even his sons’ colleagues at the law firm, preferential access to the Trump trial that he is presiding over?

Seems highly unethical and illegal for Judge Engoron and his son Ian to be doing this…

Why has Ian Engoron, the son of communist Judge Arthur Engoron been given preferential access and reserved seats to the Trump civil fraud trial by his father?

There needs to be an immediate investigation into how Arthur Engoron is exploiting the Trump trial he’s overseeing to help financially bolster his son’s radical agenda and Leftist, Activist law firm.

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Kind of like Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden carrying crackhead Hunter all over the world on Air Force Two (on the taxpayer dime) so he could make business connections that would later be used for influence peddling. Does Engoron have future plans to exploit his position in the “justice” system in some like manner? No one corrupts like leftists.

Is this Fake Judge just another Globalists Judge or a Soros pick?