Royal Flush! Obama Screws Up Toast To The Queen Of England


How many times has Obama flunked diplomatic protocol in the United Kingdom?

Let us count the ways…

1. Immediately after taking office, Obama shipped the White House bust of Winston Churchill back to England.

2. Then Obama gave British Prime Minister Gordon Brown a bunch of cheap DVDs as a gift.

3. A few weeks later, Michelle Obama broke centuries of international protocol by hugging the queen.

4. Then Obama gave Queen Elizabeth the gift of an iPod, filled with his own speeches.

And 5 makes a Royal Flush…

5. Obama just completely screwed up a toast to the Queen.

See the video here

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Oops… Well, that’s what he get’s…he thinks it’s “always” about ‘him’….Perhaps if he had better advisors, they could have ‘briefed’ him on the protocol when he goes abroad to visit…especially Royalty… I really want to say something mean …But, I’ll just keep my mouth shut… lol

It’s probably just ”racist” to point out any mistakes Obama makes.
After all, he is nearly 1/2 black.

Without knowing all of the details, I suggest we don’t make every LITTLE mistake into a major error like the democrats do. The orchastra conductor could have been in error. Let’s wait until all of the facts are out, or maybe even not worry about it at all. Our King-In-Chief has made enough major blunders and outrite illegal things, so this is nothing to me.

I agree with you, Smorgs. It is easy to get caught up in the moment and find fault with every little thing he does. I would rather he be over there making blunders and faux pas, than back here at home pushing his agenda via regulatory fiat.

That being said however, one would think his staffers would brief him on proper protocol. Then again, that is what you get when you surround yourself with folks who have little to no real world experience.

I think that had Obama been speaking from his heart as opposed to reading off a bunch of cards (and having to pause each time he needed to get the next one up) he would not have paused so long the orchestra leader thought he was finished.

In the larger scheme of things it really is a small thing.
Funny video, though.

Come on.
Let us talk about the guest book dated 2008.
Let us talk about the grounded tank-limousine.
Let us discuss the dress made from drapery fabric.
Let us consider the rave reviews of Moochelle’s appearance.
Let us consider the assurance to Joplin that Pres is right there with them.
It is just too much.
I am a mathematician. We deal with counting a lot. There are sets which can be counted, and there are sets which are so large that they cannot be counted. The Gaffes of Obama are in the uncountable category. Trust me on this.


Re-posted your excellent article in full on my blog with two links back here.

I’m a retired 20 year veteran of the U.S. Army in Military Intelligence.

Cheers, Ronbo

Acutally, the gaffe in protocol when toasting the Queen is not such a little thing. The Brits put much more stock in pomp and ceremony than we do when it comes to the head of their country. And how sad is it that for something like a simple toast, Obama has to use cue cards to know what to say?

Where is his protocol office? Did they not explain to him that when the British national anthem is playing, he stands erect (at least he can get by without putting his hand over his heart for the British national anthem) and faces the flag? This is not rocket science, kids, this is standard protocol. But noooooooooo, Obama continues to give his lengthy toast, in spite of the anthem playing. Perhaps the band did mistake the cue, but protocol demanded that Obama put down his glass, shut the hell up and allow the anthem to play. The cost of the “I’m just sucking up to you” trip, $$$millions; the look on the Queen’s face, priceless.

In a way, the video exposes the lie of “greatest orator ever” when Obama has to check a cue card to say two sentences.

Now he is giving his speech to a bored looking Parliment. Of course, the teleprompters are there is all their glory. Compare that to the speech given by a REAL statesman yesterday that lasted 45 minutes and was done without the use of even one teleprompter.

Obama is, at best, an embarrassment to this nation for his lack of potocol, and at worst, an absolute idiot that cannot be taught proper protocol, even though we taxpayers fund an office for his to do precisely that. But that is what happens when you put someone in office who is simply a myth. A puppet of those who are actually pulling the strings.

And Smorgs, this is NOT a little thing. Remember how we all reacted when Obama did the crotch salute during OUR national anthem? Well, he doubled down by not showing proper respect to either the British national anthem or the Queen. He embarrassed our entire nation with his crass actions.

‘Top o the morning to you’ Do you think more English/Irish care about O’Bama’s flubbed Queen’s toast or his most excellent downing of a Guinness with a genuine Irish toast to his ancestors at Ollies bar?

Rich Wheeler, going to Ireland does not Irish make you. Hell, if you go back far enough, you can trace your heritage to Iraq (assumed location of the Garden of Eden).

And yeah, I think the Brits care about Obama’s total lack of protocol.

Obama‘s ’Top 10′ Insults Against Britain


1. Siding with Argentina over the Falklands

2. Calling France America’s strongest ally

3. Downgrading the Special Relationship

4. Supporting a federal Europe and undercutting British sovereignty

5. Betraying Britain to appease Moscow over the New START Treaty

6. Placing a “boot on the throat” of BP

7. Throwing Churchill out of the Oval Office

8. DVDs for the Prime Minister

9. Insulting words from the State Department

10. Undermining British influence in NATO

After Obama’s current trip is over, the list might need to be updated again.

To get Gardiner’s explanation of each item, read his entire article here.

As a true Irishman he should have known better.

Retireo5 Did you know Obama is related to Dick Chaney?
I believe in evolution not creationism. Another discussion at another time perhaps.
BHO got a “rousing ovation” from the British Parliament.Our relationship with the Mother Country remains very strong.
NYGino How we getting along with Italy?

Rich Wheeler, did you watch Obama’s speech, or actually his reading from his two teleprompters, to the British Parliment? They looked like they were all about to enter a coma. Rousing ovation? Nah, it’s just that the British are more polite than the man who was speaking in front of them. There were no “here, here” coming from the Parliment. Just bordom.

And I can, if I try hard enough, link YOU to Cheney. It’s all bullshit. Like I said, if you go back far enough I can link you to your Saddamn Hussein.

And go ahead in believing in evolution. I have no doubt your ancestors swung from trees. But mine didn’t.

Retire05 How bout we just link you to The Neanderthal Man and leave it at that.LOL


Retiro5 I missed Obama’s speech to the British Paliament.
But often times I catch the coverage of the British Parliament questioning the Prime Minister…..once a week I think.
It is amazing how easily the British Lords and Commons can frame excellent, complex questions.
Then it is also amazing how beautifully the PM expresses himself (all off the cuff) to answer all their questions.
The ”here-heres” and the negative comments happen frequently.
To applaud is not done, during those Q&A meetings anyway.

@rich wheeler: If retire is the Neanderthal Man, might this be your lineage, rich?

Could someone embed this pic?

Evolution chart

Just joshin’…

anticsrocks Retire 05 is a proud creationist. I’m hopeful he’ll give us a heads up on any upcoming raptures.J.G. has extremely well thought out posts.

@rich wheeler: I was just making a joke, rich.

You said:

Your thoughts on Rasmussen Poll with BHO up 51-48 today and Dem win in upstate N.Y.?

I answered these questions here.

Were you a supporter of Fred Thompson in 2008?

Yes, very much.

@retire05: I play cards with a pair of Brits on a weekly basis. Believe me, they care. The Brits have lost their once expansive empire, but they still have many centuries of protocol that they value. They refer to the US as the Colonies and think us uncouth. We proved that as our president made an ass of himself, again!

Rich Wheeler, what causes you to lie? You have no damned idea if I am a creationist, an evolutionist or a Zulu witch doctor. So what makes you make a statement that you cannot back up?

Creationism/evolutionism is not a subject that I have ever discussed on this forum, so in order to make yourself look less foolish, with spurious comments about my beliefs, I suggest you back up your claim. Or let everyone know that you simply makes statements you can’t back up.

Randy, basically the elite British (like the monarchy) thinks we are a bunch of upstarts who are too big for our britches. When Obama continued with his [cue card] comments [you would think he could manage two sentences with out cue cards] the look on the Queen’s face was absolute gold. She had that “Damn, is this the best those colonists can do?” look on her face, and it was priceless to see Obama look as damn uncomfortable as he did as he realized that he wasn’t impressing anyone and had just committed a major faux pas.

@retire05: Well to be honest retire, I have harbored suspicions of your Zulu Witch Doctor title for quite some time now.

I just was reticent to mention it for fear of the voodoo repercussions.


Lawdy… saw the video on the news. What an embarrassing moment. Even with the long shot, you could see the Queen’s eyes. LOL

Ya know, I really do have a bit of pity on Obama for this one. The guy is a total geek. The only thing that could save him is a diplomatic corp (or would that be corpse?) that would school him before each event with a foreign leader. Apparently, he chooses other geeks to hire…

But give the guy a break. Since he doesn’t demonstrate much respect for our anthem, why would he assume respect for another’s?

Mata, I don’t feel sorry for the bastard. He thinks he is soooooo cool and that no matter what he does people will just fawn all over him. Well, he got a taste of his arrogance backing up to bite him. He has a protocol office that advises him. If he didn’t hire the people he does that are all a bunch of Marxist wannabes, maybe he would be getting some good advise.

I probably shoulda added the “/sarc” note after my tongue-in-cheek comment, retire05… LOL

i understand alot of yall are upset but yall act like he did it in purpose.he didnt he made one mistake he is just a human just like every body he is just a human with higher athority so let the man be a human because every human has made a mistake hell even GOD has made mistakes but you dont stop beleiving in christ because he made a mistake do you?….no because you are not supose to judge no one by the actions they make weather they are on purpose or on acceident…… honestly he is just another man who has messed up once or twice but in the next years that he searve our country he may or not make mistakes this big because i cant predict the mans future so just let this man live and make it up to yall because it can be really hard to take care of his nation’s needs and also do things on the outside……………..

halee, pleeeeeease, unless you can walk on water and raise the dead, please don’t lecture us on how we should react to Obama’s major gaffes in diplomacy. I already have a book that tells me how to act. And I can only assume you are a bleating heart liberal supporter of Obama, since the WWJD meme is always drug out by libeals when they can’t play the race card.

Obama made a fool of himself, and as the leader of our nation, fools out of us. Nevermind that we taxpayers support an entire diplomatic/protocol department just to tell Obama how to act when out in public, especially the foreign public. Either they are inept at their jobs or he is a slow learner, or both.

As to our nation’s needs: since gas is $4/gallon, Cherrios at Walmart are over $6.00, milk is almost $5.00, private sector jobs are non-existant, inflation is eating a big part of our paychecks, people continue to lose money on their homes and GE remains on Obama’s Economic Recovery Team, I would pose to you he isn’t taking care of our nation’s needs one damn bit.


Obama picked people to serve in his White House based on whether they could play basketball or not.
So, you can’t expect them to be able to do their job description too!
Prices are too high if that’s Walmart’s prices.
I recently took a lazy and summer-easier way to make bread: I bought a bread maker.
It has already- in just 20 loaves – made loaves for less than I’d pay at the stores.

Retire05 says in #15 “Go ahead believing in evolution. I have no doubt your ancestors swung from trees.But mine didn’t”.I surmised from your statement you were a creationist and didn’t believe in evolution.No big deal.Am I wrong?

BTW I got a problem with any American who calls the POTUS a bastard while kissing some old Queen’s ass. Just me

Semper Fi

@halee: Um, exactly what mistakes had God made? Please elaborate.

Rich Wheeler, well, buddy that is what you get for surmizing about people whom you know nothing about.

As to kissing the Queen’s ass, sorry, I don’t know her well enough to do that. Matter of fact, I don’t know her at all. But I would rather kiss the Queen’s ass than bow to some Muslim Arab potentate.

Anticsrocks, Obama

@anticsrocks: #4

I’m guessing that Obama has a hard time with beeing breefed. He is more concerned with getting people in line with his way of thinking and doing things his way. I haven’t seen any videos of his visit and don’t intend to. Does he still hold his nose higher than his forehead in such events?

I’m going to take a wile guess here a say that Obama gave the queen a gift of an iPad 2 with his speeches pre-loaded in it.

@retire05: @retire05: #8

Whenever we hear of stories like this we need to look at the situation like our King-In-Chief does. He is so far above everybody else that we all are supposed to make way for him. His opinion probably was, “I am more important than the British national anthem. They should have stopped the song for me. I don’t respect OUR national anthem. Why should I respect theirs?”

@Wordsmith: #11

Keep in mind that this is just a partial list of the ones we KNOW about. Who knows how long the list would be if ALL of them were added to it.

Smorgs, someone (Axelrod?) taught Obama to hold his head that way. It gives an aire of superiority. A false aire. But like all gods with clay feet, they eventually crumble. I just wish it would be sooner than later.

Retire05 re #30 As is often the case you didn’t respond to my simple question. Do you believe in evolutionism or creationism?

@mathman: What a fantastic post….so well written…every bit of it is true. Obama is a walking epicenter.

Rich Wheeler, how is my beliefs in the origin of man pertinent to this discussion? Bottom line, it isn’t.

But as is often the case, you are trying to divert the subject at hand. Or do you just suffer from attention deficit?