Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Claims Republicans are Racists



Washington D.C, July 15, 2011 – AP (Associated Potatoes) – In a statement to the press today, U.S. House Representative Sheila Jackson Lee claimed that she has proof that Republicans in congress are not only refusing to allow President Obama to spend trillions more dollars because he is black, the same congressional Republicans are also causing the heat wave sweeping the country – and for the same reason!

Jackson Lee (D-Texas) stated, for the record, that Republicans are going to cause all Social Security recipients, forever, to be in endless pain and misery, especially women, and that they are also responsible for causing the high temperatures that were formerly referred to as “summer” before Al Gore was vice president; plus, she suspects that the very same Republicans have also been stomping on baby kittens, all due to President Obama’s not being white.

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I would say it’s surprising that anybody this ignorant can not only be elected to office but can be re-elected as well. The sad part is that it really isn’t all that surprising these days…

I believe some people put more thought into making of a bowl of cereal these days than who the hell they are electing to office as evidenced by SJL..

Been there done that. How do you put racism into republicans not agreeing with Obama. I am tired of both Pelosi and her calling us all kinds of names because we don’t agree with them. Doesn’t anyone know what these people are all about….It’s very frustrating living in a democratic state…………

SJL is a disgrace. She is on at least 50 committees, basically so they can fill their affirmative action quotas. In all her years in Congress, she has never authored a bill that was passed and most don’t even co-sign on it with her.

Now, want to see Democrats in action? Drive through her district at night (if you dare) and you will notice that even blacks don’t go out unless they are willing to go back inside with a new piece of lead in them. She has done nothing to improve the lives of her constituents.

My opinion that SJL suffers from lack of oxygen to her brain due to such a tight corn row weave when she made her comment about that “little flag” the astronauts planed on Mars.

If an area in Ohio can vote for dennis the menace for US representative then there are a lot of stupid people on this planet. The Chicken Little rant “You are a racist ” days are number because people are getting tired of hearing it and it no longer has the stigma it used to and is becoming meaningless.

Discrimination, anti-Semitism and racism are normal, healthy, rational and logical, imho. They go to the survival of the fittest thingy, imho. Without those natural instincts and that rivalry, we would run the risk of going the way of the Neanderthals, who couldn’t or who, for whatever the reason, wouldn’t compete with Cro-Magnons for supremacy, and so they became extinct. imho..

Reality check here: Blacks would still be living in a stone age or they would become extinct, too, if they weren’t a protected species being propped up by white people, imho.