Political Witch Hunter Jack Smith Begs Judge Chutkan to Keep Trump Trial Off the Television


by JD Rucker

Special Counsel Jack Smith has demonstrated two traits since charging President Donald J. Trump with crimes. First and foremost, he’s a thin-skinned man controlled by the UniParty Swamp on behalf of the Globalist Elite Cabal. Second, he is so fearful of the truth coming out that he wants the trial to take place in a SCIF somewhere with no information leaking before he manufactures a guilty verdict.

Both of these traits were on display in his most recent filing that wants Trump silenced by not allowing the trial to be televised. In question is the use of the phrase “political witch hunt” or anything like it.

According to his filing:

The defendant peppers his response with various references to “fairness,” but what he actually seeks is to defy a uniform and longstanding broadcast prohibition that was crafted precisely with fair and orderly trial proceedings in mind. He desires instead to create a carnival atmosphere from which he hopes to profit from distracting, like many fraud defendants try to do, from the charges against him. This scenario is not hypothetical. As the Court has already observed in proceedings in the defendant’s criminal trial, the defendant and his counsel will, if permitted, design their in-court statements instead to wage a public relations campaign. And in defendant’s New York state civil fraud trial, the defendant recently used his testimony to condemn the case as a “political witch hunt,” prompting the judge to admonish that “(t)his is not a political rally…” The Court should not grant the application in plain contravention of Rule 53 and further motivate the defendant and his counsel to make improper statements inside the courtroom to provoke a public reaction outside of it.

As Julie Kelly noted:

Thin-skinned Jack Smith asked Chutkan to ban Trump from calling him names on Truth Social. (She obliged.) Now he’s afraid Trump will condemn Smith’s prosecution as a “political witch hunt” during any televised trial. Defund Jack Smith.


The biggest problem with Smith’s claims is that this really is a political witch hunt. He knows it. Most Americans know it. The judge definitely knows it. But that’s the whole point. Smith and Chutkan DO want to oppress Trump to keep him from being President of the United States again and they’re willing to play dirty to get it done.

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Second, he is so fearful of the truth coming out that he wants the trial to take place in a SCIF somewhere with no information leaking before he manufactures a guilty verdict.

Well, unless HE leaks it. Just like the way Schiff ran his “investigations”, Smith wants to keep all the information in his pocket so he can leak out bits and pieces that supports him and hurts Trump. Like “nuclear codes” and “Iran attack plans”, Smith, like Schiff, wants to conjure up the false, for-the-public case against Trump, not to convict him but to destroy his Presidential campaign.

THAT is the one and only goal. Fascist lawfare.

I cant prove the witch turned me into a newt.
Do you realize that the polling numbers would skyrocket for the defendant.