Reporter Attacks Allen West’s Daughter


It seems nothing is sacred when it comes to attacking Congressman Allen West. New Times posted an entry about Allen West’s daughter and Facebook.

All the corrupt family ties in Broward county and they attack West’s daughter? Should we start naming names? What about all the non-political stories we hear? Should we run them just because we do not like mommy or daddy’s political views?

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The media has given Obama’s children passes.
Maybe all the gloves should come off.
If Obama wants to play that he might find the internet is a cache of all sorts of nastiness in his past.
Let’s see if Obama comes out calling for ”civility,” or a ”hands-off-ALL-the-children,” policy.


Is anyone surprised by this? I cannot for the life of me comprehend the hypocracy and hubris of the left.Merely criticize a dem politicians child and you are condemned to the 9th level of hell by libs and progressives for being mean and hateful, but a reps child is fair game? It’s ok because it was on fb. What the fuck are you doing checking out a young girls fb page in the first place Mr. Thorpe? FREAK!

I am a staunch supporter of west. now as a congressman and back when he served and sacrificed in iraq

but good grief, he is a public figure who is a lightening rod, his adult daughter(she is in college, shes an adult) posted on the public half of her facebook page some truly vile stuff.

didnt he have the “hey kids watch your step” speech with her when he became a pol? really what the f-k was she thinking?

and no I dont think its right for this reporturd to go snoopin on her but it is the world we live in so he needs to have a word with his daughter on appropriate conduct.

nan, the situation isnt apples and apples with jugg head and his daughters vs west, barry’s kids are still chronological children.