Sicker After Shots: The Unspoken Truth About Covid Vaccines


by Jeff Childers

Bloomberg reported another baffling scientific mystery Friday in a story headlined, “Yes, Everyone Really Is Sick a Lot More Often After Covid.” Another conspiracy theory is almost now confirmed as conspiracy fact. The article included the strongest hints yet at the truth. The truth is out there.

Bloomberg’s story began, of course, with a personal interest anecdote. It described the poor Xiang family, who live in jab-happy Taiwan (94%+ vaccinated). The small, Taiwanese, bug-battered family has, just since February, been dealing with one damned thing after another: whooping cough, rhinovirus, parainfluenza, covid-19, pneumonia, and shingles. Bloomberg’s gloomy prognosis: it’s real.

image 3.png

Well, not everywhere. Bloomberg’s research, compiled from over 60 organizations and public health agencies, revealed that 44 countries and territories have each reported at least one disease resurgence at least ten times worse than pre-pandemic baselines. The prosperous germs include viruses, bacteria, fungi, rare ones, common ones, across the whole spectrum of infection.

For only a few examples, flu in the U.S. is up +40%. Whooping cough has surged over 45 times in China, just in 2024’s first four months. In Australia, RSV cases have nearly doubled from last year. It’s a multi-pandemic worse than covid.

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Argentina is weathering its worst dengue outbreak ever. Japan is managing a mysterious surge of Strep A. Measles is making a comeback in twenty American states, in the UK, and in Europe. Globally, 7.5 million people were newly diagnosed with tuberculosis in 2022 — the worst year since the WHO began tracking TB in the mid-1990s.

Case after case, disease after disease, country after country, the numbers keep creeping up. And it’s a baffling mystery.

They got so close. Repeatedly, Bloomberg’s experts noticed that people’s immune systems seem somehow to be damaged. But in their vacuum of good ideas, the confused experts are chalking it up, maybe, partly, to lockdown-induced immunity debt. The “bubble boy” problem:

image 4.png

Modern medicine is off the map, flailing, for once speechless and diagnosis-less. The WHO’s chief scientist, Jeremy Farrar, shrugged and said, “we are in a new territory here.” But intentionally or unintentionally, Bloomberg seeded the article with suggestive kernels of truth. For example, the perplexed experts noted that mysteriously spiking excess deaths are strangely, bafflingly clustered in the most highly jabbed countries, the ones that “did the best job” during the pandemic:

image 6.png

Like the things going on, the article’s efforts to explain the trend were also complicated. It considered a long menu of possibilities, from immunity debt to climate change to racism to vaccine hesitancy. But none of those lackluster ideas were satisfactory. None could explain the full breadth of the increase, since even illnesses without vaccines (like fungal infections) are also rising fast.

Never did Bloomberg or its carefully selected experts consider the obvious possibility, that the covid vaccines with their IgG4 class switching and immunosuppressive effects could possibly be involved.

They used to say denial is a river in Egypt. These days, denial is a river of untreatable mind virus, IQ-lowering germs infecting the orthodox scientific establishment, which earns its daily bread from the selfsame government that created the problem in the first place.

But if anything, the Bloomberg article represents the leading edge of a wave of undeniability. It’s getting too obvious now. They are struggling to wave it all away, uselessly invoking a river of excuses that will inevitably fail because they aren’t right. The protective politicians will have scarpered, and will be long gone when we reach the point where reality collides with obfuscation. Then the orthodox scientists will be left standing alone, presented with the butcher’s bill for payment. It’s coming. And it’s coming faster now.

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Have Pfizer and al those involved in this held liable for it all

Funny/odd how its the actuarial statisticians who can be trusted while the doctors keep gloaming onto theories that don’t match reality.
My own doctor, last year, worried about this so-called “BOY-IN-A-BUBBLE,” effect.
But her own examples of why she believed it made no sense.
What makes sense is what drug companies are being forced to admit: the covid jab depresses the immune system from day one of the jab on.
Vaxxed people are more susceptible to all these diseases the more jabs they took, the worse.