Shock: Corrupt Partisan “Judge” Merchan’s Democrat Operative Daughter Worked on the Campaign to Get Trump Kicked Off the Colorado Ballot


by Ace

This judge has allowed a ton of unduly prejudicial “prior bad acts” falsified testimony from Sloppy Daniels, and allowed the prosecution to proffer “Choose Your Own Adventure” charges against Trump, with three different and contradictory legal theories. The judge said, that’s fine.

But he’s not biased.

It’s just that his daughter is making bank working to get Trump kicked off of every ballot and prosecuted for non-crimes.

Dem operative daughter of NYC judge in Trump trial aided effort to kick Trump off Colorado ballot: reportThe Brennan Center for Justice filed an amicus brief in support of the Supreme Court rejecting Trump’s appeal of the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to remove him from the ballot.

Authentic Campaigns, the digital marketing and fundraising agency run by the daughter of the judge overseeing the falsified business records case against Trump, has been revealed to have worked with a group that has sought to take Trump off the ballot.

Loren Merchan’s company worked with the Brennan Center for Justice, highlighted on the company’s “Our Work” page. The Brennan Center for Justice filed an amicus brief in support of the Supreme Court rejecting Trump’s appeal of the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to remove him from the ballot, Natalie Winters reported for War Room.

“The brief urges the Court to reject Trump’s attempts to revive the independent state legislature theory on appeal,” the Brennan Center wrote. The push to remove Trump ultimately failed in the high court, with the justices ruling 9-0 in favor of keeping him on the ballot.

The center is still listed as an active client, with Authentic Campaigns appearing to have worked with the center since at least 2023. Authentic Campaigns said it has “boosted the organization’s newsletter subscribers by 300K new names, a 204% increase” and “seamlessly integrated diverse platforms and mediums to expand the Brennan Center’s reach.”

More at the article. His daughter, I’m sure, gets a cut of every dollar donated to the prosecute Trump campaigns. No one works for these grifter organizations to remain poor.

Mechan claims this doesn’t technically required him to recuse himself, as the law only specifies that a spouse with an interest in a case is disqualifying. This is his daughter, so it’s obviously completely different.

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This is the last straw. Trump cannot get a fair trial in this kangaroo court. To say the judge is unbiased and ethical is the call Stalin benevolent.

Something must give and shut down this travesty of injustice.

Dammmmn Vivek…

Trump May be Gagged, but Vivek Ramaswamy is Not.. He Knocked it out of the Park!

“The real bookkeeping that we need accounting of, is Judge Merchan’s own family member collecting millions of dollars as a Democratic operative..

Using the existence of this trial as a fundraising ploy for democrats… this is unconscionable…

The “Alledged crime” is that Trump used personal funds…

Suppose Trump had used campaign funds to make a personal expense, they’d be going after him for that.

They were going to “Get Him” either way.

That is the best proof this is a Politicized sham!

This is a SHAM!..>

Donald Trump is sitting with the indignity in this dingy third-rate courtroom, with fourth-rate prosecutors, and a fifth rate lawyer on the stand, who as a witness violated attorney client privilege, and nobody’s talking about that.”


This is a complete embarrassment for American Justice. These people who have conspired are going to pay bigly starting January 20,2025

HUGE! White House Admits the Biden-Led Witch Hunt Trial Against Trump is “Related to 2024 Elections” (VIDEO)


The SUCK-up was on the stand for the prosecution. You guys can really pick em.

They’re called “patriots” and they hate the sight of Democrats shitting all over the justice system.

The People’s Document 35: the smoking gun…

Last edited 11 days ago by Greg

Northern Offensive: Russian Troops Enter Volchansk – Kharkov City Almost in Artillery Range – Kiev Doesn’t Have Any More Reserves Available (VIDEOS)

Witness Tampering?… Biden Ally Rep. Goldman Admits Meeting with Michael Cohen “Many Times” to “Prepare Him” for Testimony in Biden/Bragg Trial (VIDEO)

Cohen is a witness for the prosecution. Such meetings are a routine part of preparing for any court presentation. Do you not know that?

If the congressman’s interactions with the witness are intended to interfere with the legal process or preventing the witness from testifying freely and truthfully, it can be considered witness tampering.

Such behavior could constitute a violation of federal law under 18 U.S. Code § 1512 and § 1622, which prohibit tampering with a witness and subornation of perjury, respectively. The conservative base is rallying around this issue, seeing it as evidence of systemic election interference by Biden regime.

Such meetings are a routine part of preparing for any court presentation. Do you not know that?

And that’s covered by the New York Bar where?

Bullshit, Comrade Greggie. Dan Goldman has not one damn thing to do with Alvin Bragg’s show trial. If a Congressman is trying to (publically) to jade a court case that he’s not a party to, he should be investigated and censured.

It is not routine for attorneys that are not a party to a case to advise either side.

Last edited 11 days ago by retire05

Typical bullshit from greg.


“…The prosecutor must decide upon a theory of the case, what evidence will be offered, and the order of witnesses which will most effectively present the case. The presentation of each witness should be planned in advance, and the witness must be adequately prepared…”

Stupid people love to expound on things they know absolutely nothing about.

Last edited 11 days ago by Greg,witness%20must%20be%20adequately%20prepared.

North Caroline prosecutors resource online. Is this the gold standard prosecutors use to prep for high profile trials?
Dude, you are one fucked up idiot.

Last edited 11 days ago by TrumpWon

Stupid people love to expound on things they know absolutely nothing about.

You prove that every day, Comrade Greggie. Now show where Dan Goldman has any authority to intervene with Alvin Bragg’s office. If Dan Goldman is advising Michael Cohen, he would have to had advised the court. Show where Goldman did that.

Personally, I would file a motion to call Goldman in as a hostile witness if I was working for Trump in this case. Show us the pro bono agreement, Danny Boy.

For that matter, what does Goldman know about this case… and why?

“prepared” doesn’t mean “coached by a lawfare operative”.

It’s only coaching if a witness has been encouraged to give false or misleading testimony on the stand. Otherwise it’s preparation, which is entirely normal in criminal prosecutions.

Unfortunately for Trump, each critical point of Cohen’s testimony has been supported by one or more items of admissible physical evidence. They’re going to lay all of that out to the jury as they connect the dots in their closing argument.

Last edited 11 days ago by Greg

And, gee, whattayaknow… Cohen gave false and misleading testimony. NOTHING supports Cohen’s claims but for Cohen’s claims. You have to trust a perpetual liar in order to… oh. Never mind. You a addicted to believing anything any liar says.

Trump did nothing wrong and this is nothing but DNC’s fascist lawfare. The End.

Goldman is a piece of shit. His preparation undoubtedly was nothing but lies. This case from the prosecutions standpoint has proven nothing but each of the witnesses are slime balls.

Goldman is a piece of shit.

We already established he is a Democrat. Of course he coached Cohen what to say and not say to benefit the DNC. Why else would he be involved?

Yeah, corruption and election interference is a routine part of Democrat behavior.

Woof. I bet Stormy made her horny.

Greed, corruption and fascism rules the Democrat party. Merchan has made every effort to make his bias and his job to try and keep Trump out of the campaign blatantly obvious.