Sarah Palin Joins Rolling Thunder


Rolling Thunder Riders Praise Sarah Palin’s Participation in Rally

For the riders of Rolling Thunder, the news that Sarah Palin will participate in their national rally on Sunday came as a surprise. A welcome surprise.

“I think that’s wonderful,” said Gerri Tramel, president of one of Rolling Thunder’s Tennessee chapters. “Anybody that’s involved — Republican, Democrat, independent, whatever — if you’re involved with our veterans, I think that’s wonderful. Not just Sarah Palin — anyone that’s a politician.”

For more than 20 years, as many as half a million motorcycle riders from across the country have descended on Washington, D.C., during Memorial Day weekend to raise awareness about prisoners of war and those missing in action. Rolling Thunder announced Thursday that Palin accepted an invitation to participate in its May 29 rally. She’ll kick off her One Nation Tour the same day, a bus trip along the northeast coast that aims “to educate and energize Americans about our nation’s founding principles.”

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Ha! Nice stunt. I’d be more impressed if she had actually driving a hog by herself than her riding on the “bitch seat”.


Ivan, you have a way of saying things coming with a dart in the center,

West and Palin! What a great pic; they would make a good pres team!


Well, if you were familiar with motor bikes, that is what they call it.

Just calling it like I see it.

You should lighten up also, I put a smiley face at the end.

The Gov certainly brought the RTs some attention

Ivan, yes, I have to admit that it gave me a smile too.
Ivan there is no smiley face there i just check