Ron DeSantis Drops to Fifth Place in Latest New Hampshire Polling


by Sundance

One week ago, a poll of South Carolina voters showed that Ron DeSantis had dropped to fourth place with only 9% support, far behind President Trump at 46% {LINK}. Today a poll out of New Hampshire shows DeSantis dropping to fifth place with 10% support. {LINK}  To give some scale to the collapse, this represents a drop of more than 75% of DeSantis’ original support since mid-January of this year. [From 43% to 10%]

The New Hampshire University Poll [SEE DATA HERE] also shows, while he doesn’t carry much support, the very specific demographics of DeSantis supporters are old, rich, white men who listen to Buck Sexton on the radio. This demographic pattern repeats in just about every poll; it’s quite remarkable.  I will admit to finding it funny, when the predictions from a year ago show up with such clarity.

[Data Source]

New Hampshire – Thirty-nine percent of likely primary voters’ support Trump, followed by entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy (13%), former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley (12%), former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (11%), and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (10%). Six percent support South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, 2% support former Vice President Mike Pence, and 1% or less support North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum (1%), former Texas Congressman Will Hurd (1%), former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson (<1%), or talk show host Larry Elder (<1%). Less than 1% support another candidate while 6% are unsure whom they would support. (more)

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Ken Griffin, a multi billionaire, who was a mega donor is now out. When the big money jumps ship, the pumps will no longer keep the ship afloat.

The political career of DeSantis may have reach its pinnacle with his re-election in 2022.

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There is no need for a primary. Not one of the Keebler elves has a chance at the nomination. Time and money now and going forward should focus on the general election.
The never Trumpers have been defeated once again.