TEFLON DON? DeSantis-Linked Anti-Trump PAC Admits Attack Ads Have Failed


by The National Pulse

‘Win It Back PAC’ – directly linked to the RINO Republican-led Club for Growth – has been forced into a humiliating admission that its multi-million dollar summer campaign to undermine former President Donald Trump has been a complete failure, with some commercials even backfiring and leading to more support for the 45th President.

The group – which favors Florida Governor Ron DeSantis – announced the multi-million dollar ad spend in July, and has blown through a whopping $6m+ in donor cash since. A new memo – embedded in the Editor’s Notes below – reveals:

– The group produced over 40 ads tested in focus groups;

– All attempts to undermine [Trump’s] conservative credentials were ineffective;

– Ant-Trump ads backfired or produced no impact on ballot support or favorability;

The group tried to save face by claiming some ads did shift some people in Iowa away from Trump, though the methodology of their claims is questionable: the group used non-ad markets as a “control group” while using more left-leaning counties for their ads.

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RINOs are easily identified because they fund raise like crazy BUT “spend” the lion’s share on themselves.
Rona McDaniel is a good example of this, as are the leaders of the RINO Lincoln Project.
Rona was accused of mismanaging the party’s finances after a report alleges during her tenure the RNC has spent millions on private jets, hotels, limousines, flowers, alcohol, clothing and more.
‘Of the $90 million Lincoln Project has raised, more than $50 million has gone to firms controlled by the group’s leaders’
DeSantis’ Win It Back PAC has blown thru a whopping $6m+ in donor cash in less than three months and produced NOTHING.
Earlier, DeSantis’ PAC tried to mount a door-to-door effort but, without any grassroots interest in Ron, even in FLA, they ended up hiring Lefties for more than $20/hour. And some of those stoned Lefties undermined Ron while his PAC paid them! https://www.pressreader.com/usa/the-washington-post/20230717/281565180236906

RINOs are also GRIFTERS.