Ronald Reagan statue to be unveiled in UK


The 10 foot bronze will be positioned on a pedestal close to the American Embassy, and stand alongside existing statues of two other 20th Century US leaders, Dwight Eisenhower and Franklin D Roosevelt. The Embassy is moving to a new location next year, but the statues will remain in Mayfair.

With the unveiling scheduled for July 4, US Independence Day, the Ronald Reagan Foundation has invited Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron to attend the ceremony.

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Ironic timing, considering that “well studied” president we have today. His reading about President Reagan and turning everything he stood for on its head, like the special relationship we had with Britain.

They have been playing speeches President Reagan gave. And boy, what a true American he was! We could use another ‘him’ today. Listening to his speeches, it made me wonder how he would have handled the crisis we have had of late (2 years)….. interesting thought.

God Bless him.