Taliban Uses 8 Year-Old Girl in Police Station Bomb Attack


Insurgents tricked an 8-year-old girl in a remote area of central Afghanistan into carrying a bomb wrapped in cloth that they detonated remotely when she was close to a police vehicle, the Afghan authorities said Sunday.

Only the girl was killed in the blast, which occurred Sunday morning in the village of Uwshi in the Char Chino District, said Fazal Ahmad Shirzad, the police chief of Oruzgan Province.

Mr. Shirzad said he believed the girl was unaware that the bag she had been given by Taliban insurgents held a bomb. Her body was “taken to a nearby security check post, and the police called her relatives,” he said.

Meanwhile, in Logar Province in southeastern Afghanistan, the death toll rose to 37 after a bombing on Saturday at a small-town hospital, said Dr. Mohammed Zarif Naibkhail, the director of public health for the province. He said that at least 53 people had been wounded.

But, he said, the actual number of casualties was probably much higher. “Local villagers rushed to the hospital right after the explosion and took the bodies of their relatives to their own villages,” he said.

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Children are being used more and more by the Taliban.
Some are brainwashed with deceitful lies that they will survive the blast and go back home afterwards.
Others expect a paradise full of all the stuff Islam forbids for the living.
(That’s weird, isn’t it?)
But often enough children are simply hoodwinked, their basic trust of adults abused.
Like this little thing.
Do you know what the promise is for dead children in Islam?
To be birds in paradise, flying around.

Obama officials (and Biden) claim that there is only “50-75 Al-Q left in Afghanistan”, and that they “don’t work closely with the Taliban”, and that the “Taliban have been mostly driven out of Afghanistan.”

This is the same brain-less wonder who wanted to divide Iraq into 3 parts…

For some more idiocy: