Retired General Killed in Mexican Drug Violence


Authorities in Mexico say unidentified assailants have killed a retired army general who was recently appointed police chief of the border city of Nuevo Laredo.

Officials say gunmen shot dead Manuel Farfan late Wednesday as he was leaving work. Two of his bodyguards also were killed in the attack. Farfan had been on the job since January 1.

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I am not 100% sure but I am willing to bet Mexico is another country US Tax Payers Money flows to. Just what the hell is the MEXICAN Government doing on their end to extinguish these out of control drug cartels murders, thugs and wanton anarchy going in Mexico and along the America (Border)???

I blasted Janet Napolitano once before. When I see her speak on commentary, she seems so unconcerned and has a ‘everything is under control’ stance. In my view having ‘anyone’ get murdered, that’s Murdered at the hands of some evil, murderous, gang of Drug thugs – absolute criminals, is a far reach for implying ‘things are under control.’

What more does the US Government need (Murder of US citizens and (1) is too many) as proof that we need our Border sealed?? This is a question I am not understanding.

We could have spent a good chunk of the stimulus money creating jobs by continuing to seal the Mexico/ American border. Even if we only got 100 – 200 miles done…

Federal Government = Do your Job! Seal the Border NOW!