Bachmann ordered Ed Rollins to apologize to Palin’s team


When you’ve got a puppy with a habit of crapping on the carpet, you may need torub his face in it to set him right.

Serious candidates require serious message discipline, and as of last Monday’s debate, she’s most definitely a serious candidate:

“We need Mrs. Bachmann out front and we need the campaign to be a real campaign with one spokesperson and a disciplined message,” said one Bachmann adviser granted anonymity to speak candidly about strategy…

Bachmann’s newly installed political team has had its own battles with message discipline — typified by campaign manager Ed Rollins’ recent comments alleging that former Alaska governor Sarah Palin hasn’t been “serious” over the last few years.

After the incident, Bachmann was “very firm” with Rollins, according to an adviser to the congresswoman, telling him this should not happen again and that there should be “no more press”. Bachmann also demanded that Rollins call the Palin people and apologize. “She is definitely not tone deaf,” the source added.

Bachmann’s move to limit her exposure in the wake of her debate performance is a smart strategy designed to avoid accidentally trampling on the momentum she built with that performance.

Such is Palin’s conservative cachet among the base, I think, that not even Michele Bachmann would feel completely safe from charges of RINO-ism if she had letRollins’s attack slide. Already I’ve seen her dismissed by a few people in the comments here and elsewhere as some sort of stalking horse for Romney whose mission is to clear his way to the nomination by siphoning off votes from Pawlenty and Palin. What she’d be hoping to gain from doing that, I’m not sure;

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Amazing. Rep Bachmann has more political sense then the whole DC GOP. Good for her.
Palin will be the next POTUS.
I love the smell of emission…

By the time Bachmann is finished with her nomination bid Repubs. will be saying Sarah Who?

@rich wheeler:

I believe you are wrong on that. Sarah Palin will always be considered an influential person amongst us conservatives, whether she ends up running or not. And, what’s more, there is always room for more than one strong-willed and principled woman in the conservative world.

JohnG A little hyperbole which as you know I’m wont to do on rare occasions. However, fame is fleeting and I see a new sheriff in town.I think she’ll win the Iowa caucus even if Sarah gets in. Your thoughts on the nomination run?

@rich wheeler:

Pretty much anyone at this point but Romney. I refuse to be put in the same position in 2012 as the country was in 2008. That of the MSM essentially picking the Republican nominee, and then turning on him for the general election.

jOHNG I say again I think you guys give the MSM, or is it LSM as Palin crazily repeats, way too much credit re it’s influence on Repub. voters.Have you so little faith in their ability to see the media’s evil intent?

@rich wheeler:

Rich, now you know as well as I do that the majority of voters are seriously ill-informed of the issues, and don’t know much more than they read in their local papers, or see on the big three networks. Even if it was a smaller percentage, say like 33%, of the voters being ill-informed, they add quite a bit of weight to whoever the networks are pimping at the time. In 2008, it was McCain. And once he gained the nomination, all the niceties went away, and he was demonized as being the choice to continue the Bush policies, even though in reality, he is much more liberal than Bush was.

The MSM, which includes the big city newspapers, have quite a bit of influence simply by the stories they publish. You may not see it, but you have a decidedly different viewpoint than I do.

rich wheeler: I say again I think you guys give the MSM, or is it LSM as Palin crazily repeats, way too much credit re it’s influence on Repub. voters.Have you so little faith in their ability to see the media’s evil intent?

Gee… I dunno, rich. How many years did it take the public to come around to the fact that maybe AGW ain’t all it’s cracked up to be?

Can you say “slow learners”? We may have that time when the world isn’t a’fire, as algore promised. But election cycles aren’t that forgiving.

johngalt is right. They are influenced by media headlines and disinformation campaigns, and slow to catch on to their inadequecies.

Rich Wheeler, there is a time in many people’s lives when grandmother shakes the sniviling brat admonishing “When you grow up and reach a certain age learn to stop boring people!”

THE SOOTHSAYER And when do you think she may be coming to you?