Circumcision-hatred: It was only a matter of time


You have to wonder very seriously if these people are insane.

The San Diego-based group that is laboring to get circumcision banned in San Francisco has perpetrated a comic book.  In it, a superhero named Foreskin Man saves a baby boy from being circumcised by the evil Monster Mohel, a vicious-looking Orthodox Jewish rabbi who could have been drawn by an acolyte of Joseph Goebbels.

Indeed, Foreskin Man has a distinctly Hitlerian “Aryan” look to him.

It’s crystal clear from the dialogue that the perpetrator of this literary opus intends to depict the Judaic religious view of circumcision as evil and repulsive.  The “comic” hauls out every theme of Jew hatred in the arsenal.

Note that these circumcision-haters could have addressed the issue as one of science, medicine, personal autonomy, or even just a social issue on which reasonable people can disagree.

But they didn’t.  The case they’re making is that circumcision is evil because Jews do it as a religious observance.

The Anti-Defamation League is right.  The attempt to ban circumcision in San Francisco is driven by anti-Semitism.  The case could have been made without depicting a scary rabbi named Monster Mohel slavering over a naked infant – but it wasn’t.

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There was a time when doctors were free to tell parents what the options were in any given circumstance regarding their child’s life and health.
Then, informed parents would either consent to one or more options or even opt out of medical methods.
It was called, ”Informed Consent.”
I guess the Nanny Government is making informed consent a distant memory.

Why bother telling parents of ALL the options?
Why not just tell them about the latest PC choices?
Yeah, let’s do social experiments on our next generation.
That’ll work.

Obviously doctors who look upon ObamaCare as a form of enslaving them are correct.
No wonder so many are opting out.