Planned Parenthood and Media Hypocrisy


Those censorious liberals who truly hate the very existence of the Fox News Channel denounce it for being a political organization, not truly a news network. Behind that line is decades of liberals being able to strangle, smother and spike news stories they didn’t like. Liberals defined what “news” was and what it wasn’t. They’re still at it today.

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Apart from Bill Buckley, 15-20 years ago, liberalism ruled all things media. They have a very difficult time coping with the idea that, what they say can last forever on YouTube, rather than being ignored by the press if it puts liberalism in a negative light; and with the idea that alternate ideas are being proposed on media which many people have access to.

As a conservative, my concern is, with all of this alternative media available, and all of this truth that is “out there;” how is it possible that liberalism is still a big factor in the United States?