Smackdown: Sleazy progressive bid to discredit Speaker Mike Johnson backfires


By Monica Showalter

Life’s tough for progressives these days on the congressional front.

First they thought they had destabilized the GOP congressional majority by colluding with the ouster of Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Now they’ve got Mike Johnson to deal with as House Speaker, and they don’t know anything about him, other than he’s quite the conservative.

So after a flurry of attacks from the left about Johnson’s stances on gay and trans conversion therapy, which went nowhere, Rolling Stone magazine went for the low blow, and tried to pull this:

In response, they got this:

Which makes them look like sleazebags. “When did you stop beating your wife” seems to be their role model for their “journalism.” And they’ve had to make big payouts in the past for this bad quality of journalism.

It highlights that the left is desperate to pin something on Johnson, and having run out of ammo, is now resorting to false, defamatory tactics.

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