Russian Navy’s Bahamas Cruise: Biden’s Failed Foreign Policy in Action


by Jeff Childers

Somebody needs to send Joe Biden a copy of Diplomacy for Dummies. The UK Daily Mail ran a totally predictable story yesterday headlined, “US sends destroyers to track Russian nuclear sub and warship carrying hypersonic weapons after flotilla passed 25 miles off America’s coast towards Havana in chilling echo of Cuba Missile crisis.

Yesterday, Russia’s nuclear sub Kazan and its newest warship Admiral Gorshkov made waves, enjoying a scenic Bahamas cruise. The two floating weapons and their support ships conducted “training exercises” just off Florida’s east coast, and simulated missile launches at hypothetical targets within a 300 mile range.

image 8.png

In response, the U.S. Northern Command deployed three destroyers, the USS Truxtun, Donald Cook, and Delbert D. Black, plus a submarine tracking plane to keep tabs on the wily Russians. Democrats pointed out the good news, which was that since the Kazan runs on nuclear energy, it has a small carbon footprint. Unlike cows. (Eat more crickets.)

Needless to say, the Kremlin’s scheme to send a small naval fleet cruising around the Caribbean followed right behind President Joe Biden’s decision to allow Ukraine to launch U.S. weapons against Russian turf. Russian media, more relaxed than humorless Western media, reported the story under their counter-headline, “Russian Ships Entering Cuba Give US a Dose of Its Own Medicine.

The Russians also noted that, a couple months ago, Biden ran a nuclear war exercise simulating an attack on Moscow — a first since the Cold War:

image 9.png

So, tits and tats. Still, showing some measure of mature restraint, the Russians said they did not practice any nuclear strikes on U.S. soil. That’s all well and good, but as they say, ship happens. The reason the Cuban Missile Crisis is so well known is that putting all those paranoid sailors together in the same pond is a recipe for a very spicy bouillabaisse, in which we become the boiled shrimp.

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This is what comes of election fraud. The people in reality chose the most competent and capable leader, the man that had sanctions on Russia and had brought about energy independence for the nation, which cut sharply into Russia’s energy revenues. That was Trump. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden undercut all of that because he is compromised by Russia.

This incompetent boob puts the US and the entire world at risk.

Moron greg yesterday said the reason the ruskies made the trip over to cuber with their navy is because republicans failed to cease the Castro embargo from the 60’s and recognize relation with cuber. A complete asinine claim.

How is another country’s use of freedom of the sea a failed foreign policy. I loathe FJB as much as the next person but this type of article is pure tripe. Russia, China, Iran et. al. have the same rights as we do to travel in the open ocean i.e the Taiwan strait for instance. So why do you all get your panties in a knot when a submarine, frigate and two auxiliaries sail in international waters off the US. It is a trivial show, a farce but US so called conservatives gave Putin and the slobs running Cuba exactly what they wanted, a hyperbolic over reaction. You people need to get real and see this for the great joke it is.

Last edited 1 month ago by Doyle

No doubt Russian nuclear armed submarines routinely cruise off our coasts, as ours do theirs. However, Russia making an open taunt of part of its surface fleet visiting Cuba, echoes of the Cold War, is the point.

Over the decades the USA has turned its back on the freedoms and opportunities of people in Central and South america, also Cuba.
No wonder some of these countries invited Mohmar Khaddaffi, the Shah of Iran, later the Ayatollah, Saddam Husain, and the Chinese and the Soviets to trade with and improve their countries lots.
Now, it is Russia, sticking sonic missiles in our faces as they visit Cuba.
Joe asked for this.
He is quoted in Russian newsmedia (mouthpiece for Putin) exactly because he stupidly threatens Putin with forced regime change.
Maybe this election cycle it will be the War Horseman as opposed to last time’s Pestilence Horseman.

Instead of going to the Ukrainian “peace summit” in Switzerland, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden rushes home to suck up to Hollywood shitbirds and take their contributions to his disaster machine. He’s sending Kamala the Whore instead. Just to show the world how serious we are.