Tailspin: Obama’s numbers on economy reach new low in poll


He ended up with an overall bounce because of Bin Laden, of course — from 49/45 last month to 52/41 now, with sharp spikes in his ratings on foreign policy, being a strong commander-in-chief, etc. But he was as high as 53/41 overall as recently as January. The reason it’s a modest bounce is because, on pocketbook issues, people have started to give up Hope of any Change:

Only 37 percent approve of the president’s handling of the economy, while 58 percent disapprove.

Also, just 31 percent believe the economy will improve in the next 12 months, compared with 43 percent who think it will stay the same and another 25 percent who say it will get worse.

These economic numbers, GOP pollster McInturff says, underscore the “tremendous anchor the economy is to the president’s job standing.”…

The good: The U.S. economy added 268,000 private-sector jobs in April, the most since 2006. The bad: Average gasoline prices have reached nearly $4 per gallon, and the unemployment rate increased from 8.8 percent to 9.0 percent.

Note that the partisan sample in this poll, if you include leaners, is a ridiculous 44/31 in favor of Democrats, so his true economic numbers are actually several points worse than this. His previous rock-bottom rating was 39/56 last August, but as noted in the piece, gas prices and the unemployment uptick have left the country exasperated — or so I assume.

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They still fudge the unemployment numbers; it just doesn’t add up; most likely the un-employment rate is in reality about 9.8%-10.5%.

For all the talk about a bounce, it appears even Obama’s Osama Bounce is over!
Obama’s total approval rate was -11 the day Osama was killed.
It continued to slide to -13 on May 4th.
Then the news began to be reflected in the poll.
-9, then -8, then -7.
But Mother’s Day back to -8
No polling Mon.
Today -9.

Bounced and heading back very quick.


Nan Lets be clear though agree with ot2 polls mean little till election day.
BHO OVERALL APPROVAL RATING 5/10/2011 real clear politics poll of polls


what are your #’s?

@rich wheeler:
Rich, your real clear politics poll is of overall approval/disapproval, mine only counts STRONG approval/disapproval.
Your poll averages polls that count adults with polls that count registered voters and with other polls that count likely voters.
Mine only counts likely voters (those who have already proven they vote by having voted in their two most previous elections.)
I gave a source and linked it.

NAN G. T HANKS I note you are only dealing with Rasmussen(kinda like watching only Fox) rather than RCP which averages Ras. with others.As you know even RAS has BHO +1 on overall approval.
Can we all say SILLY GAMES

exit question Who would you like as Repub. nominee?
note The Donald’s gone from 1st to 5th among Repub.voters.Huck#1

@ Cali

“Reported” unemployment numbers provide an inaccurate and rosy figure, ignoring data that would more accurately show how many are actually unemployed.


Real U.S. unemployment rate may be 22.1 percent for February


And there are a lot of others on various sides of politics coming up with similar numbers.