Prediction: Obama will feint right


This year I predict we will see a new and more conservative President Obama emerge. He will convince many that he is a centrist and a patriot. I predict that visions of him holding American flags and decorating American heroes will fill the airwaves on our televisions and on our radios. He will tell us what makes America great and how he intends to bring us to Utopian heights of compassion where all can live the American Dream. The economy will recover and he will be solely responsible, as he stayed the course and had the vision to restore our prosperity. As November 6, 2012, draws near, Mr. Obama will seem to grow angel’s wings and his suit jacket may start resembling Superman’s cape. He will have some thinking that surely this man could fly if he wanted to. Unfortunately, November 7, 2012 will dawn, and the beautiful butterfly will once again become a caterpillar with a voracious appetite for all things Marxist.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. As Obama reaches into his bag of magic, hopefully people will remember that they saw these tricks before and will not be fooled by his sleight of hand or should I say, his patriotic rhetoric. However, we can see the tide already turning as the Obama/Osama episode unfolds. Photographic visions of Mr. Obama pensively viewing the take down of our arch-enemy and world villain have been etched in our collective minds by the release of the Situation Room photos. Of course the Administration, and the media, tell us that this photo was not staged, nor was it a photo-op. But how can we forget that the Administration had to approve the release the photo to the public? No, Mr. Obama does not want to spike the ball, but we see him the very next day awarding medals to the families of two fallen American heroes, and on September 11th he will probably be in Manhattan comforting the families of the Twin Tower victims. This may make many feel all fuzzy inside, but remember, this is the very same man who apologized for the United States overseas, and sat under the teachings of a man who spoke the chilling words,

G**D** America!

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Curt, that is why the light needs to be shined upon the actions, and not the words, of Obama and his administration. He can make all the pro-America demonstrations, shout all the centrist phrases he wants, but the actions of him, and his admin, will show the people exactly who he is, as he has done already.

Feinting right at the border would be good:
Build the Moat…Sponsor an Alligator: