Prager Drops the Mic: Palestinians Outdo Nazis in Moral Abyss


By Andrea Widburg

The norm on the left is to say directly or indirectly that everyone who opposes the left is a Nazi. Dennis Prager has gone one step further when it comes to the people of Gaza and the West Bank. According to Prager, these people are actually worse than the Nazis. Prager doesn’t mean that they are more efficiently effective than the Nazis because they’re not. What he means is that, when you are looking at a complete moral abyss in which only sadism, hatred, and death live, even the Nazis couldn’t compete with the Gazans and West Bankians.* And you know what? Prager has a point.

Prager’s essay is here, and I urge you to read the whole thing. His opening premise is that, unlike the so-called Palestinians, the Nazis knew that what they were doing was wrong and tried to hide their crimes. The Palestinians, however, are proud of what they’re doing. From that starting point, Prager explains that one can conclude as a general matter that “[m]orally speaking, it would be difficult to name a less impressive people than the Palestinians over the past century.” That’s a polite understatement.

To see how bad they are, one needs to start long before October 7 and, indeed, long before Israel’s founding, an event today’s so-called Palestinians use to justify all their atrocities. Prager walks his readers through how the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, was one of Hitler’s most enthusiastic supporters.

This wasn’t because the Mufti believed in the Fatherland or Aryan purity. Instead, Prager explains that it was because “[a]s reported in the Holocaust Encyclopedia, ‘Al-Husseini pointed out that Germany alone recognized the global threat of the ‘Jewish problem’ and took steps to ‘solve’ it globally…’” The Mufti’s enthusiasm for the Holocaust part of Hitlerism led him to sponsor an Islamic Central Institute in Berlin at the start of the Holocaust to encourage killing Jews.

If I were Prager, I would also have mentioned Arab attacks on Jews in British-mandate Palestine before the modern nation of Israel came into being, the first nation on that land since the Romans destroyed the ancient Kingdom of Judea. These included the 1921 Jaffa riots, the 1929 riots, the 1931-1932 Black Hand riots (now they’re red hands, to symbolize the blood of dead Jews), the 1933 riots, the 1936 Jaffa riots, the 1936 general strike, and the 1938 Tiberias pogrom. (Beginning after 1938, the Irgun fought back and, eventually, as part of the actual War of Independence, the Haganah and Palmach did, too.)

After Israel’s founding, the killing continued. Twice in May 1970, the so-called Palestinians deliberately attacked school children, killing 18 and wounding 50 (along with killing and wounding adults). In 1972, using Japanese terrorists, they slaughtered 26 people and injured 80 others at Israel’s international airport. In 1974, they again attacked Israeli children, killing 22 and injuring 68 (again killing and wounding adultsm too). In 1978, they hijacked a bus, killing 13 children and 25 adults and injuring 76. In 1974, a suicide bomber blew up a bus during rush hour, killing 22 and wounding 50. And those are only some examples.

Rather than being embarrassed by their coreligionists’ actions, the populations in Gaza and the West Bank applaud them, and their government gives huge sums of money (much of which comes from American taxpayers) to the killers’ families.

In addition to the Gazan and West Bankian depredations against Jews, Prager also recites how utterly horrible these people are when they move to other countries. It was the so-called Palestinians who inaugurated the 1970s era of hijackings, which also led to the bloody Jordanian-Palestinian war. The so-called Palestinians also caused the Lebanese Civil War that reduced a country once called the Arab Riviera to a smoldering heap of ruins. That war ended because Israel went into Southern Lebanon and routed the terrorists. Sadly, Hezbollah has now filled that vacuum and attacks Israel daily (something the news never mentions).

The so-called Palestinians are truly awful people who, like the Nazis, need to be completely conquered so that their dreadful values can be destroye

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And they still hide their faces like all Cowards do

In the Nazi’s case (the real ones) not only did they know what they were doing was morally wrong and would be denounced by the world (which it was, by and large), they tried to cover their crimes up. The new Nazis know that all they have to do is tell the anti-Semitic world, “WE didn’t do it… the JEWS did!” and the most ignorant and hateful people on the planet (of which, apparently, there are quite a few) will accept that as fact and condemn the victims while cheering the terrorists.

You can’t “sympathize” with such lying murderers and terrorist supporters and not be aligned with them. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is one such amoral, disgusting, hollow, degenerate piece of shit.