Return everything to 1967


President Obama wants Israel to turn the clock back 44 years and retreat to its 1967 borders. He can go first.

Let us start by eliminating the EPA. Richard Nixon created it in 1970. Get rid of it.

Then there is the Title IX funding. Somehow we will survive without women’s lacrosse teams.

Health and Human Services? Department of Education? Sorry. They have to go back and reform HEW.

Likewise no Department of Energy.

NASA will have to go back to concentrating on space exploration. No more global warming.

In fact, Old Obama is going to have to cut quite a bit from the budget. In 1967, LBJ spent but $158 billion.

That’s the same as $1.063 trillion in 2011 dollars.

He had better start trimming the old budget.


That’s too hard?

That’s too difficult?

That would cause and awful lot of pain to people?

Tell Israel about it.

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