Poll: 54% Oppose Giving Planned Parenthood Tax Money


A 54%-majority of Americans opposed using tax dollars earmarked for family planning to subsidize organizations that provide abortions. Intensity was notable, with 43% STRONGLY opposed to this concept (43%) – more than twice the percentage STRONGLY supporting the idea that tax dollars for family planning services could be fungible at places like Planned Parenthood (20%).

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That does not surprise me, not at all. There has been a fundamental shift in the minds of Americans. If you want to be irresponsible: pay for it!

Challenge: Find Me where the US Constitution permits the Use of Tax Funds for this Organization.
I deeply resent the US Treasury being used as a Cookie Jar for this Organization.

Yes Old Trooper, the abortion argument aside, the judicial system needs to review this case. Among a few others.

And why is this organization so intent on thinning the population of colored people.

You said it Zac.
IMNSHO (In My Not So Humble Opinion), one of the biggest problems we face in the world is overpopulation and if we could ever get a grip on it, we would automatically ease many other perils.
I don’t have any problem having an organization that would be able to get the world to see this problem and suggest available procedures in remedy. HOWEVER, this is no longer (if ever in the past) what Planned Parenthood provides to the country. Birth control or abstinence doesn’t seem to have anywhere near the importance that providing abortions to recover from that statistical reminder that there is a cosmic reason for sex beyond getting your toes curled. There is a resurgence in Aids due to a similar lack of self protection among the gay communities except that their situation is a whole lot less forgiving.

I see a threat from the Mexicans flooding into this country from a devout catholic country who don’t believe in birth control. Not because of race but because that’s a double whammy from the illegal tide. I have real problems with the catholic churh and their stance on birth control– I suspect that when not heading off life before conception, more pregnencies ensue which ultimately cause even more abortions when those people realize that TV reality shows be damned, having six kids isn’t just a cute hour once a week. The Pope has recently announced that its OK to see the biblical creation story as allegorical, why not a reality check on mechanically keeping eggs and sperm apart.

Additionally (though I am quite sure you meant that quote as sarcasm, Zac, no hard feelings please),

And why is this organization so intent on thinning the population of colored people.

THIS is why it should be if you are indeed interested in having prosperity for Americans. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/staten_island/si_kid_fickle_finger_of_hate_GYtdHKlW6UTM6HtXNzuUiL
This is what poverty and serious population density do to people and in our society– non-whites make up the bulk of those in our slums. If visiting this site (only one short page) doesn’t give you chills whatever your race, then you might have just stopped breathing so check your pulse. For every few that find the courage to escape poverty, you have one of these (or more) dragging others down. Racism and genocide are the most frequently over-used and incorrectly used terms in this country today. We need to reassess our thinking on birthing rights as much as we need to reassess our thinking on birth termination rights.

Should Tax Dollars for Family Planning Go To Organizations That Perform Abortions? is an example of deliberately ambiguous wording.

Should tax dollars for family planning go to organizations that also perform abortions? would have removed the ambiguity, and would likely have produced a different set of results.

Consider the poll source. It isn’t unbiased.


I have asked this question before, and just above, Old Trooper 2 has requested the answer as well.

Show us where in the Constitution that it states we can fund Planned Parenthood from the federal treasury.