The Airhead At EPA


Regulation: The head of the Environmental Protection Agency’s office of air and radiation admits she doesn’t know how much carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere. How can someone so ignorant have such an important job?

It’s not like Gina McCarthy has no experience in environmental policy. Her EPA bio says she’s been commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and “worked at both the state and local levels on critical environmental issues.”

McCarthy even “has extensive experience with the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the nation’s first market-based greenhouse gas cap-and-trade system,” as well as a “master of science in environmental health engineering and planning and policy from Tufts University.”

Yet when Rep. Joe Barton, a Texas Republican, asked McCarthy on Tuesday during a House hearing if she knew what the atmospheric CO2 level was, she admitted that she didn’t, reports Steven Milloy of

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But as a prog she felt the co2 was too high.

Global warming caused the sea levels to rise today as a rocket with an attached global warming detection satellite fell into the Pacific Ocean!

She does know how to use a computer? Does she? She knows, “Google” or, “Yahoo?” Seriously how freaking hard can it be to discover that CO2 is only about 4 percent +- composition of the Atmosphere…

I’m afraid to know what the hell they’ll do once they discover that Water Vapor, a byproduct of Green techs for cars, is a more impacting Greenhouse Gas and is the majority compostion of the Atmosphere…

where is Al Gore, the idiot, when you need him the most.

@Mr. Irons:

Actually, and not to be nit-picky but more as continued learning for the readers here, the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is roughly 390 ppm, which translates to around .039%, and when the levels change, they change by 1-2 ppm at a time.

As for the EPA moron, you’d think that someone whose intention to regulate the very air we breathe would have an exact working knowledge of the particular composition of atmospheric air, particularly when she has a science-based degree.

I was being generous on the Green’s behalf with the 4 percent. : 3