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That graph at 2:05 is a keeper!
Do they source it?

The biggest support for government help in alternative energy is in hydroelectric dams, most of which were created through taxpayer dollars.

Nuclear energy would also would require government help. The destruction of the Three Mile Island
plant was the result of a corrupt utility company that cut corners and even stole government equipment which was used to bring evidence against the company.

Then there are all those old military bases that are already costing American taxpayers because they are toxic sites that are being cleaned up. Instead of money to clean them up (13 bases in California were expected to cost a total of $3 billion in 1993), they could house a host of renewable energy sources. The eventual profit from selling the energy could go into the federal government.

Some things the U.S. government should stay out of including solar, biomass and wind energy. None of those are green just from the fact that they all take up a lot of space and two of which require a lot of fresh water.

The government subsidizing the different energy sources is like the brilliant idea someone had of putting fan blades on vehicles to generate electricity as the vehicle went down the highway.

To me, green jobs are the ones that make a profit. You can’t get any greener than good old fashioned capitalism with government oversight to keep things legal and safe.

The “Greenies” are also a bunch of FRAUDS! East coast, best place for a WIND FARM?? off Martha’s Vineyard….the RICH Liberals said Not HERE!! so they really are not serious… in California, a huge SOLAR plant was planned… 20,000 acres, would have made a huge electrical output… but Liberals, worried about a desert tortoise, and a rat or something, screamed.. NOT HERE! Again, not really serious. they all TALK the talk, but when time for the rubber to hit the road, they won’t sacrifice for the cause. So to hell with them! Go Nuke, go COAL, go OIL and HYDRO!! and, a “loan” to start these, by the graphs, are SAFE bets to be paid back! Wind and Solar?? NOT ECONOMICALLY VIABLE yet! Perhaps, THAT is Why Obama wanted energy prices to SKYROCKET?????? to FORCE VIABILITY?? hmmmm….