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She is talking now and just will not shut up, lie after lie, hand over the gavel and get off the podium.

One wonders what goes through the mind of someone like this when she is speaking, if anything at all does. This is completely detached from reality and Democrats are amazingly consistent in their psychotic pronouncements.

She won’t be called on it by the media at large…what does she have to worry about? 18 months from now the majority of sheeple won’t even remember what she did or didn’t do and it’ll be like having an (almost) clean slate for her to work from again…and then she can reference back to her own unchallenged statements, which if finally challenged at that point the truthful challenger will be made out to be “rewriting history”

The GOP has only been in power a few hours and they’ve already abandoned their pledge to cut 100 billion a year. A quick test to see if a politician is serious about debt reduction. If they don’t talk about the military, medicare, and/or corporate subsidies they are not serious. The only realistic way to take down the debt is to grow the economy. Anything else is just said to try to score political points.


Unfortunately, every economic growth period has been followed by politicians finding new ways to use the increased revenues to expand government and increase debt. Economic growth leading to revenue growth will help reduce the debt ONLY if spending levels are brought below revenue. Simply put, any costs (the total of all government expenses, which includes programs and interest on existing debt) must be cut significantly if we are going to have any success in reducing our debt. There are two sides to every ledger sheet, and our government seems only able to come up with ways of increasing the revenue stream. To me, this means our government is absolutely incapable of making difficult decisions (despite their pronouncements of how much everyone will have to share in the pain, I don’t see significant pain being shared by the very agents of our current demise.)

Until lawmakers are held personally responsible for their poor decisions, there should be no reason for them to benefit personally for any of their actions. If we start penalizing lawmakers by reducing pensions and benefits each year the country fails to operate within a balanced budget AND pay off a certain percentage of the national debt, we might actually see fiscal responsibility. Either that, or (and probably much more likely) government accounting practices will become even more “creative.”

The next two years are crucial, and if the newly elected congress doesn’t find a way to steer the government towards fiscal responsibility, 2012 will be a bloodbath compared to 2010. My only hope is that we don’t burn the country down in 2012 (and right now, I don’t feel real comfortable living in one of the cesspool states [Illinois.]) Mrs. O’Leary’s cow might just have to be resurrected to serve as scapegoat for what I’m afraid is coming.



I forget which politician said it, but basically he admitted that Congress could not control itself and would pillage the treasury at will unless stopped by the voters (or the rules change, i.e. accountability beyond just the ballot box.)