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Candidate for target practice.

those are dangerous,people,and they will incite a lot of ignorants before, their agenda take place,
but once they spill their own blood then, they will back up.

Too bad for him most of his comrades don’t like guns and most of his opponents do.

Bring it.

truly, this guy is toast at 1800 meters. Flight time 2.8 sec.. To bad he never really lived in Russia during the time of Stalin when food, fuel, housing and clothing rationing was a daily event. You could by meat only 2 days a week. Thus dude grew up in America, with a silver spoon in his mouth. Spent his patents money and partied his brain out.. But Stalin was a real party boy in his youth.

You want a revolution ok,but I don’t think you will like the outcome.

widbill, hi, maybe they are trying to get to one of the rules of THE MARXIST LAW,
that is getting the PRESIDENT to call in the MARTIAL LAW, for all citizens,
that would play in their hands: we never know what they are trying to win their case if they have a GOVERNMENT back up in their pockets
we cannot trust either one


Reminds me of the little guy in the bar, getting all rowdy and picking fights with the biggest baddest people in the place. Never a good outcome.

ilovebeeswarzone adn johngalt you both are right,by the way i like reading both your comments when i can,have a good weekend.