Pentagon inquiry clears McChrystal, aides over article


AfPak Daily Brief:

A Pentagon inquiry into last summer’s Rolling Stone profile “The Runaway General” that led to the sacking of then-top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan Gen. Stanley McChrystal has found “no proof of wrongdoing” by the general or his military and civilian advisers, and disputed several incidents and comments reported in the article (NYT, AFP, Tel, Guardian). Read the inspector general’s report here (pdf) and Rolling Stone’s response here.

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McChrystal is a good and honorable man. He served his country well. The “wrongdoing” lies in the Whipehouse and the terrorist who occupies the Whipehouse. Gen. McChrystal defended his country..If you havenn’t read the article, please is very good..It would have been an honor to serve under his command………………SemperFi

MOS 8541 Did you know McChrystal,who voted for Obama,has taken a White House position working for military families? I agree both he and Petraeus are great leaders. Semper Fi

No matter who occupies the W.H. in 2012 Petraeus has earned the right to ask for and receive men and material nescessary to get the job done in Afghanistan. I also believe he should be given the leeway to make the call to get out if and when appropriate.