Senate Democrats ask for help with their 2012 slogan


The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the campaign arm of Senate Democrats, needs your help. No, not a check, at least not this time.

The DSCC wants help coming up with a new slogan for bumper stickers and other paraphernalia that it gives out this cycle. And they’ll definitely need a catchy slogan. Senate Democrats have to defend 23 seats this cycle, versus only 10 for Republicans. Five Senate Democrats – Kent Conrad, Daniel Akaka, Jim Webb, Jeff Bingaman and Joe Lieberman, technically an independent who caucuses with Democrats – have already announced their retirements this year, leaving some tough open-seat battles for the DSCC.

So the DSCC Chairman Patty Murray (Wash.) is looking for a pithy catchphrase to rally the troops, according to an e-mail that went out on Monday.

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Any ideas? I’m partial to this one:

We won’t know what our candidate believes in until you elect him.

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“Put me in office and I’ll run away!”

I’ve always found that using the honest approach usually works best:

“We will lie, cheat, and steal as much as we can, and to hell with the country!”

Pretty good huh?

Vote Democratic “Look for the Union Label!”

“Thieves and Liars R’ US”

“Help Us Polish Off The Grandkid’s Piggy Banks”
Vote Democratic

We Will Bury You!

Democrats, bought and paid for by unions and billionaire leftists.

Rules are for the peasants.

The party of racism, wannabe fascism, and elitism.

“If I run for Office, I promise not to run from Office.”

Vote democratic! And take one for the gripper.

Vote for democrats in all 47 states.

Hopin’ U B stoopider than last time